They Know Me Better than I Do

I’ve got two friends who have known me all my life – or all their life in one case, and they’re called Rose and Poppy. They’re sisters, and are like family to me.

Every week for the past… Two or three months, I think – I’ve gone volunteering at our local Parkrun with Poppy and this week, Rose joined in. I can safely say it was the highlight of my week, and I’ll explain why. (I sound like a newspaper article HELP).

So, Rose is my age and Poppy is a year younger. When I was little, I was much closer with Poppy – still sort of am – but Rose and Poppy both know me so well. Unlike my other friends, they haven’t seen me at my worst RECENTLY and don’t know how bad I can get, but they do, in a way. They were with me when I went a bit psychotic in year 5, through all my seriously weird phases – and they didn’t like me much then, but I wouldn’t have either. Honestly, I was a complete nightmare.

Rose said she’s only started to properly like me in the last three years, and I’m honestly not that upset by that. I know without a doubt that Poppy was my friend before then, because we couldn’t Not be friends on account of our family being friends. That’s not the point: they’ve known me forever, it seems, and it showed today. We’re comfortable around each other and we don’t need to see each other all the time because they feel like sisters to me. It’s a strange friendship.

Like I said, today, Rose joined in. When it was just me and Poppy, it was amazing and we screamed encouragement at the runners and generally had a great time. But with Rose added, I think it was even better because the three of us “argued”, cried with laughter and yelled at the top of our lungs.

It’s put a smile on my face and made my day feel REALLY positive, and I’m glad of that. Hopefully, Rose will join us next week. That’d be “banter”, as we described it.

I may have been a total bitch beforehand, even TWO YEARS ago, but they still put up with me. The fact that they’ve known me forever makes me scared they just hate me, but I don’t think they do. After so many years, I don’t think they get how much I honestly love the both of them. They are my family and I hope it will stay that way.

Have you got friends like that?

From Elm πŸ™‚

44 thoughts on “They Know Me Better than I Do

  1. Friends like that are awesome. I’ve got a friend like that and I have memories of her waking me up from naps at this day care thing. We were best friends even when we young enough to need naps πŸ˜€ and we still are!!

  2. I’m so happy that you’re happy Elm!! And you’re so LUCKY to have friends like that!! As you know from my blog, my best friend (aka April Girl) is (to me) just like the two you haveπŸ˜‹ I honesty have no idea what I’d do without her, and I’m so glad I got to meet herπŸ˜‚

  3. I’m no longer in touch with most of the people that I used to talk to when I was much younger. That being said, I have known my best friend for 10 years.

  4. I know what you mean. I have friends that I hardly see but when I do we get along as if we’ve been living together! I never feel as if I have to tell them anything, they just KNOW. Does that make any sense?? x :))))

  5. These kinds of friendships matter so much and can make such a difference. I am lucky to say that my best friends know me for about 10 years now and it’s like they are my second family. They are such a big part of who I am. I am happy that you have a gift like this in your life! πŸ™‚

  6. Yes! My friend lives about 4 hours away but we have been friends since we were 5 and whenever we meet up it feels like nothing has changed. I feel like Poppy or Rose because me and my sister to her are like what they are to you. If you get me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚xx

  7. I have friend’s like this. Unfortunately it’s not always the easiest to see them, especially since our old school shut down, but we try to πŸ™‚

  8. They sound like awesome friends πŸ˜€ I have a cousin, who I’ve known basically since I was born and we’re more like best friends than just cousins πŸ™‚

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