Why I Write How I Do

I got inspiration for this post about 3 seconds ago, no joke, because of a tiny moment of insecurity.

Is my writing style shit?

NO. Because nobody’s writing style is crap. Yeah, it changes, but everything changes about you at some point. Your face, your personality, your friends. It’s just a part of life.

I swear, constantly, in my posts. It can come across as offensive, and I don’t NEED to swear, so why do I do it? I think it’s a way of expressing things. They’re just words, after all. People swear, people don’t, it makes no difference.

I hardly EVER write a post without referencing myself, or what I’ve been through or my emotions. People write lists, book reviews, and that’s just their way – I might not write like it, but it doesn’t make things less valid. That’s what I want to talk about.

I write about my feelings because it helps me relate to things. It lets people know they’re not alone – I used. to write manic posts about hating things and feeling shitty, but now I write to help people and to help myself.

That’s why I don’t write traditional advice posts, because then it wouldn’t be my blog. I HAVE to incorperate my personality, my thoughts into it, because otherwise it would just seem dry to me. Other people write that kind of thing better than I do.

But at the heart of it, my blog is personal. I write it for myself, and for you, and for any unfortunate soul who reads it. In April, May, June, I wrote about love and Ash and pain; I’ve transitioned from that but you still get negative posts and positive posts, too. If you get something out of it, that’s amazing. If you take in my thoughts, I’ll be happy.

I can’t write lists, or preach at you or talk about things like 10 ways to get over exam stress (LOVE reading those posts though; they help me).

What I can do is help people, through my mistakes, in the best way I can. What I CAN do is write and pour my emotions out. I’m not perfect – neither are my posts or my writing style – but you get that with everything. Just because people write differently, in different styles, doesn’t make it bad.

From Elm πŸ™‚

67 thoughts on “Why I Write How I Do

  1. Shit? No way! More like, “super-amazing, with a touch of brilliance from the stars”. THAT’S how I’d describe your writing style. It’s pretty much perfect! πŸ˜„

  2. I love you’re writing style, and your blog impacts me a lot. I’m pretty sure it impacts a lot of people actually, so don’t EVER delete it! No pressure 😊😊xxx

  3. I would be honest , your writing style is what attracted me to your blog in the first place and I think I have mention this in the past but , I feel like when I read your words , you’re talking to me directly and that we were having a live convo . I can relate to so many things about you , and your life experiences . Of course not everything because I haven’t experience it but you make me aware of the mistakes to stay away from .
    and if you want to talk about a subject for a month straight , who cares you know , IT’s your blog .
    That’s also one of the reasons I love your blog , its that as I’m reading it , I’m transitioning with you as you are . I’m growing with you because you’re like a wiser sister who protects us . You’re very honest and I love that because I feel like I know you in person.
    Stay true to yourself elm ,
    I need someone to help me trought being a teen :D:D
    lots of love ,
    Your rebel leader :D:D

    • Oh my dear Rebel, you’ve just made me grin like an idiot. THANK YOU, YOU YOU AMAZING GIRL! πŸ™‚ I just wanna help people honestly. That’s what maos me happy.

  4. Your style is just so amazing. i mean i still remember the day i first came across your blog. once you start, you feel like reading all the posts ! and you’re so kind and helpful and you read and comment EVERYWHERE girl !!
    you’re an inspiration, honestly.

  5. I love your writing style, its personal and its how someone would actually speak and I love that because it makes me feel closer to you
    I love that you write about your feelings
    I love that you’re so open with them

  6. These blogs are like diaries in a way. Everyone has their own way of speaking, telling stories, and expressing themselves. Your writing style is unique to you. I think that’s what makes people want to read. If it wasn’t unique to you, you’d sound like everyone else and that’s no fun. I quite like the fact that you swear because swearing is just a colorful fucking way of speaking.
    – awkyoungadult

  7. Why the insecurity? Your writing style is so personal, and so perfect for your blog type, can’t you see? It’s your blog, and you’re writing for yourself, so I can’t imagine it written any other way. It works. And, as you can tell by the sheer volume of comments on this post (and of followers), we all love it too. So don’t you dare change it, or doubt it. And that’s an order πŸ™‚ xxxxx

  8. Honestly, your writing style is one thing that attracts me into your blog. Your style is very very beautiful. Don’t change it!

  9. Your writing is direct and from the heart and mind. I like it. People are drawn to it, actually… which is good. I write about a lot of things on my blog and sometimes have lists too… but that’s just me. I like lists. I guess the identity of the blog grows with you.

  10. Love your blog and your writing style, it comes of as true and straight from the heart. It’s personal and relatable and just fantastic (I might be a little awestruck)! It seems to be an expression of the real you, and so a little insecurity is understandable, but honestly, your blog is brilliant. Please don’t change it? Keep writing!

    • I never will, I promise! πŸ™‚ You’re one of the most thoughtful people I’ve come across in a while and even though I don’t know you, I can almost tell your personality from those words. Thank you!

      • Your writing style is so real and personal that it’s hard to remember that I don’t know you in person, because after reading your posts it feels like I actually do know you! Your writing may evolve and grow but don’t consciously change it! It’s perfect. xx

      • You may not know me in real life but I’m sure you understand my thought processes and that means a lot πŸ™‚

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