The Exquisite Corpse Game

Hi, everyone!

Last week, I wrote a post that introduced this game and asked for your feedback – you can read it here.

Through what you’ve said, Rina and I have come up with the rules for this game.

On this post, I’m going to write the first sentence of a story.
As we said in the introductory post, the next person will comment with the next sentence (NOT line of poetry, because sentences are much easier) of the story.
Person 3 writes the next sentence in a SEPARATE comment, so it doesn’t get confusing, and so on.
On Friday, we’ll collect up all the sentences, and put them into a finished piece.

Right, let’s do this – the sentences can be as short or long as you wish.

Sentence 1:

A girl stared out to sea, the breeze combing through her auburn hair.

Make of that what you will, and let’s see where this takes us!

(If nobody replies I think I’ll cry hehe).

If you’re confused, you can always email me or email Rina.

Once again, thank you so much to Rina for coming up with this idea; you’re a genius!

From Elm 🙂

72 thoughts on “The Exquisite Corpse Game

  1. She thought maybe she was the real evil twin. There were two of her on one body. Her evil twin sister never existed. She made it up in her head to deal with her dark side, her very dark side. She looked down at her hands. They were covered in blood.

  2. The blood reminded her of what she had done. She lost all the control and fell on her knees. Crying, shaking, feeling the pain she stayed in the ground.

  3. Lightning struck somewhere nearby. She could see the bright light. She could feel it, tingling around her skin. She looked down at her body, her hands still drenched in fresh blood, and saw that the lightning bolt came directly at her. She was illuminated, electrified, yet she did not feel any pain.
    No. She felt good.

    • ‘I should’ve done this long ago.’
      They both spoke the same sentence, at the same moment.
      They were both identical. A fight between the two would usually be pointless, because for all intents and purposes, they were equal.
      But not this time. This time, one of them had just been lightning struck.

  4. The energy of the strike coursed through her body, filling her veins with a raw power so different from the quiet suffering and resignation that had flowed there before. She felt herself burning from the inside, consumed by a force to great for her comprehension. She lunged towards her sister, face contorted with fury and pain, though strangely she didn’t remember deciding to move. A guttural cry was wrenched from her throat, but it didn’t sound like her voice.

  5. In tandem, two hands rose, fingers splaying as thunderous power was released. It crackled along her skin, rushing at her sister in a burst. Fire roared, making her body quake, the twins crying out in identical shrieks of agony, mixed with exultation. With eyes streaming, her power surged, fueled by years of hate and pain to overcome the sinuous tendrils of her sister. Screams, blurred in her memory, a flash, and an explosion that rocked the world. Finally, after eons of pain, the echoes of a sorrowful existence resounded in her mind, until all that was left was the afterimage of a tranquil seaside, a solitary tear sliding down her face.

  6. Okay guys, sorry to randomly take control like that, but now’s the end of the game. I love all of you and you write so well, SERIOUSLY, I had no idea this would flourish. Thanks to everyone that took part, especially Rina who was the mastermind behind it. 🙂

  7. ugh I would’ve done this but you guys are too good at writing for me to keep up XD but huge success, congrats you two for organising this!

  8. i am blown away from the skills… the writing is so good ljasdflkjasdf;ljasdf this is just so amazing that i am not bothering to type properly because im just blown away from the amazingness of everyone

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