Guest Post – Let’s Talk about Body Confidence

Hello everyone, today I thought I would talk about that scary topic of body confidence. If you would like to check out my blog Emily Clare Beauty then click the link here. I post every day relating around beauty, fashion and lifestyle!

 Body confidence is one of those type of blogs which can take a lot to put down in words as it is such a big and rather scary issue to talk publicly about, and quite often the topic is avoided because people don’t know what to write about.

I struggle with body confidence and the way my body looks. I am know this however I still don’t like the way I look when in actual facts, the people who tell my the way I look is fine, I know I am right. A lot of other people also struggle with body confident issues, in fact nearly all people do, not matter what size they are or no matter what gender they are.

I struggle with how I think I am bigger than other girls and I don’t like wearing crop tops as I feel like people will judge me because of what size I am, or because my stomach is poking out, or because I am not the size 0 model which would normally portray a crop top on online shopping websites.

But that, I think, is the problem. The media, and shopping websites (not all but quite a few) convey the idea that the perfect size is to be skinny, with a slim waist but a full set of boobs and a nicely rounded bum. Do you agree? We are so used to seeing photo shopped photos on magazine covers and thinking to ourselves that we need to look a certain way, that we need to dress or style our clothes and hair a certain way, that it is effecting society in a negative way. Especially young, teenage girls like myself (or boys) read these magazines that are highlighted with many diet plans, and then believe that they need to harm themselves to look like a certain way. Don’t you agree that this is unacceptable?!

But what is there to do about it? One answer: Believe in yourself.

Yes this is going to be a cheesy and cliche paragraph but it is true. The way of conquering this and getting over body confidence is to ignore the comments and photos thrown out in the open by society and to just look at your self and repeat ‘I love the way I look’. And you should love the way you look! You aren’t given your body for any old reason, and you should love everything about it, whether its flaws or perfections; because in actual fact we are all the same, whether we are just teenagers admiring role models, or supermodels walking down the runway thinking the same thing.

So I challenge you to that every time you look in the mirror, tell yourself out loud ‘I love the way I look’ or give yourself a compliment like ‘I am loving my hair today’ and trust me you will see a positive difference in the way you look at yourself.

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Emily Clare x



10 thoughts on “Guest Post – Let’s Talk about Body Confidence

  1. Love this! My friends are really judging whenever someone wears a shirt that shows a bit more clevage (is that how you spell it lol?) or whenever someone wears a crop top, they judge them. Personally, I think you should wear whatever you want. 🙂

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