Your voice

I’d like to hear your voice just one more time, if you don’t mind.

Revel in the dulcet tones that danced out of your

Mouth and shambled away; kind words that, although well meaning, were not which you envisioned.


The silence hurts less when the ghosts run past on the wind

Whispers in the trees that almost convince me you’re there.

I am like a Synesthete; your voice the colours that painted the world-

Without you it lives in monochrome, but I suppose that


there’s a beauty in that; the splashes of colour on a dull canvas when I remember you.

I don’t care if this is selfish (or, rather, I do but not enough) but I want you back.

Or, just your voice if you don’t want to show your face

Because I know that you weren’t fond of that, and I never could show you your beauty.


I’d like to hear your voice just one more time, if you don’t mind.

My name’s Odd. Some of you may know that I have some experience with death, disappearance, that kind of thing… The loss of a friend always hurts.

I wish I had some kind of comforting message, but I suppose sometimes that isn’t possible. I’m sorry I can’t be a savior to everyone.

Thank you for having me.

10 thoughts on “Your voice

  1. I think to myself, what would happen if one day, I just disappeared? Would my friends care? Would my loved ones care?
    I then say, “they probably care more about a garbage can than me.”
    But my heart knows it isn’t true. And I have a feeling that it is.

    • It’s never true, I can promise you. Even if it might not be possible to believe at that moment, it will be in a few minutes, hours… You just have to wait for the sun to rise again.

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