Guys. I am crying. Well I WAS and I want to now.






Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. How did this happen? I literally thought I would never reach this, like this was a mythical number – 500 was enough for me. 100 was enough.

For 1000 people – ONE THOUSAND – to click that follow button? I am speechless. ME. You follow ME. ELM. The nobody. The blogger who has no idea what she’s doing.

You are fantastic and I love you so much. You’ve got no idea how much this means to me, how much I want to run around the house screaming. I’m in shock, because 10 months ago I started this journey and I swear to god, everything that’s happened since then has shaped me.

You’ve gone on that journey with me. Through my shitty posts, amazing highs, and just LIFE, no matter when you started following me. You’ve seen a piece of my world and stepped foot in it, just for a second – or MORE – and that’s making me so happy that I can barely speak.

Through this, I’ve got to know so many amazing people. I’ve read your posts, which make me laugh and smile and want to give you hugs; I’ve talked with you and shared memories with you and though we’re on the internet, it’s as real as if I were standing in front of you.

This world’s a family and I’m part of it, YOU’RE part of it, WE’RE part of it. You’ve been there for me and I can’t thank you enough. I’ll always be saying it, because though this might not seem much, it is to me. Your support is what’s keeping me going.

I’ve got a blog, but damned if I’m not supporting you guys ALL THE WAY. It’s what I’m here for, why I continue, and it’s what I live for on some days. You’re not just that person who writes a post – some of you are my good friends, and I admire every single one of you.

I’m not trying to be arrogant. All I’m trying to do is tell you what an effect you’ve had on me, and the world. You meet people from across the globe here, and we’re all connected, and it’s beautiful.

Thank you for 1000. Thanks for just being here. Thanks for helping me, always, and seeing me through some of the most stupid things I’ve ever done.


From Elm πŸ™‚

176 thoughts on “I DID IT I DID IT HOLY CRAP

  1. ELM ELM ELM CONGRATULATIONS AHH IM SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! you deserve every single one, ok? 😊 keep on blogging and writing because you’re amazing! ❀️

  2. OH MY GOD ELM!!!! *goes over and hugs you to death* This is fabulous, you know? Okay, that didn’t quite convey what I was trying to say. I mean, THIS IS FABULOUS AND YOU TOTALLY DESERVE IT AND I’M SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU AND WHY DIDN’T I SEE THIS POST BEFORE AND AHHHH

    Yeah, much better. πŸ˜€


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