So, Would I Ever Meet a Blogger?

Throughout the day, I’ve been exchanging hilarious and somewhat thought-provoking voice messages (on WhatsApp yes it’s my new obsession) with this amazing dude and it got me thinking.

I’ve skyped a few bloggers – Tiegan, Letters to Emma, Crystal, Amy (Every Word You Say) and a few others (I feel like I’m bragging sorry!) but I just asked myself: would I ever have the guts to meet a blogger?

Hypothetically, yes. I would LOVE to meet some of you guys – ALL of you guys really. But then, you get the logistics of it, because we all live in different countries and some of us are annonymous (like me whoops) and some of us would just be too nervous to meet up – PROBABLY like me.

But, you know, screw logistics. What would be amazing is if there was, one day, a massive teen blogging meet up. That would actually make my life.

The POINT of this post is just to say, I think you guys are awesome. I’d love to skype more of you, if you’re COMFORTABLE with it of course (no showing of the face don’t worry, because of my err LACK OF SIGHT). I sometimes like to know the voice behind the words, and it would be great to get to know some of you better by having a conversation outside of blog comments/twitter/kik or anything like that.

You’ve all made a massive impression on my life, and I want to say thank you, I guess. I’ve also got to thinking about the whole “meeting up” thing and it’s making my brain whir at an alarming rate. I’m not sure why – I’m an ANNONYMOUS BLOGGER, but I genuinely consider a lot of you my friends, and so of COURSE I’d like to meet you.

Then again, a conversation can be carried out JUST AS EASILY by text as by voice. All friendships are valid, regardless if they’re made on the internet or in “real” life. I think that’s important to say, because I’ve NEVER spoken (on voice) to most of you, yet you’re the best people I could ever hope to know.

Would YOU ever meet a blogger? Like, for instance, your closest blogging friend? It’s a bloody scary thought, but there you go.

BAH, this post made no sense whatsoever. And it’s only 5 past 10 at night.

From Elm πŸ™‚

168 thoughts on “So, Would I Ever Meet a Blogger?

  1. Sometimes I think that a teen blog meet up would be amazing except, I’m probably one of the youngest teens (13, that is) and no one irl knows about my blog and I would never go alone, for obvious reasons.

    I think it depends on the blogger:..

  2. the whole (like me whoops) killed me not even joking. But I always think of this too like I’m like ‘what would happen if we had a blog squad meet up?’ and then freak because it would basically be a group of awkward teenagers

  3. Damn… Teen blogger meet up… You made me feel old now!!!
    I’m so past it! Though I would love to meet certain bloggers who have become my daily support! It would be awesome!… But scary too!

    (Guess who couldn’t get himself to sleep)
    For one moment I think ‘yas omg all of us together what could be more fun’ and then ‘oh my god no they’ll realize how screwed up my accent is (wink wink) and never read my blog again’. Just kidding. What I fear is that I’ll be too shy and feel out of place between you guys, as I always feel when I’m thrown into any sort of group. On the bright side, I feel like most of us are some kinds of introverts in real life so I guess we’ll all be on the same level.
    I JUST WANT OUR FAMILY TO BE UNITED FOR ONCE IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK (kay gettin a bit dramatic over here)
    The closest thing to that would be a Whatsapp Chat Group in my opinion (i know I talked about it before somewhere but now that I have someone (=you) who supports the idea maybe we could carry it through??)
    ALL HAIL THE #WHATSAPPBLOGGERS CAMPAIN (is that how this word is spelled?) God im rambling too much bye

      GO TO BED GODDAMN! xD ALSO, YES, that would be amazing! But seriously like you’d totally fit in and your ACCENT IS NOT SCREWED up! Hahaha πŸ˜€ Argh I’m hyper now this is YOUR FAULT!

  5. I love this post! I was thinking about EXACTLY that today. I’ve thought about it quite a lot in the past too, actually. Was going to raise it on The Blog Squad actually, just in a hypothetical way like you did here: Would You Ever Meet A Blogger? but I thought they might find that a bit weird… I’m actually always wondering about what other bloggers look like/sound like/act in real life, and it would be so interesting to find out. Not in a creepy way. Also, lots of people I follow on WordPress sound really nice and I feel like I can relate to them? Shall we ask everyone their (hypothetical) opinion on Twitter or have you already done that? πŸ™‚

    • Ooh no, I haven’t done that yet – I hardly EVER got on the BS anymore and it’s sad because I love everyone there. But seriously – I’m ALWAYS so curious about what bloggers sound like. I have NO idea why.

      • Lol, BS? >.< Sorry, immaturity… Same, I hardly ever go on the Blog Squad anymore, but I intend to. Man, I should get Skype.
        That makes sense. It would just be so interesting to hear people's speech patterns in real life compared to their writing!

  6. I would LOVE to meet bloggers someday, like some sort of blogger convention in London (wink wink – LONDON TWINSIES) maybe once I’m an adult. I would also LOVE to Skype you, but I’m a bit too nervous to do that. Maybe in the future. Would love to though! πŸ˜€

    • I understand the nerves, don’t worry πŸ™‚ I would love to Skype you cause you’re one of my best blogging friends. When you feel comfortable about skyping, do let me know! I’m not gonna go anywhere for the forseeable future haha

      • Aw that’s sweet. You’re one of my best blogging friends as well. And I will do. But that may not be for a while, sorry. I’d just panic about it so much!

  7. I’d personally love to meet my blogging friends however I know at them moment my parents would never agree to the idea, not yet. To be honest its on my bucket list. I feel like I’d be comfortable to meet the people I’ve talked to long enough through my blog and I really would want to if they did.

  8. I would love to meet all the bloggers I have come to know and Get along with but living in Ireland sucks.Skype would be great but both my parents and anxiety stand in the way but mostly my parents

  9. OH MY GOD, if there was a massive teen blogger meet up that would be AMAZING, but my blog is kind of secret so I’d have to think up a magical way to get there! Also if I suddenly told my Mum I wanted to meet a bunch of teens who I’d been chatting to through the internet she’d freak out and ground me for the next fifty years of my life…

  10. That’d be actually really great, count me in! I think a whatsapp group chat would be a good first step? Or a skype one? Hahaha would be like those youtube vidcons and alll

      • Hmmm whatsapp is like with our actual number isnt it? Skype probably would be better hehe but its up to you!

      • Skype probably WOULD be better. Annoyingly I’ve got it under my REAL name; should I create an account that’s annonymous? URGH the hastle!

      • Yeah true, mine is also under my real name. I would probably make a new one. I mean its better than buying a new number for whatsapp? But no, actually in whatsapp we can change the name ergggh weww hard choice hahahaha

      • Or should we use another instant messenger application? Like one you probably don’t have? Like LINE, Kakoa Talk or Yahoo messenger? Hmm so no sacrificing your contacts… But still the hastle to make new accounts and downloading the application tho

      • It IS le stress! On skype, can you switch between accounts without logging out? Uuurgh, we’ll figure something out!

  11. This sounds awesome! ^_^ I’ve always imagined that if I’ll ever travel to other countries in the future, I’ll meet up with blogging friends living there.

  12. OMG I was just telling my friend about this xD
    Like a world teen blogger event.. kind of like a YouTube Fest only much better πŸ˜›
    It’d be so great πŸ™‚
    But then practically impossible..
    And even though my blog’s a somewhat secret (most of my friends know ) I’d still want to have one πŸ˜€
    It’ll be so much funn
    Sad part: I’m starting college next year so to actually get away will be tough 😦
    Maybe we could start off with like a Whatsapp group? or something like that!

  13. Me, I would love to meet some bloggers, And like arranged an event where all teen bloggers will be going and explore the world. Maybe not “explore the world” but it is cool to meet some bloggers. I’m just 13 and experiencing like an blogger event is like an honor! Haha,

  14. Like a huge blogger meet and greet this should be a thing πŸ™‚ I think it’s a great idea but like people scare me so idk XD (70th comment saving you from that awkward number of 69 XD sorry had to)

  15. I feel like the actual thought of meeting up with fellow bloggers is awesome!! But if there was ever a set date and time and place for everyone to meet…I’d probably flake out πŸ˜€ OR be extremely nervous!! But if I ever met you in person I would just freak out and try to be your best friend hahahaha.

  16. OHH YESS I’D LOVE TO! I would be Queen Awkward Penguin though. πŸ˜›
    But I wouldn’t pass the chance to meet you guys! Lol I bet our caps locked conversations would look hilarious in reality πŸ˜€

  17. Of course! Meeting up with my blogging friends would be awesome, although probably not achievable right now because of my parents. Maybe when I’m at uni… But for now I’m good skyping you πŸ˜‰ xx

  18. The comments section here was so interesting! I’m a young teen- 13 still, actually. My parents briefly know about my blog, but not really, so yeah- parent barrier! I was a bit confused about your ‘lack of sight comment’. Sorry if I am being ignorant- are you sight impaired or blind or something else? Or am I completely misinterpreting that? In regards to skyping, I would be comfortable messaging but maybe not talking yet. I started my blog out as anonymous but kind of decided to stop that after about two months, so now I go by my real name and have a few pictures of myself. Some people in real life actually know about my blog, but none follow it πŸ™‚ I’m originally British but I currently live in Germany, so like, nobody lives here!
    Great post and thank you for your lovely comment earlier
    Keira x
    P.S. Anthony is great, isn’t he. Hilarious πŸ™‚

    • Anthony is AWESOME! πŸ™‚
      You’re 13?! WHY on earth does the age of everyone on here surprise me? Also – I’d LOVE to visit Germany one day; I’ve never been. I think you’re awesome and HYPOTHETICALLY, I’d love to meet you, even though it’s near on impossible. Oh well! Some real life people follow my blog; it’s kind of scary. My dad knows I blog, but he forgot the URL xD

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