I’m a Work Fiend NO

So, Elm! What are you going to revise today?

Um. Biology, gonna do a past paper – hey, I should do two units like I’ll do on the day of the B2 and B3 exam, Then physics hopefully if I’m not too tired because I need to do 2 past papers and one’s optional, and OH WAIT I haven’t read through my entire poetry anthology for English – SHIT I need to re-read To Kill a Mockingbird and An Inspector Calls, and oh wait, I haven’t done the history revision I was supposed to do this week so I NEED to do that, and HA, what about music? OH GOD I haven’t done any-


Right. I have… A problem? As you can see from the paragraph above, I’ve somewhat panicked myself – or rather, locked myself into a loop of “NO, I haven’t done this and this and this, so I NEED to do that right now because my exams start in 39 days!”

I swear I always do this. I’m going to devote an ENTIRE day to revision (with breaks) but I’m terrified I’m not doing enough. What if I’m doing this all wrong? How can I make the revision go in, without panicking? The fact I’m revising is good, but again, am I doing something wrong?!

Alright. CALM DOWN. I AM scared, but I just have to take deep breaths. I’m DEFINITELY doing biology today, and physics too, as well as physics tomorrow. Then, I’ll give myself a break, even though everything is screaming at me to NOT do that, and to just work work work work. (That STUPID shitty Rihanna song is now stuck in my head WAHEYYY).

Have any of you got exams coming up, and if so, what are your strategies for coping? When the exams get closer I’m going to hide in a corner and just scream my lungs out.

From Elm πŸ™‚

81 thoughts on “I’m a Work Fiend NO

  1. I had to read An Inspector Calls in English too. We read it as a class so it wasn’t homework. We had a few people volunteer to read the roles. Made it more interesting because we voice acted (I volunteered to be Sheila) so it was more fun.
    I really enjoyed An Inspector Calls. I really liked the plot and how the play was written out.

  2. I just finished my assessment week but that’s not exactly as stressful as exams. But still I tried to take enough breaks so that I could work to my best ability, if you’re stressed and tired and unfocused you’ll get less work done than if you take a break and then reapproach the task/s. And motivated myself with food cuz it’s food. Good luck Elm! You’ve got this and you are great! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Luna! You’re so encouraging; it’s amazing. I think I just need to stay focused and as clear-headed as possible. And to be MOTIVATED too.

  3. And my strategies for coping is nothing special. I just prioritize and I usually leave things to the last minute (don’t mean to) so I always cram the night before. Depends on the subject. Sometimes I cram for 2 hours and sometimes I cram for 6 hours. I find that my attention span for studying lasts a LOT longer if it’s the night before. Because it means I’m screwed if I don’t study and I can concentrated very well at that time.
    The best tip would be to study when you can actually concentrate. Effective studying is very important. You need to find the time in day where you can properly concentrate. If you’re forcing yourself to study and is actually not paying much attention, it doesn’t help nearly as much.

  4. I think you should make a timetable. Work according to it and after a while if you get tired or can’t concentrate, lie on your bed for 5 minutes and keep your mind clear or walk around the house for some minutes to stretch your legs. Keep drinking something. If you still can’t study, just chill and dance. ;D Keep eating too.
    I’m sure you can do this, you have a month and a week, don’t worry, your syllabus will be completed! Good luck. πŸ™‚

  5. I do 45mins of revision and then a 15 minute break. I find drinking water is really useful too – it keeps you hydrated and your mind working properly. Everyone revises in different ways which suit them. You could learn a page in a textbook and then get someone to test you. You could highlight key points in your school books and remember those. Writing things down over and over again helps or saying them repeatedly. The use of colour makes revision more memorable as well. You could also write a list of the things you are unsure of and cross them off as you learn them. This way you will feel positive at the end of revising that you have learnt something.

    Happy Blogging! xx

  6. YAS ELM I KNOW! I really suggest writing everything you are going to revise the day before so you feel organised and prepared. This morning, I have been revising since 9 and every 30 minutes or so, I have a five minute break which is usually a walk around or reading some blogs and its working really well. I know how you feel about not feeling that your doing enough. What I’m planning to do now for the rest of the half term is revise every day for as many hours as I physically can bare, so I know that I’ve done as much as I can, if I simply cannot do anymore-I know I’ve done enough. Obviously with breaks and dance breaks in-between because I am human! Good Luck Elm, we are all doing it together!

  7. I have my French GCSE this year as I’m doing it two years early! I’m a little stressed about it as I haven’t actually been taught anything by my teacher this year as I’ve been doing CA after CA!! I have quite a few ways of coping. What I generally do is make a list of everything I have to cover with the basics to start and then try and complete let’s say 2 things one day and then two the next and so on and keep on revisiting each sub subject.

    • That sounds great – it makes sure you know the material, because you’re going back over it. I’ll definitely be doing that. And good luck – for French, just go over the vocabulary (are you doing a listening and reading paper?)

  8. My strategy is somewhat wreckless, but basically stop worrying about doing ‘enough’ I’m sure you revise WAY more than me, considering we’re in the same year too…. but Elm! My strategy is to tell myself, everything will be fine, tell yourself “I will do this right, I will get it done, no I can’t blog for another hour until I have done this, because I am a warrior I can do this, I will get the grades I want, I WILL.” and don’t put too much in for one day, relax dude.

  9. I can relate so much to this! Keep calm, and don’t panic as that’s not helpful! Revise in short bursts for as long as your brain can stand, then take a 5-10 minute break, go and do something else and FORGET about work for a bit! Then come back refreshed and do some more. Good luck, don’t worry and you’ll do great! πŸ™‚

  10. Well I know for a fact I find comfort in being further ahead than other people be that as horrible sounding as it is so just in case you’re the same boat next time you stress think that some people haven’t even started yet namely me hopefully that’s a calming thought for you?

  11. Breathe Elm. 39 days is longer than you think, so if you get going now, there’s no need to panic. Just focus on a couple of things each day, and try not to work yourself up too much. X

  12. So this is my tip for what you’ve been experiencing. I always do this and it’s effective. List all your tasks in a paper. Rank them from 1 to whatever, 1 being the highest, your top priority and urgent. Do all them based on the rankings. Also, don’t cram. Just do what you can do because you’re going to be sick. Good luck and hoping for the best! πŸ™‚

  13. I AM IN THE EXACT SAME POSITION AS YOU! *Panic by The Smiths plays softly in the background* I motivate myself by putting pictures of what I’m looking forward to this summer in the middle of my revision notes, and I also stick stuff on my walls. I spent today at school revising An Inspector Calls 😦 Good luck this summer!

  14. I know this is stupid advice, but if you tell yourself you’re panicking, you’re going to panic. It’s good to take breaks (as you are doing) and also be kind to yourself and congratulate yourself for the work you’ve done already. When I revise, I set alarms on my phone for when I’m going to do things, it keeps me more productive, but remember to be realistic on how much you can do. Also, try to change your environment and the way you’re absorbing the knowledge when revising, it might help you stay more focused
    . I have every faith that you’re going to do incredibly well, you’re REALLY smart, it’s just the anxiety you need to tackle, revise relaxation as much as your revise your exam content πŸ™‚

    • Ahhh that’s so true; I just need to REMEMBER it. Thank you, Alex! :You’re so good at putting things into perspective.

  15. I completely agree. Yes, coming from the girl who’s just started a blog on revision tips and ideas which I am yet to start putting into place.. feel free to check it out though and good luck! p.s. try not to stress lovely x

  16. Ahh Poetry and Inspector calls kill me. I only have business this year but I’ve revised since Christmas (school happens to be my strong point). This is going to sound stupid but you shouldn’t worry- it doesn’t solve anything. If you can cone up with a revision timetable it can help you fit everything but not overload it either but defiantly remeber breaks and days off otherwise you’ll suffer. Good luck too

  17. Omg I hate revision so much and I get what you mean I never know if it’s actually going in so sometimes it just feels like a waste of time! And ugh I had to do music today but the files for the past paper wouldn’t download so i wasted loads of time trying to sort that out, bleh. You’ll be fine though, I think once the first exams over with it’ll get easier. Good luck for now though, I think I’ll join you with the screaming! But I do find long walks help, and just make sure you’re having regular breaks πŸ™‚

  18. dont give too much thought about what others are doing , carry one studying the way you are comfortable, learn things in a way that you remember it .. good luck !!

  19. YES ELM, breathe. I know, it must be getting stressful for you. And I DON’T blame you. You’re just acting under pressure. But my advice would be to just be calm and don’t stress too much. From what I can make out, you’re doing pretty well so far. Don’t put yourself down. I KNOW you can do it. It’ll be okay, I promise.

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