For the Girls Who Fundraised for Malawi

Today, I went Christmas shopping and I ACTUALLY ENJOYED IT. Shocker, right?

The atmosphere was fantastic. We went to this indoor Christmas market that just smelt of Christmas, and I bought so many lovely things and you could hear buskers outside playing a marching-band type song (Christmas carols AND pop songs). You had rings and trinkets and beautiful scarves and even some rock-salt candle holders.

I was walking outside to go and get some food when we passed these girls – my dad said there were four of them – and one was singing Christmas carols.

So, I’m going to write something to them. Part of me wishes they’d find this, because they need to know what an amazing thing they’re doing.

To the girls who were fundraising for Malawi,
I only gave you 40p to start, even though you have amazing voices. Seriously, the way you sing is just so beautiful and powerful, even when it’s Christmas carols.

But I came back, because I fell in love with what you were doing. You’re raising money for education in Malawi, which will go towards building a school, which will give 400 orphans a place to learn. Yeah, I listened to you, because the way you spoke just made people want to give you money to help. It certainly made me want to give you some.

I gave you a pound the second time. Sorry for walking INTO one of you – I didn’t realise you were sitting down and my dad made me walk across the street to you, which was scary but so worth it. The first time, I shouted over the music, “What you’re doing is so great!” and the second time, I reitterated it because it’s so true. I admire all four of you so much.

I wish I could meet you, honestly. It sounds so stupid, doesn’t it? I don’t know your names, if you’re nice or not, how much you believe in help. But what I do know is that you stood up there, sang and raised money for children who can’t learn because they don’t have the money or the facilities, and you were there for a long time. That shows dedication. I’m guessing you’re about my age – 15 or 16 – and I could never do that. I’d LIKE to, but I’m not brave enough. You are.

Despite only passing by you, despite only knowing you for a fleeting second, you’ve inspired me to want to help. It’s affected me, and I’m not sure why – I think it was the festive atmosphere, the fact that I felt so happy, because you ALWAYS see people singing on the streets. Except you guys were doing GOOD with it, to help people who others might not help.

Thank you.

From Elm πŸ™‚

Have you ever had days where something just touches your heart? Something that doesn’t usually, I mean.

I want you to take something from this: just think for a bit. Think about what those girls did. Think about people who can’t be helped. I’m not religious, so I won’t pray for them, but what I WILL do is think about them.

It’s 12 days until Christmas, and every day, I’m going to try and be as nice to people as possible. It’s the least I can do. I’m not doing Blogmas, or a 12 days to Christmas Challenge, but maybe this will be my challenge. Maybe you could join in with me, too.

Every day, just do something small. Say to someone, “I hope you have an amazing Christmas,” or just smile at them. I sound like one of those people you get in assemblies at school, but just try it. I’m going to try, even when things get tough.

Thank you so much for reading.

16 thoughts on “For the Girls Who Fundraised for Malawi

  1. A teacher left my school last year to set up his own school in an impoverished part of Africa (central Africa I think and that really touched my heart. If I’m rich enough when I’m older, I would love to set up schools in poverty stricken places in India.

  2. a group I was in at school fundarised to raise money for feed my starving children and they continue to do great things like that. πŸ™‚ really lovely post . I’m so appreciative of you for appreciating such a wonderful group πŸ™‚

    • Exactly! It just makes me happy, because it reminds me that there are some amazing people in the world, even if you only see those amazing people for a few minutes. It’s enough to know that they are there.

  3. This is an amazing post – what they’re also doing is amazing. I kind of want to do the same you know? Maybe grab some of my friends and go caroling and donate the money we receive to an organization for the poor.

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