The Social Media Blog Tag!




This tag was created by the amazing Chloe AKA Diary of a Lonely Girl, and it’s AWESOME.

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you – THANK YOU SO MUCH! You’re amazing, and your comment made me smile so much.

2. Choose a blog or blogger per category and explain why you chose them.

3. Optional – At the end of each explanation, include a gif or a hashtag that best describes them.

4. Tag others to do this (it’s up to you how many).

The Categories:

Instagram – A Blog With A Design You Love:
I’m incredibly biased here, but it always will be Caitlin because she has astounded me with how good she is at design. I’m forever indebted with her for designing my blog, because THAT means so much to me. From what I hear, she’s also an amazing photographer πŸ™‚

Facebook – A Blog With A Friendly Blogger
My friend from Letters to Eemma. This girl is the loveliest person, I swear; she’s someone who can make me laugh and think really deeply about everything. Plus, she was so incredibly friendly to me when we first started talking, and there aren’t many people who I can say I truly click with like her.

Twitter – A Blogger Who Could Write just 140 Characters And You Would Still Love Them
L. How could it NOT be L? He’s hilarious, and he could write something in 140 characters that would have you in stitches. Well, he HAS done that, actually.

YouTube – A blog You Are Convinced You Are The Number 1 Fan Of
HA, hands down, Em. MAN, that’s arrogant of me, but I think she’s a fantastic person and I could read her blog forever. Whenever I see a new post, I’m immediately there, because she’s always inspired me no matter what.

Vine – A Blog You Haven’t Been Following For Long, But Who You Still Obsess Over
I’m not entirely sure HOW long I’ve been following her, but this one has to be Shay. She’s the type of person who’s posts are ALWAYS relatable, no matter the topic, and she makes me smile.

Snapchat – The Blogger Who’s Updates You Can’t Wait For
DEFINITELY Luna because her posts always cheer me up. She’s one of the kindest people you’ll meet, and she’s been here from the start; I’ve been obsessively stalking her posts – UM I MEAN reading her posts a lot – ever since I found her blog, god knows when that was.

Tumblr – A Blog Which Keeps You Entertained
I’M SORRY, but this is always going to be Anthony. He is fantastic, funny, and his posts are absolutely BRILLIANT. That’s why he won funniest blogger… Shh. Mark my words, he’s great.

Pinterest – A Blog Which Is Full Of Creativity And Inspiration
I’d say Reine‘s blog, for the simple fact that she inspires me every single day. She’s my blogging idol, someone I look up to, and all around an amazing person. And her blog? Her posts ALWAYS give you advice, and that’s the mark of a wonderful blog.

I’m copying Chloe here, where I nominate everyone I’ve tagged – hope you don’t mind!

From Elm πŸ™‚

43 thoughts on “The Social Media Blog Tag!

  1. aww thenks Elm, you’re awesome! And what is this about stalking my posts?? πŸ˜› I remember the first post I read of yours and I was so confused with all the names and I tried reading through all the categories to understand and then kinda just gave up XD and I chose Anthony for the last one too because he’s hilarious nobody can deny it

  2. That made no sense. Okay. Let’s try again.
    I keep being annoying how do I stop this
    Elmm seriously do you know how much that made me smile? Add the already existing grin from your latest post and you get a SERIOUSLY huge smile. THANKS BAE

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