Not Just Our Blog

I have an exciting announcement!!!

Tara, from Letters to Emma, and I have started a writing blog together.

The thing about this blog is that it’s not OUR blog. It’s everyone’s blog. You can submit your writing – anonymously or under your name – and it’ll be up on the blog. We want it to be a space where people can express themselves, through chaptered stories, poetry, short stories or “abstract pieces”, in any form they want. It’s not a place for Tara and I only to write, because we want to show you that blogging is a COMMUNITY.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a blog; you can still submit things. More information can be found about that on the blog, which I’ll link below.

You can find the writing blog here. Tara wrote an awesome introduction, and designed the blog REALLY well. Her post about it can be found here. We’ll still be posting on these blogs, but the other blog is for writing only and is sort of a professional spin on things. And of course, we’d love it if you joined in, because that’s what the blog’s about. We don’t restrict you on what you post – within reason.

We may be the roots, but you’re the branches and what you create are the leaves. We all have roles, and each one is as important as another.

AHHHH I’m so excited about this!

From Elm πŸ™‚

55 thoughts on “Not Just Our Blog

  1. Hello elm,
    I know I haven been the best blogging friend to you lately and I want to appologize for that. I wasn there for you when you needed it like the others and Ive been feeling very guilty about it. I hope you can forgive me and I promise IΔΊl do much better starting now.
    I would love to contribute to this new blog you guys have because I think itΕ› a great idea. So if you would have me, I would like to contribute.
    And sorry once again,

    • AYELE, no need to worry! You are still a fantastic friend to me – you ALWAYS have been and that’s not going to change. Of COURSE you can contribute – we’d love you to! πŸ™‚

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