More Relieved than Not

11 exams down, 12 to go!!!

I just finished my English Lit exam, meaning that I’M DONE WITH EXAMS FOR A WEEK. All I have to do is do a revision session for history, and then I can go home and half-celebrate.

I’m probably going to do an exam breakdown tomorrow (why the hell am I scheduling stuff AHHH!) and I’ll relax. If you guys want, I can make another voice recording, just chatting? I’ll mke myself feel better a little.

As I promised myself a week ago, I need to let my emotions out. I need to be able to feel really sad about the breakup, and that’s okay, but not right now. I need to numb it until the revision session is done, because if I break now I won’t be able to pick myself up, and I’ll have to hide that I’m not okay. At home, my dad understands, so I don’t have to pretend that everything’s great.

Over the half term, I’m actually going to give myself time to breathe. That’s important. I’ll meet up with friends and blog and revise and it’ll be okay. All I need to do is get through today.

Later, I’m going to post. It’ll be my thoughts, totally unfiltered, because I need to do it. Remember – if you feel like that, make sure you talk about it. Make sure you let yourself WRITE IT OUT, because no one’s judging you. We all need to scream once in a while.

So yeah, this is a warning. I’m gonna let out about a week of pain on here, because I want to, because I can. God knows how it’ll turn out, but I have to remind myself that I CAN help people, I love helping people, but I do need to help myself.

From Elm πŸ™‚

32 thoughts on “More Relieved than Not

      • It was a relief following the first lit exam (I made a mess of that!), and likewise, I loved the unseen – I drew hearts round Wilfred Owen’s name because I was so happy! How was it for you?

  1. Let your feelings out-it’s better out than in. And you already know very well that we would NEVER judge you on anything you say here.
    You can make a voice recording, or write a post whatever you want-just talk it all out πŸ™‚

  2. Elm, best of luck in your exams! I agree with @selfie..yes, let out your feelings don’t bottle them up or else they turn sour then staining your life with sourness/bitterness… free as a bird dear.. No one will judge. But if anyone decides to, imma deal with them for you..remember I got you elm…so let loose with words and I will be here to read it.

  3. Me too! Well, I have more exams left but I guess that’s my fault for doing further maths. I need to catch up on history revision over half term because I haven’t done much so far (a friend got me into Dan & Phil and I may have been watching more videos than I have time for…)

    • It’s a GOOD thing! πŸ˜€ Dan and Phil are my life I swear. And you’re INSANE for doing further maths haha! Good luck with the history – is your exam on the 6th?

      • Unit 1 on the 6th & Unit 2 on the 14th. I don’t mind further maths really but it’s a little annoying that the exams for it are the week after everyone else has finished. Good luck with all of your exams too πŸ’•

  4. I’ve finished my English Lit too!! best feeling ever. I have 14 more exams to go (sucks to do further maths!). Hope you have a great half term but if you’re like me then i will just be trying to revise all week long. xx

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