Guest Post – The Story of Chwittsmats

Okay guys, I have wanted to post this for SO LONG. As he explains in his post, my friend Anthony and I have been wanting to collab for ages on each other’s blogs. I did yesterday on his – the link’s below – and now, he’s returning the favour.

ALSO, it’s about Miranda Sings. If you don’t know her, look her up on Youtube and be prepared to want to kill her. Anthony does the BEST Miranda impression, by the way. Hehehe I’m sorry but it’s true!

* * *

Heyy guys! I’m Anthony from aVeryAwkwardBlog, and Elm and I have been exchanging blog posts for no particular reason but to annoy you 😀 just kidding, it IS for a reason. Many reasons actually:

1) I’m doing 12 Collabs of Christmas and miss QUEEN OF THE INTERNET was up first [Here’s the link. Elm insert the link. DO IT.]

OKAY I KNOW he wanted to take that bit out and insert the link but I couldn’t resist. Alright, Anthony, alright, here’s the bloody link.

2) When you get the opportunity to post in the QUEEN OF THE INTERNET’s blog, you don’t say no.

3) It gives me plenty of occasions to scream QUEEN OF THE INTERNET which annoys Elm and thus makes me happy

We have been talking about a collab for ages, and it was supposed to be Miranda Sings-themed. If you don’t know who that is, you basically suck at life. Just kidding, but go check her out ASAP.

So anyways, hirs my potst about miranda, hopp u lickit

Tudey ima tech u guys the story o chritsmast. Becuz some poepl think its about prasents. IS NOT.

So dats teh story of chistmas:

*in a snowi cave in bathlehemen*

mari-“Oohoho. My name is mery. Mery madelene. Im prengant with dis baeby. Even tho im a virgen. Cuz i DONT DO PORN.

“Ooh. I can smellit. Is time 2 giv birth.


“Oooh look at it, im given birth to this bootiful babey boy. Ill name him jesus. He wil be the saviors of this.. of th.. um.. *nock nokoknck* ooohh whos that?!”

three kings-“Wee three kings of Ampiantchar, beaaaring gifts we traveled so far..

“We are the tree kings. We cum tu u with golds and encenses and murs.”

mory-“Tenk u for comin three kings, but ya rite, we didn even ask for those things

*nocknock* ohh whos that?!”

drummer boy-“I’m jutst a litle durmerboy


“Shaaall i play for him burrapapampam

“Me and myy druuuum

*drums drums*

“Me aaand myy druuuuum”

marry-“Thx for coming lil dummer boy, but how isthis a real presant, if u cant open it?! Gotcha!


“Heyy whos that at the door?!”

santa-“Hohoho its me Santa Cloths. Ive come to giv u all ur chrimstas present.

“Come sit on my lap litle jesus tell me whatshu want for chreitsmas

“What dyou want for chisrtmas?

*jesuts wispers*

“Oohoho. Sily litel jesas. U cant have that! Altso i dont think u celbarate this holaday so.. thats funy of you…”

jesus-“Jooy too the wooorld for i have com

Let eerth reciive her meee

Let evry hoool

Let arhsbk…”

santa-“hohoho meeery chritsmats. Now we can discover the americans”

So there u giys go hope u likd my story of christmats.

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