Dziey’s 5-Day Challenge: Day 1

So there is this AWESOME blogger – she’s new, as well – called Dziey, who set up a 5 day challenge that I’m participating in.

If you haven’t signed up, you really should – it sounds brilliant! The first day’s challenge is to write down 3 things you’d say to different people. These posts are going to be short, but hopefully, you’ll enjoy them.

To my fantastic friend Odd
You are absolutely amazing and are one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Keep being yourself, always, because we love you for it. You’re funny and sarcastic and we always have something to laugh about, and I’ll always be here for you.

To my ex-best friend Ash
You will NEVER read this, but I have so much to say to you that I can’t. You’re a bastard, but in some ways I forgive you for ‘hurting’ me, because it wasn’t your fault. Be nice to your friends, alright? I know you have it in you because you were such a wonderful, loyal friend to me. And one day, I’ll tell you that again, I hope. I won’t hold onto it though.

To all of you (my followers or otherwise)
I admire you so much. I read through comments on other people’s posts and just smile, because people are here to support each other and that’s what matters. Keep being yourselves, and ALWAYS keep writing for you and no one else, because it’s your life and your blog. Don’t keep things inside, but I’m here to help whenever you need it.

I hope you liked that! The next post on this challenge WILL be up tomorrow.

What would YOU like to say to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while? And who would that person be?

From Elm 🙂

23 thoughts on “Dziey’s 5-Day Challenge: Day 1

  1. We will always be here to support each other. The blogging community is better than the real community and we make it that way. Lets hope it stays like that forever.

  2. To my ex- bestfriend: I’m sorry; for all rev things I said; for all the things I didn’t say. For everything I did; for everything I should have done. For things I lost, things I found, and things I wish I’d lost. Oh, how things would have been different, and yet, how things would never have changed. I’m sorry.

    • For whatever happened, don’t be sorry. What’s done is done, and it’s made you who you are today. Who’s your ex-best friend – what did you do? Because I guarantee whatever it was, it wasn’t your fault, or not entirely.

  3. This was awesome Elm! Idk it’s something about your writing style that makes me so happy! And thank u so much for participating!! Xxx

  4. Hmmm. this is an interesting challenge indeed – no holds barred. You should be nice to your friends. People who get the pleasure of being called friend should be treated with the highest level of respect, you know? I know your ex-friend Ash will never see this, but I hope she gets the message, sounds like a meanie. lol.


    Great Post!

    • Yep, they very much were – or I think they are. I have no idea! 😀 And exactly! I respect my friends so much for simply BEING my friends and being loyal and amazing.

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