Breathe just BREATHE OKAY

No, no, NO.

I am in a panic right now and my hands are shaking like mad and I can barely write, but here goes.

My mock exams start on 11 January and I’ve barely revised for shit. I’m an idiot. GOD DAMN IT, TELL ME I’M AN IDIOT PLEASE, I deserve it.

Why, Elm? Why? Shit shit shit SHIT SHIT! This is my fault. Utterly my fault.

I wrapped myself into a world of fantasy, thinking they wouldn’t come, THINKING I’d get my act together. But guess what? They HAVE come and I HAVEN’T got my act together.

I’m so stupid. SO stupid. Why didn’t I revise before? Why am I SO SHIT? Why can’t I just be damned normal and get my act together NOW, even when I’m panicking so badly I’m nearly crying? What’s wrong with me?

It’s too late. It’s too fucking late. I’m going to fail these because I just CAN’T BE ARSED TO REVISE and I didn’t take this seriously. Stupid, stupid, STUPID. What happened to the me that LOVED to learn and would actually REVISE for shit?

Oh my god. I feel like curling into a ball and ceasing to exist. That seems like an overreaction, but I’ve just realised how incredibly dumb I am.

Hopefully, these feelings will pass by the morning. I SHOULD have done more. I NEED to do more. WHY didn’t I?

They say it’s never too late, but for me it is, because I have no hope in hell of doing well now. That pathetic excuse for revision I did before is just that.

Fucking idiot.

I’m sorry, guys. I’m just really angry. I can’t take Christmas OR my birthday off now. Boo fucking hoo, do well in your exams then you moron.

From Elm πŸ™‚

90 thoughts on “Breathe just BREATHE OKAY

  1. If you revise one subject a day, thoroughly, starting now until your first mock, you will nail these exams :). Think about what exams you are most worried about then think specifically what topics you are worried about and revise them in one day.

  2. Just have the best sleep ever, then wake up in the morning in the right head set to revise. If you’re panicking you won’t be able to revise ANYTHING, so tomorrow do whatever makes you feel calm, then make a revision plan so you feel slightly more in control. Good luck!
    ~ The Ambivert xx

  3. Okay Elm relax the same thing happened to me. I did really well with my actual exams after my mocks. Just get your act together after your mocks and you will do well! Just do a subject a day until the exams and it should help! Even revise the key info on each topic! Its not the end of the world if you dont pass your mocks. They are called mocks for a reason.

  4. Dont worry about exams, espcially dont worry about mocks, there mocks for a reason no need to stress over them^-^ just calm down and do eevrything in your own time, take your birthday and christmas off their days yoh.should spend doing stuff you love and not worrying over tests:) just focus on keeping calm and make a revsion plan with plenty of breaks for yourslef

  5. It’s fine. Everything will be okay. You have time to study just take it step to step. Get yourself organised and cleared up.
    Hope my advice works,
    Blog Girl xxx

  6. Elm, chill!
    You’ll ace these exams, just make a plan and don’t do too much!
    Make notes on exactly the stuff your teachers briefed you about and don’t stress!
    I managed to ace my summer exams in 3 weeks as I’d completely forgotten about them!
    Good luck!

  7. Panicking won’t help you Elm. Just calm down. If you start revising now, I know you’ll ace that exam. Just don’t stress it, don’t panick, calm down and focus. That’s all.

  8. aw elm, relax okay? try to have a clear mind then put your all into revising. don’t stress out too much about it. i know you have it in you to do your best x

  9. Hey,
    don’t worry about your exams. They’re overrated, really. However, if you set up a schedule and start revising on a daily basis you’ll be well prepared. Good luck and never forget: it needs pressure to form a diamond πŸ˜‰

  10. DONT WORRY! I had the mock exams a few weeks ago! Honestly I actually didn’t revise and I still did really well but I understand not everyone is as lucky as that. You still have LOADS of time to revise! I know you can’t be bothered- trust me I always feel like that! But if you put all the energy your putting into worrying into actually revising, you’ll feel better! Just concentrate on your worse subjects first so then if you don’t have enough time to revise everything, at least you have targeted the worst ones! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, they are only mocks, yes they are important but if you don’t do as well, it doesn’t matter as this will encourage you to do better for the real thing! Good luck with revision! I find out my mock results in the 6th of January! Xxx

  11. I just had my mocks and didn’t revise until like 3 days before they started. *face palm* its fair to say I stressed out and cried too. You still have time and as you revise efficiently, you will do brilliant!!!! Plus they are mocks, they show you what you need to improve on. GOOD LUCK!!

  12. That happens to me a ton, but please don’t stress about it to much! Just make today a relaxing day then work hard the next day and I promise you’ll do great on your mock ❀️

  13. Hey! Why don’t you write about things your are to learn on your blog so it’s kinds like revising to πŸ™‚ So if your doing history, you can write about an event and how it impacts now.

  14. Don’t worry Elm, everything is going to be alright! ❀ I've been there too. I started way too late with revising for my exams back in January. I was shaking sooo bad, my heart was beating so fast, all because I was stressing so bad, but I passed those exams. You can too okay? ❀ If you ever need help, tips or just motivation, let us know! We'll be here for you ❀ Just make sure you're well rested (you can't study when you're not!), and don't forget to eat and drink! Take breaks now and then (you deserve them!). It always helps me to make a list of everything I need to do and know; it really clears my head! Maybe that can help you too πŸ™‚

  15. Elm, it’s okay! You have loads of time, honestly. First of all, stop stressing, because that won’t help anything. Secondly, I know it doesn’t feel like it, but January 11th is ages away. Take Christmas off, and Boxing Day, and then on the 27th, you can get down to it properly. That gives you a full 2 weeks to do revision. 14 days. A day for each subject, and a couple left over for general prep. You’ll be fine. X

    • God, I really hope you’re right. I did some Chemistry today, just because I felt in the mood, which helps. But I think I’ll take tomorrow off – it’s Christmas, after all. Thank you so much: your words always help me. I just need to calm down.

      • Of course you have to take tomorrow off! I think the next day as well, personally, and then get properly down to it after that. You’ll be fine – they’re only mocks, after all. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t do it well, it really isn’t. X

      • Yeah, I think you’re right. You’re basically my voice of reason πŸ™‚ Thank you. I just get carried away sometimes.

      • Aw, thank you! I’ve always prided myself on being rational and calm when it comes to other people, though I can’t say it’s the same with myself! Have a great Christmas. X

  16. Moreover, its just a mock test and you have atleast 2 weeks for the prep! Don’t stress out, okay? Breathe. Yes, deep breaths.

    Study a subject everyday and take breaks in between. I know, you’ll do well.

  17. You’ll be alright, Elm! Just take things as they come. Maybe you can’t study much this time, but you can still do your best and do better on the next one! You’re smart. You’ll do it. πŸ™‚

  18. Oh boy, am I ashamed right now ^^’ I generally start studying for exams a few days before. YOU HAVE 3 WEEKS ELM STOP FREAKING OUT STOPPIT don’t make me get my miranda out.
    Seriously. You have all the time you need to study, and spending too much worrying about what would happen if you can’t finish studying on time is the main thing that stops you from actually finishing! As Fibit stated, if you study one subject every day, you’ll have done everything on schedule. You’ll even have Christmas and your birthday off! (Seriously if I know you studied on your birthday I’m flying right over to london and slapping you silly)
    You’re going to NAIL this exam I just KNOW IT. And if you don’t then fuck it. I swear, if you fail and end up homeless and with no job, we’ll manage to get you a laptop and some wifi so you can still blog. It’s not all bad!

  19. Honestly, Elm, you don’t need to worry one bit. Really, I study for my papers just a few days before and in the end, I realize that all my worry was for nothing:) But I don’t blame you for getting upset. You have no idea, I literally go CRAZY when I realize that I haven’t started studying or revising. I have a COMPLETE mental breakdown and I keep blaming myself. But really, Elm. You don’t worry. Remember, studying with a cool and calm mind is better than studying with a frenzied mind:)

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