All Jokes Aside, I Want to Help

My school’s got a VI unit – unit for blind/visually impaired/whatever you want to call us people, and I was doing maths in there this morning because the rest of the class were in cover.

I was talking to the person who supports me in maths, who understands me a lot, about what it was like for other kids who didn’t HAVE a unit, who had similar sight to me. And, well, it’s pretty shit. GOD that makes me sound so… Meh, full of myself almost. It makes me so angry, because you’ve got people who NEED AND WANT to do well and can’t because they don’t know what to do, or their school has no damn idea. That’s the same with anyone, with a disability that affects how they write, or learn.

There’s a woman from another school coming in tomorrow, to talk to our VI about the kinds of things she can do to help the student at that school (she also uses braille). I honestly want to meet the girl from the school, because sometimes people think they’re alone and they feel horrific, when you’re never alone. My TA was talking to me about that, and we’d previously discussed one of my friends who has a bullshit school when it comes to getting resources. I voluntarily offered to speak to the lady who’s coming in tomorrow, because Miss had said that maybe when I go to sixth form, I can do this kind of thing. By that, I mean helping people and telling people my age what they can do and what the school need to do to help them. Citizenship, perhaps, even though the very idea of feeling like an “inspiration” makes my blood boil, I want to do something worthwhile – and it’ll help me to feel better about myself, as well.

You know what?

I WANT to do that. I know I say, a LOT, that I don’t exactly care about my disability; when it. comes to other people, I very much care. To be quite frank, I have a good life in terms of school. I may complain, but they give me all the support for WORK I need. I take a lot of that for granted.

People need to know what THEY can do to get the best education they can. Life can be absolutely crap when your school doesn’t give enough of a shit to ASK you what you need, or they don’t go out of their way to help you. The very idea that some people have to use a scribe or that their school is horrific at teaching them braille honestly. makes me feel sick.

In all, I’ve had a great time with support, so saying all this is probably going to come across as arrogant. If it does, I’m sorry.

I want to help. I want to show people that this isn’t. the end of the road and that you CAN do things – maths, science, EVERYTHING – as long as you know how to get around the lack of sight thing. It’s your education and no one can tell you, “Um, we don’t have that, sorry. You’re just going to have to make do with something we haven’t even told you how to use.”

MAKE DO?! No DAMN way. You have to get around it, go above that, because nothing’s hopeless if you get out there and find out how you can tell your school, “RIGHT, screw you, THIS is how I want to do graphs, by using THESE materials, and damned if I’ll let myself fail my exams because of you.”


I want to help, so I will, even if I get told I’m pushy and irritating for doing so.

From Elm πŸ™‚

34 thoughts on “All Jokes Aside, I Want to Help

  1. I was talking about how school’s can sometimes miss the mark when it comes to certain aspects of teaching the other day, so yeah I think you should help.

  2. Making a difference is something we always talk about, but rarely actually do. And I think it’s freaking awesome you’re willen to DO something to make the lives of other people easier. GO ELM!

  3. I think it is a great thing to help others. You are an inspiration to many people here online you deserve it to be one in real life too

  4. I believe that when overcoming any situation, you can become a better person or a bitter person and I’m glad you’ve decided to speak up for other people and do something for the better! You are incredible πŸ™‚

  5. This is such a lovely idea, Elm. There are certain upsides to being disabled or having to go through tough situations – these circumstances make you much more empathetic and kind. Although there are many difficult experiences many people have to go through that they certainly don’t deserve, I like to think something good usually comes from it.

    Anyway, I got a little off-topic there, but I completely agree with this post. I think it’s incredible you decided to make the decision to speak up for other people – I know many people who wouldn’t do that. Lovely post. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you SO much, Paige! πŸ™‚ Honestly, I just want help people because they deserve to have a good education and a good life.

  6. Hey! I think it’s great you want to help – you will make such a positive difference! Well done for taking the opportunity and I know you’ll do a good job xxx

  7. I KNOW you will do something about this. This trait of yours which just sets you apart from everyone else is that you can never see anyone else in pain. And truly, I believe in you.

  8. I’m very proud of you. You’d be great at speaking to schools about what they can do to support their VI students. I think that there are far too many people doing this job who are sighted parents, and although they know more than most, they don’t know as much as us, because they’ve never had to do it. Good Luck XXX

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