Little Piece of Their Heart

This post was inspired by a wonderful post by a blogger called Sophie, which you can read here. I’m going to write about what she wrote about, but in my own way, I suppose.

When someone tells me something – something personal, or sensitive, I store it away in my heart. I take it and hold it close, not sharing it if I truly care about them because they trusted me. Perhaps I’m not trustworthy, but when something matters, I keep it.

There are some beautiful, brave people in this world who I would have never discovered if they hadn’t told me things. Because of that, I know what trust feels like – to be trusted, and to trust. It’s a funny word, that; laden with so much meaning but thrown away so easily. In itself, it’s always meant a lot to me, because it’s the one thing I can keep and that I can solidly say is something I am. Trusted.

When someone tells you something, to me, it means the world. I know just that little bit more about them, something that adds up to a part of their personality. I ask myself, “How important is this?” Even so, I don’t tell when I promise them I won’t, unless something awful happens regarding it or I hate them so much that keeping that secret, or trust, will hurt me in the long run. That’s a terrible way of doing things, but I know that for the huge things, I’m reliable.

Sophie said that once you understand someone, they have a funny way of making it into your heart. That’s the thing, for me, that really struck home, because she’s incredibly right. Now I think on it, all the things people have told me – little or serious – have helped me to understand them. From then on, I know what shapes their personality. That might sound strange, but by understanding them, they’ve taken a tiny piece of my heart without knowing and imbued it with what they’ve gone through.

Whenever I’m trusted, it means that little bit more to me, which is why I get so incredibly upset when people break my trust – or even when I break other people’s. It feels like a betrayal, because I understand them and they understand me (trust goes both ways, after all).

A specific example? There is something I know about Ash, something that breaks my heart whenever I think about it. Despite hating him for so many things, and having a year of stored up hurt, I still can’t hate him fully, because I understand a little of why he does things. It doesn’t excuse anything at all and is only a root cause for other things, and it seems detrimental for me to think about it, but still: he trusted me. To break that trust, especially now, would be vindictive, even though he wouldn’t give a royal shit. I know I harp on about it a lot, but through him, I knew what it was to understand people and it’s helped me to form the most unlikely friendships. I don’t regret that.

Even when I hate people, I can understand them. Through them sharing something from their life, they open up their heart and if I’m there, I would never abuse that because that would be more than cruel.

I’m not a saint; I’m far from it. I’ve done shitty things to shitty people, and I know it. But at least I have something to hold onto.

I have the capacity to understand people, and it’s one of the only things I truly like about myself. Sometimes I get emotional, especially when my friends – or someone I hadn’t considered a friend – tell me something which means a lot to them, or something that they’ve kept inside.

They might not like me, but at least I can say that I hold – and don’t throw away – a little piece of their heart.

That’s just a thought process for you. I wonder – do you feel the same? When you find something out about someone, does it help you understand them more?

Also, if you haven’t checked out Sophie’s blog already, you really should – I found her today and she’s great!

From Elm πŸ™‚

19 thoughts on “Little Piece of Their Heart

  1. I can relate to this a lot. When someone tells me something personal, it’s a sign of trust and that really brings us closer together. Because when you think about it, everybody’s been through hardship and everybody has a story… them sharing it with you means a great deal. I loved your post xx

  2. This post is so beautiful πŸ™‚
    It makes me feel so nice and warm and fuzzy inside when someone thinks of telling me something cause I’m trustworthy. And this post sums up all those feelings, thank youu for that Elm πŸ™‚

  3. Oh man this post was so beautiful; hit me right in the feels :S.
    I think that whenever someone tells me something really personal, I just feel really close to them (if only for a moment) because they think i’m worthy of holding on to their “piece of heart”, as you so beautifully said. And I can understand them.
    When I tell someone something personal, I feel as if my burden (if it’s a big secret) has been lifted, per se, and I feel so much freer. Also, the person who I told the secret/whatever to, like, trusts me more because secrets don’t come off of me easily as I’m very guarded and private.

  4. Hi I came across your post Whilst, I was searching for new people to follow, I am new to his blogging thing.
    What an inspirational post, it is so meaningful and true, I think about it a lot, especially because when you dorm with somebody, you end up sharing a lot with them and it is sometimes easy to forget this. Love it 😊

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