Question 5: Write a Post On Your Online Blog-

I was sitting in English today – the last lesson of the day – and sir was running through exam technique, as you do, mixed with his amazing lectures about life and society. As you can tell, I have a LOT of respect for him.

I’m not sure how it works in your guys’ schools – whatever country you live in – but for us, we do a lot of practice exam papers. He set us a language paper, just the first question – we’ll do the rest later on. Questions 1 to 4 are your comprehension questions, and questions 5 and 6 are writing pieces, and he was just casually mentioning them, until he got to THIS part.

“Okay, question 5: write a post on your online blog about a situation where you felt uncertain or confused.”

Me being Elm, and SO bad at controlling my reactions – I BURST out laughing and couldn’t stop, and I laughed so hard I nearly cried. Wren and Red, who know about this blog (hiiii you two), and who sit next to me and behind me respectively, joined in with my laughter.

I think I found it so incredibly funny because to me, blogging isn’t like that. I asked sir how formal we had to be when we did questions like that, and he said “I’d be relatively formal – don’t be chatty.”

If you’re a blogger like me – and by that, I mean you write about your life, informally, and TALK to your readers – I’d find it pretty difficult to do something like that. To me, blogging is linked to friendship and love and thoughts, expressed to people who can read it, rather than an examiner.

I don’t think people can understand what blogging means, unless they have a blog. It means different things to different people, and people WRITE differently, so to try and define a blog would be pointless. For some, it’s a way to get their work out there; for others, it’s to get their thoughts out. Perhaps I’m just being pretentious.

I think I found it funny because I HavAVE a blog, and so many people don’t know that. They don’t know this side of me because I haven’t showed it to them, and have no intention of doing so. I’m part of a world that people might not understand, and they might brush it off – “OH! It’s just a blog!”

I’m finding it difficult to articulate my thoughts. Blogging’s such a wide and diverse area, and to write a blog post for an exam just feels… Wrong.

I can write formally, but it doesn’t seem like it’s me, when you link it to blogging. I suppose I have to keep it separated.

It’s weird to think that my friends on here, who have blogs, are all also doing things all over the world, and it’s strange to think there are SO MANY people out there who think of the word “blog” as personal to them.

Has someone ever mentioned blogging in real life to you, and what did you think when they did?

Oh, my GOD, I sound like such an arrogant shit! (See, I also swear here UGH).

From Elm πŸ™‚

72 thoughts on “Question 5: Write a Post On Your Online Blog-

  1. I think this post is the answer to question No. 5! πŸ˜‰ How would your professor know if you actually completed question 5?

  2. Trust me, I would have mostly burst out laughing too! Here teachers and elders (at least whom I know) don’t think much about ANYTHING internet or social media that we use. My mum saw me once while I was typing a blog post and asked what I was doing. When I replied blogging, she literally gave me a look that said, “wasting time doing something called blogging.”

  3. We had to write loads of blog posts for GCSE and it is really weird. My blogs are quite formal anyway so it wasn’t so difficult to adapt them for an English exam but….

  4. I would have laughed so much too! In English, when talking about the styles of exam questions for question 1 of the language paper, the word “blog” came up in passing. Nobody really knows much about blogging in my school, as far as my knowledge knows. I just have a little smile to myself, thinking of my blog as well as all the friends I have. Its great as its like my special, happy secret πŸ™‚

    • And that’s the same for me! πŸ™‚ SO glad you understand. I just choke with laughter whenever the word “blog” is mentioned.

  5. lol!!i probably would have fallen off my chair with laughter!!ugh, i wouldn’t prob want everyone i know in my class to find out bout my blog, tho, cos its like, my world, and like you said, a side of me that i dont show:)Xxx

  6. I can relate so much XD At first my posts were so un natural and crappy but then I started getting into it and stopped being a noob, and it’s so much funner XD I would have grinned like an idiot.

  7. No way! We’re doing the same thing right now and I smiled my wise ass off when that question came up since mine’s anonymous ^_^

  8. I’m not even anonymous on my blog, but I still don’t want people (other than some close friends) to know about my blog. Like you said, it’s our special world where we get to be ourselves, uncensored. I love that!! πŸ™‚

  9. That’s actually so funny that was one of your questions! And yeah, many people don’t really get blogging or will brush it off. I’ve told like three real life people about my blog, and two of them kinda shrugged it off because they didn’t really understand it. My other friend understood because she has a blog herself, haha.

    • Awww awesome! What’s her blog? I know what you mean about the shrugging off, because they dont quite seem to Understand the IMPORTANCE of it.

  10. haha that would be pretty funny πŸ˜€ I do agree though, until you try it, blogging is hard to understand properly

  11. Lol that’s hilarious. I’m sure teachers are pretty oblivious to what blogging is meant to be about haha πŸ™‚

      • Imagine this: people are given a class assignment to blog. How many would make use of that and make themselves happy, rather than blogging how they THINK it’s done? I know if I didn’t have a blog, I’d be so formal, and just think it was for school and rubbish.

      • Yeah not many would do it for the fun, they’d probably do it the way the teachers wanted it to be done. A blog is about expressing yourself and blogging about topics you love. It would be cool if they would do a class where they discuss how blogging can be a platform to be creative and fun.

  12. OMG!! How could your teacher give a question like that ???? Although, I agree with you 100%! You know many people behave so weirdly if you tell them that you’re a blogger ?? Yes, I’ve tried to tell some and most of them,actually all of them (apart from my family)behaved strangely. The funny part is some of them didn’t even know what a real blog is and how it works ??? Great post!!!…… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • YES I know how this feels! It’s sort of an unknown topic – “UM, what’s a blog anyway?” Makes me kind of sad, but oh well!

  13. I would feel awkward if many people knew about my blog. It would be weird, just like that moment in your class πŸ˜‰ HAHA!

  14. I was sitting in English class one day and the teacher began asking us how often we write [on our free time]. Personally, I try to write everyday but realistically write 5/7 days a week. Some answered that they either never write for themselves, while others said once or twice, here and there… I could not stop laughing, inside my head of course, because no one knows that I love to write. People know I enjoy it, as I am very open about it, but no one knows I have a blog! I find it hilarious when people mention something that relates to you in a secretive manner πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I always think about the same thing with others as well. For example, if we’re in class talking about weird obsessions or things only crazy people think, I continuously ponder whether there’s a student in the room who secretly does or thinks these weird thingsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • YES, I get what you mean! Wondering if someone has secrets, too, and are laughing inside their mind like we do when people say blog or ask how much we write. Hahaha!

  15. Blogging gives you a sense of idk how to describe it but like you’re helping people in some sort of minute way whilst other suffering is going on, maybe you’ve relieved the suffering of one person for a small amount…

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