OKAY I have 3 more to go


Sort of hyper because I just finished my maths mock and I’ve got 3 more to go and because I’m boring, I’ll tell you.

8.30 tomorrow: Music
11.00 tomorrow: Biology
8.30 on Wednesday: Sociology

I am SO sorry for not posting in the last however many days but honestly? For about the first time ever, I have no motivation to post.



I’m not joking. Whoops? Trust me, on Wednesday you’re going to get a post, probably in all caps. Also, I haven’t been reading your posts AT ALL. Sigh.

God, I feel disconnected, like I’m barging in on the blogging world and going “HEYY guys… Yeah…”

I… I’m going to go and revise and then hibernate, or both. GAH this was so crappy and I’ve lost my blogging touch.

It’ll come back.

Are you all okay? After Wednesday… OKAY after Wednesday I’ll jump back into the blogosphere.

From Elm πŸ™‚

44 thoughts on “OKAY I have 3 more to go

  1. ELM WHAT HOW DARE YOU?! Jk jk don’t worry, your blogging touch will return πŸ˜‰ GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR LAST 3 MOCKS!

  2. ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR MOCKS! I don’t you will ever lose your blogging touch, I can see traces and hints of them in this post! HAHA! ALL THE BEST AGAIN! Good luck!

  3. You have NOT lost your blogging touch, at all and this isn’t a crappy post πŸ™‚ Good luck for the rest of the exams!

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