Nerding Out On Gravity Waves

THEY PROVED EINSTEIN’s THEORY OF RELATIVITY, basically, and they proved the detection of gravity waves.

I’m a nerd, but I don’t pretend to understand this. All I know is that they say you BEND space now, that they found two black holes COLLIDING and the energy that came from that, about 3 times the mass of our Sun, expanded out in waves like sound waves.

So, we can now HEAR THE UNIVERSE, the parts we can’t see, and it’s said that we can “hear” the fringes of the universe, essentially going back in time to find out more about the universe. Black holes as well, and don’t they scare you? The THOUGHT of them?

SORRY GUYS, I’m just having a moment here. About the universe, and the sheer MASSIVENESS of it, and the fact that we’re really fucking insignificant. And of course, GRAVITY WAVES.

I might not UNDERSTAND it fully, but that doesn’t mean I can’t realise what an enormous discovery this is. We have access to knowledge and to a theory that was presented 100 years ago, FINALLY.

Is it just me that’s freaking out a bit, or are you guys just staring at the screen, thinking, “WHAT THE HELL is she talking about?!”

I don’t have a clue, but again, this is SCARY as hell. If you’ve heard the gravity wave sound at the frequency we CAN hear, you’ll understand.

Nerd rant is OVER.

What d’ya think?

From Elm πŸ™‚

48 thoughts on “Nerding Out On Gravity Waves

    • Neither do I, but it’s kind of amazing. Basically, two black holes collided about 1 billion years ago, sending out waves, and they’ve just been detected by… I think they’re lazers?

  1. I am so with you on nerding out about space and physics! It’s so interesting, I could literally read about it for hours. It just blows my mind you know?! Love reading things like this!:))

  2. Space fascinates me too! You’re not the only one freaking out. This is me every time i read about a new discovery that has anything to do with space xx

  3. Sometimes I wonder how Einstein managed to be so goddamn BRILLIANT. I mean, he literally made this amazing theory that took 100 freaking years to get proved!!
    And I know what you mean about black holes — they seem quite frightening, don’t they? You know what, there have been times when people asked me what I’m afraid of, and I replied, “Black holes”. (And they just stared blankly at me, LOL. XD )

  4. I’ve heard about this and I think it’s so incredible that they managed to prove his theory right! It’s amazing for me but at the same time kinda scary as they have a new and different way to look at space and well.. You never know what they’re gonna find!

  5. Every person gets to have a nerd rant once in awhile! πŸ™‚ THERE WILL BE SO MANY OPEN DOORS TO SO MANY AMAZING DISCOVERIES NOW!!!!!! Yay!

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