You could ALWAYS Do More

Today, I got hit with the thought that in blogging – or in life, generally – I just don’t do enough.

I’ll put it out there – at the moment, I have 825 followers or so.

Do I deserve them? No. I’ll explain why.

Then again, does it matter how many followers you ACTUALLY have? Because 825 people do not read every post I publish. Does that matter to me? NO.

These are the things I COULD do more:
1. Check out the people who follow me (who I don’t follow) – saying that, whenever I try, the app crashes.
2. Do more awards. Or ALL of them.
3. Read more posts. A LOT more posts.
4. Get WAY more involved in the Twitter community.
5. Talk to more bloggers by email, Twitter, Kik, or even Skype more bloggers.

These are things I COULD do more of, but I don’t. Does that make me a shitty blogger? I HOPE not.

To be honest, if I make people feel happy by my posts, or let them think or give them hope, I’ve achieved what I always wanted to do. If I’m a good friend to the people I meet online, I’ll be happy.

This isn’t an “AM I CRAP GIVE ME ATTENTION!” post. It’s more of an “I want to show you something” post.

I want to tell you that no matter HOW many followers you’ve got, it’s the person behind the blog that matters. You could have 5000 followers and be really horrible and never get involved, or you could have 50 and be absolutely lovely and CARE about your readers.

I STILL don’t think I deserve these followers, but I think I could if I did more. I feel like what I do isn’t enough.

But for me, and for you, NOTHING is ever enough. I think we just need to realise we’re MORE than okay as we are.

From Elm πŸ™‚

65 thoughts on “You could ALWAYS Do More

  1. Well you must deserve some of them, Elm. We all deserve stuff and I agree with what you said, that we’re more than okay as we are. It’s about being yourself and caring about people who support you, not how many followers you have. besides I like bloggers like you who take time to reply to comments and help out others! πŸ™‚

    • I TRY to help people, and it’s amazing to know that you think it’s working. All I want to do is to make people as happy as possible, no matter the amount of followers I’ve got.

  2. Well, I don’t know about everyone else but I’m happy to be your follower- you definitely deserve my time πŸ˜€ And as long as the thought is behind you, then you are deserving of followers.

  3. You are just like me haha XD, I always think I could do MORE πŸ™‚
    Anyway, obviously you deserve these followers, I mean they think you are awesome and that’s why they are following you ❀

  4. of all the bloggers here, i honestly think you’re one of the ones who really do truly care about their followers and what they have to say, regardless of their follow count. i can really tell you care. maybe you feel that you don’t do a lot, but those little things that you DO do, go a long way and we all appreciate it more than you will ever know x

  5. There’s nothing you really have to do on this blog, in this community. I mean, you COULD do all those things you listed but that’ll just take up all your time.
    Just remember to care for yourself because you’re the one that deserves it the most! xx

  6. I’m in the same boat! Just I have 45 followers that I dearly love but I just want more that will interact with me or tell me things so I know that I am not the only one or some I can have some advice!

  7. YOU DEFINITELY DO DESERVE ALL THOSE FOLLOWERS ELM BECAUSE YOU ARE LOVELY AND SWEET AND CARING!! ❀ ❀ ❀ You could do all those things, but if you don't that doesn't make you a bad blogger. There are only so many hours in the day, and you also need to take care of yourself ❀ You always reply to your comments, and you're always kind in those. When you leave a comment on someone's post, you are once again kind. You are kind on Twitter too. You definitely deserve all those followers and more, you hear me? ❀

  8. You have lots of followers, but you can tell due to the quality and content of your blog! I’ve only recently just started blogging and I think i’m around 7 followers, however I interact with them all on their blogposts! If you had a look at my blog it would mean a lot! Have a lovely day x

  9. Elm, to be honest I think you do TOO much. You don’t need to do more. You’re an amazing person! Look at how many people have clicked that follow button! Because they care and love you! So do I! ❀

  10. This post alone shows how much you deserve your followers! Someone who didn’t care wouldn’t go through all this trouble, but I do feel you on the Twitter thing….I’m so inactive! Awesome, you are πŸ˜‰

  11. You deserve every single one of your followers! I followed you because I love how you write and because you honestly seem like the coolest person earth. You help people everyday and make people smile, if that doesn’t show that you deserve your followers, I dunno what will. But I agree. We can always do more and do better. But we just have to accept that and try our bestest. Love ya xx πŸ™‚

  12. that awkward moment when your alias is crap and you see ” AM I CRAP GIVE ME ATTENTION” lol.
    but you’re amazing Elm. And you do a lot already. you’re so nice to all of us and you post regularly and all of them are amazing posts.
    Appreciate yourself, cause we all appreciate you !

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