The Universe Has OBVIOUSLY Turned Sideways

A few days ago, I thought something that shocked me nearly into the next century.

I need to do some sort of sport.

No, SCRATCH THAT: I WANT to do some sort of sport. Yeah, you can faint now, because I just admitted to WANTING to do exercise. Elm, the most reluctant person in the world, who HATES all forms of exercise. Yup. I’m in shock, too.

It’s just, I’ve had enough. I’ve had ENOUGH of feeling unfit and getting short of breath when I exercise. And of course, there’s the whole thing about it calming you down and making you concentrate more which helps with exams and that kind of thing. I want to be active because god knows I NEED that, as I haven’t been in recent years. Or ever.

There’s a reason why I hate exercise, or the thought of doing it, and it’s probably because I never had or never could be bothered to take that opportunity. Oh here comes the awkward part where I bring my blindness into it, though it has no business here.

There’s sports that are specially adapted for us blindies (CRINGE why did I say that?) like football, cricket, goalball etc, but they’ve never interested me. Not sure why. Running is an issue because I have to get guided, and I’ve NEVER been confident with swimming. I SHOULD be, but I never have been; partly because of le lack of sight (NO EXCUSE) but mostly because I started late and always had lessons with those younger than me, which caused me to have horrific embarrassment.

I want to do something where I can truly do it, with little help – I won’t say no help because I’ll need guidance a little. Judo maybe, or rock climbing. The latter would be good – Y’KNOW WHAT FUCK IT, I’m looking into it.

Climbing’s not a TRADITIONAL sport, not like running or cycling or football, but it’s something I can do. I tried it once before but quit, STUPIDLY, and I need to take it up again. I’m more confident then, because it’s something I can concentrate on without relying on people to literally guide me, like in running.

I just need to get passed the issue of confidence because I hate people seeing me exercise, as in I really hate it, especially when it’s something I WANT to be good at.

To be honest, I want to say I can do it. I want to achieve it, and get healthier; I’m way too thin but I need to be more in shape. For god’s sake, I don’t even care about the “I’M BLIND AND Can DO SPORT!” because that’s old and everyone knows that we can so it’s not exactly a revelation.

It’s time I actually made a damned effort instead of doing nothing. You know, it might even make me more productive. I like routines, and I’m getting better at organising myself too.

From Elm πŸ™‚

65 thoughts on “The Universe Has OBVIOUSLY Turned Sideways

  1. I think its so admirable that you want to take up sports despite the fact that your blind. Many people would feel very discouraged and feel like they are incapable of doing anything. Sometimes I think of how difficult life is but the I read your blog Elm and despite your blind, you live such a normal life and your such a funny, strong and caring person which inspires a lot of us that no matter whats thrown at us, we can always adapt and be motivated to do anything. I don’t do a lot of sports myself but rowing sounds like a good one as I find it quite fun! -Tash πŸ™‚

    • Oh Tash, you’re actually amazing for saying that. Thank you so much! And I’m telling you, you’re the inspiration here because you always put a smile on people’s faces. But thank you πŸ™‚ That made my day.

      • Thank you so much Elm, but every word I said was true and I know everyone else feels the exact same way πŸ™‚

  2. Yes elm you go girl… Slay that excersise. The fact that you don’t let anything get in the way of something you want to do is such a lovely quality. I love your blog so muchπŸ’•πŸ’•

  3. You know what, you do you! I think it’s so cool that you could do things like this without sight. I myself am not great at seeing (very long sighted) and I think you should definitely go into sport, sport is great!!!:)))))

  4. You said your blind? What is that like or how did you get it? And maybe yoga or Pilates could be fun for you! I like them and there at home workouts (look up blogilates on YouTube for her amazing workouts)

  5. You should try trampolining! It is perfect for anyone with any sporting capability and it also good for beginners. It helps learn core strength, leg muscles, balance, and keeps a good posture. I do it and I love it because you get to make friends too!

  6. You are a braver person than I am, wanting to take up rock climbing! I’m terrified of heights, but kudos to you for deciding to try it! You posted on my blog that you aren’t chronically ill, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how each other feels every now and again. Head on over and talk to me any time!

    • Of course, and likewise! We understand each other when it comes to dealing with life, I think. As in, we LIVE rather than get knocked down.

  7. All your posts make me nod at the screen, amazed at how much i can relate. GOSH. Im also the laziest living organism on planet earth and i recently took up running:)

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