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Hello! I’m Jerrod Lopez. You can call me Jerrod. Some of you may know me, most of you don’t. I’m a teenage blogger from itsJerrod. I consider myself as an ice cream addict and nerd. I am a book lover and I always crave from brownies! πŸ™‚

The Amazing Elm, the owner of this amazing blog, is so kind to let me guest post here. So here we go!


“Be yourself because an original copy is worth more than a copy”

I found that quote when I was finding some inspirational quotes to be a wallpaper for my computer. Reading those lines always hit me, that’s why I can still remember it. Why does it hit me? Let’s go through a memory lane.

Being a transfer from a school you didn’t know was hard. What’s harder is that you don’t even know who are the people surrounding you and what kind of people they are. That’s my situation when I was a 1st grader in a new school my Mom enrolled me into.

As a kid, I was suppose to be having fun, playing in the playgrounds, climbing and hanging into the monkey bars and riding into swings, but that wasn’t my experience. Some of my classmates always tease me, calling me horrible names. But that stopped, actually. And those classmates who called me some horrible names are my friends.

1st grades up to 4th grade was an piece of a cake. I was adjusting still but I’m getting used to it. Then, 5th grade started. I was friends with a lot of girl than the boys. I don’t even know why. Then one of my classmate started judging me as… gay and no, I wasn’t. I was being friendly because the girls in our school was few.

That continued and continued and continued and continued and continued the whole 5th grade. He influenced some boys thinking that I was gay. Some of the boys are still friendly to me but I can feel that in their minds, they’re actually questioning me if I was gay or not.

And yes, that’s hard. Everyday, I’m going to enter that classroom, some staring at me and judging me. Everyday, I’m going to recite and all of them are staring at me, thinking that I was gay instead of listening to my recitation.

From the experiences I had, i was hesitant in entering a new school and high school. I don’t want them to think I’m gay because a) I am not and b) I don’t want to experience the whole thing again.

So, yes, I tried to become a whole new person but WAIT- note that word there: tried.

I realize that no matter who I am and what I am, people are still going to judge me and that’s not even bad that people is judging me because we can’t blame that. People are not perfect.

Also, I realize that I was just betraying myself and betraying other people and making myself and them a fool.

Few of them, up to now, still thinks I’m gay but i wasn’t letting them win because I know what’s true.

So, why being you is important? Because no matter who you are, people are still going to judge you so why not be yourself. Also, remember that being you makes you unique and different.

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25 thoughts on “Guest Post – Be YOU

  1. One of my guy friends had comments towards him saying that he was gay because he dances and hangs around more girls than boys. But now, he is in a dance school and everyone wants to be the person who knew him, so typical.

  2. I have thought about going to a new school and starting over so many times… but I see now that that will not work because I can not change myself…πŸ˜„

    • No, that’s not the point clearly. I just thought that maybe changing myself when I enter that new school I’m at now will stop those people from judging me. But you don’t need to change yourself just to feel you belong in that society or because you don’t want to be judged but here’s what I would say: people will appreciate you more if you’re “you’. I hope you get the point now! πŸ™‚

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