I’m SO tired and I’ve had SUCH a long and amazing day.

So first, I went volunteering at a run at the park with my friend Poppy, which we do every week and it’s great – FREEZING, but great. It’s just so nice to catch up with her.

THEN, I had my party. I went to the town where my school is, which is about 40 minutes away from me, and my amazing friends came with me to join my AMAZING FRIENDS that had already arrived. ARGH I’m so happy to talk about this!

My friend Ivy came, as well as Aspen (my boyfriend), his friend (need to think of a tree name), Holly, Wren, Odd, Red, Swan (Wren’s girlfriend who’s also amazing), and OBVIOUSLY I didn’t go, GOD, where would you get that impression from? And me being cool, we went to Pizza Express – AND STAYED FOR TWO AND A HALF HOURS.

Oh my god, it was amazing. I opened presents, all of us moved and kept switching seats, I gave about a million hugs (SORRY RED) and cried with laughter and afterwards, we went “shopping” as the people slowly had to go until it was just me, Aspen, his friend (Who is also my friend fuck’s sake I need a naturey name), Red and Ivy sitting on some steps like rebels.

I feel so happy. We went hyper and Wren and the rest of them quietly fangirled to me about how great Aspen was – they hadn’t met him before and so I’m so glad they like him. Him and HIS FRIEND OH MY GOD THIS IS BOTHERING ME – came round to my house after we got home, and we had a lot of meaningful conversations mixed with laughter.

OH WAIT – my presents! Highlights included:

An AMAZING card from Odd and they gave me money yes
SO MUCH chocolate from Red (that WAS what I wanted)
A mini shopping trolley from Wren with an owl teddy bear inside it – LOVE IT
About a billion things from Swan to do with baths and shit like that and it’s awesome

The ones that I have on me right now are a ring from Ivy – alright, I love her for this. The ring has ELM LEAVES ON IT. ELM LEAVES. She knows about the blog and I spent about 5 minutes shrieking over it.

Aspen got me a beautiful necklace. I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s a flower and it sparkles… I want to attach a picture, but I can only use my phone. PSH. Too tired.

I don’t know how to adequately summarise this day, but trust me when I say that I NEEDED it. The freedom I felt was beautiful and I’m so so glad my friends came – if you’re reading this, thank you so much. You made me smile and laugh and feel amazing and THAT makes me happy. You’re the best friends I could ever ask for.

How was your day? I’m bloody exhausted.

Ahh, all my presents are amazing, for the simple fact that I received them. I wish every day could be like this.

From Elm πŸ™‚

65 thoughts on “YAY MY PARTY

  1. I’m so happy that you had such a wonderful day. We all need days like these in our lives – ones that are just perfect, filled with laughter and happiness God, I wish these days came more often.

  2. I feel bad because I’m just SO BEHIND on all of the blogs I follow, obviously including you. I haven’t been on Bloglovin’ in ages. The numbers are… Atrocious. I have 18 unread posts from YOU ALONE!!!!!! Anyway, HI!!!!!!!! Not ignoring you or anything. HAPPY HAPPY DAY!!!!!! Maria sounds like a great friend; she must be so thoughtful to have gotten a ring with ELM leaves. How wonderful!

  3. I’m so glad that you’re happy!! Also,I could really use a pizza party right now cuz these exams are killing me!!

    For a moment I thought it was your birthday and I missed it and I wanted to punch myself for not knowing that but phew it’s not.
    Also, you selfish little bastard. You made your mom spend New Year’s Eve in a hospital room.
    Here’s an idea for Aspen’s friend: WHOMPING WILLOW. Nope? Oh well, I tried.
    (for real, it could be Sapin. 1- it’s the name of the french christmas tree. and it’s christmas time. how fitting! 2- it kinda sounds like Aspem ,which is kewl. 3-you can’t think of much else anyway)

  5. happpy for you , my rebel warrior ! it’s so nice to just laid back and have fun, and your friends sounds amazing πŸ™‚

  6. You deserve it all elm. Honestly, you have helped so many people, you have always been around for fellow bloggers, you give the best advice on how to solve people problems, and you just have an overall have a gift of being nice. I have never met anyone so kind, and honestly, I wish we knew each other IRL. So I could have gone to your party, and made it 10 times better,

    Joking! Sorry.

    … Anyway, I am glad you had fun. Xx

    • Trust me, I wish I knew you IRL, but then again isn’t it better that we got to know each other on the internet, without any previous judgements, so that we know the TRUE people behind the screen? Because Crystal, you really are amazing. Your comments show that.

      • Ahh, thank you. And yes, maybe one day we will see each other in real life. But baby steps is the best, let’s not rush to things, as we have only skyped like once (unless you count all the times it kept crashing on us, then we have skyped like a million times). X

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