A Tribute, of Sorts

I’ve broken my hiatus rule, and I feel bad for it, but I WANTED to post this.

When a friend leaves the blogosphere, for WHATEVER reason, it often makes me feel really sad, and a bit like I’m never going to talk to them again, which is ridiculous. It’s happened twice before to me, with two people I considered very good friends, and it’s happening again. I wanted to write something to let this blogger know that no matter what, she’s made an impact. Before you ask, I’ve got permission from her to write this.

That blogger is April, AKA simplyme – or you might know her from her URL, simplymyblog.wordpress.com. April, I promised you I’d write this, so writing this I am. That made NO grammatical sense.

I may not have known you for very long, but to me, that doesn’t matter. You were always – and will always be – the person I think of when I remember lovely comments I’ve received. You always help me out with whatever I need, giving advice that rings true wherever I go and whatever I do. There aren’t many people in this world, April, who I can safely say are kind and loyal, through and through.

You make me smile, especially when you email me, and those conversations are going to stick in my mind whenever I think of you. It’s a funny thing, how you remember people – but trust me, how the hell could I ever forget you?

You aren’t gone forever. You’re still here, I know that, and that’s why I’m saying this. You’re going to continue your life, but always remember this.

You’re going to put a smile on people’s faces, like you’ve done for me and so many others. The blogging community loves you, because you’re truly a person to be admired. You’re going to make a difference in the world – large or small, it doesn’t matter. You’re going to change people’s lives.

You’re amazing, and I’ll miss you. You’ve made a mark on the blogging world, so you can put this part of your life behind you with a grin on your face. We’re your friends; we always will be.

This might seem overly sentimental, but I’m saying goodbye to a friend. I’ve never had the chance to do this before. I wish you luck in EVERYTHING you do, because you deserve it. And of course, if you do come back, we would never shut you out.

I’m not altogether happy with this, but I hope you will be. I just want to say that you matter to me – otherwise, why would I be writing this?

It’s 10:45 at night, so I’m a bit jumbled with my thoughts, but one thing’s clear to me. We’re part of a group here, and to me, that translates to saying farewell in style.

Love from Elm 🙂

40 thoughts on “A Tribute, of Sorts

  1. And we’re happy if you post when you said you wouldn’t just don’t let us distract you from schoolwork and other priorities! I just had exams so I totally know the stress and everything else.

  2. I’m crying. I love you so much Elm!!!! I know I’ve deleted my blog but I still have my account, so I guess I’ll always be here in a way. And when the time is right, I WILL blog again xxxxxx

  3. This is such a sweet tribute. Though I don’t know April, but the love that you all have for her, makes me realise that’s she’s a wonderful person..

    Please cheer up dear Elm!!

    Your new reader,
    Noorain ❤️

  4. This is so sweet! I don’t know you, April, but whoever you are I’m sorry you’re leaving the blogosphere and I hope you’ll find new success in your life. I mean, you’re friends with Elm, and that qualifies you for many qualities 😀 (for example: wise, fabulous, queen, etc.)

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