So as you can tell, this post is obviously about surds.

Erm, no, but we studied them today in maths and SPEAKING OF, I GOT MY MOCK RESULTS TODAY.

And, um, here they are. I’m VERY happy with them, and slightly nervous to make them public because it seems like I’m showing off, but um yeah nerd alert SORRY.

Maths – A
English Literature – A
Biology – A
Chemistry – A
Physics – A
Religious Education – A
Music – A
English Language – A Star
French – A Star
Sociology – A Star
History – A Star

I wish I’d got an A star in physics, but FUCK I’M HAPPY. I thought I’d fail both music and biology, but there you go.

YOU KNOW WHAT?! I’m SO happy with my results; I’ve got 3 months now to study for the real ones. 12 weeks of school left, and I’ve already got a revision timetable for myself… Go me.

I have been reading NO blogs, and I have so much homework to do, so this is my only post for the. day – PROBABLY.

Except wait – I’ve done a guest post over on Luna and Selfie’s joint blog – you should go and follow it because they’ve done an amazing job – you can see their blog here and my post should be up sometime soon.

If you had them, how well did you do in your mocks?

From Elm 🙂

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