I Have a Slight… Problem?

This is about the only time I’ll say it plainly, but I NEED your advice on something. Hmm, it’ll take explaining. Kinda.

If this thing actually works, then the featured image (or just the image I think) is my prom dress. I have literally NEVER put an image in my blog, so if something goes wrong, please tell me because I will have NO idea. For anyone who doesn’t know, I’m blind so the whole seeing thing’s a bit bad.

My prom’s on 29 June. For me, it’s really important – it’s the one thing where I’ll TRULY care about my appearance, one time I’ll put a supreme amount of effort into making myself look good, and feel happy. If you know me, you know that I usually don’t mind so much how I look, but Prom will be the one exception.

Except BECAUSE I’m me, I’m in a bit of a quandary (I LOVE that word). So, I’ve got a few situations that I’m shrieking over.

My shoes. Okay, I’m 5 ft 1 and I WILL NOT BE THAT SHORT AT PROM ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So, do I go with heels or flats, and WHERE the hell do I get that from? (I live in England). It’s just so frustrating because I’m scared I’ll run out of time or get ones that don’t match my dress (even though I’ll go shopping with a friend or family member). AND ALSO, I’m shoe size 3 HAHAHAHAAAAAAA. Yeah.

The dress: I NEED it adjusted (it’s too long because it has to be floor-length). That comes with the shoes, and by the time I’ve got the shoes, will it be too late? AARGHH!!! Hopefully it’s come out right on the photo but as you can see, I’d need to get it adjusted and I’m terrified that they wouldn’t do a good job on it.

The main thing is hair and makeup. I have no idea if I should get it professionally done, because to be quite honest, I don’t trust any of my family to do it right. I can’t do it myself because I’d make myself look like a walrus on steroids, so there you go.

Hair, too: if I DO get it professionally done, I’m not sure what accessories would go with my hair. I’m not sure WHY I’m stressing about it so much; I just WANT to look good for once in my life. You know when something’s so important to you?

I won’t be able to tell if I look okay, so I have to rely on people to tell me. That’s why I don’t really trust family to do my hair and makeup, because I know they’d sugarcoat how I look. I’m not even sure WHAT I’d look good in to be honest and I hate feeling insecure.

I want to feel beautiful. That’s so unlike me – but is it? We all want to feel attractive, right? That’s okay. I’m okay for wanting people to look at me and go, maybe just for one night, “That girl looks nice.”

What do you guys think? I’m running round in circles, thinking about this, plus exams, plus EVERYTHING else. I know I haven’t put a picture of my face. on here, but does anyone have any advice/is ALSO panicking about prom?

From Elm πŸ™‚

100 thoughts on “I Have a Slight… Problem?

  1. Oh meh gosh. I am SO freaking excited for you XD I don’t really have prom probz myself, but I go to dances pretty frequently and always love that feeling of being beautiful. I have NO doubt you will shine no matter who does your makeup, and I can’t wait to hear how it goes πŸ˜‰

  2. Your dress is gorgeous! I’d advise going with a pair of black heels that aren’t majorly high, that way you can use them again πŸ™‚ You get pretty nice ones in New Look but you could go more expensive if you wanted. For hair it depends on the length really and whether you want it up or down, and also are there any girls at school you can ask to do your makeup? If not then I’m sure there are beauticians at your local hairdressers etc. who could do your hair and makeup! The most important part is enjoy yourself obviously but I completely understand you wanting to look good, have fun! ❀

    • You are a BLOODY GENIUS! Black heels – yeah, that sounds good. I might either ask someone to do it, or maybe a beautician yep. Thanks so much for the help!

  3. Okay this is the third time I have tried to write this because the internet keeps crashing! I’m just going to copy and paste from a word document!

    So I have never been to a prom, so I am likely the least qualified person to ask… here’s my unqualified advice!
    First question to you is, how much time do you have?
    Shoes: Flat or Heels? I’d think heels just because I think they would look a bit more elegant… Then again flats often don’t hurt as much due to the material they’re made from… Pick a shoe that you are not only comfortable with, but keep the receipt. Test the shoes out for a day and see how they fit, how comfortable they are… that sorta thing… Perhaps look in a couple Op shops with some friends. If you are like my mum and hate the idea of buying something that is meant to be elegant there, then don’t be! You can really find some gems there and at cheap prices.
    Dress: That dress is so nice!  Just a tip would be to make sure the length of the skirt section isn’t the only part that is proportionate to you… You don’t want to be getting ready to go and then realize that your dress doesn’t fit! Get it professionally done up, maybe even with you going to get measured! They are experts, they know what they’re doing!
    Hair: Go to a salon/hair dresser and get it done… I don’t know your current style or colour so this might be hard for me to know what works best with your face shape ect, but I’d think wavy curly would work best. Something that doesn’t necessarily need a hair piece in case you can’t find one!
    Make up: Are there any friends who can do it? If not, maybe go to a salon instead of a hair dresser, where they can also manage your make up! 
    My pro tips? I have none haha. Just get some friends advice and then see what they suggest! (Some friends that know you IRL would be preferred!)
    Also please don’t worry if something goes wrong! Feel comfortable and assured and don’t be scared… It’s for fun after all!

    • JAMES (still referring to you as that on here) YOU UTTER GENIUS!!!! You say your advice isn’t good? RUBBISH. I need all the help I can get, and this is certainly fantastic.
      I think wavy would be good, for me πŸ™‚ THANK YOU! Seriously, I can’t thank you enough.

      • No problem haha, but yeah please get a second opinion otherwise you might get surprised if you use my advice!

  4. Firstly, love the dress! Secondly chill!! I’m 20, had two proms (although I missed my year 11 prom, so was only there for my sixth form one!) Now, definitely heels girl! Go all out, it’s your prom and it’s your time to look amazing! But saying this, you have to be comfortable! So whatever you feel most you in!

    Now with the dress, make sure if you go for heels that the length works with the size of the heels!

    Hair, I got my hair done professionally, not only because I’m terrible at hair but also its nice to feel pampered!! And plus, most hairdressers know what will look amazing with your dress!

    Makeup: if you have a friend that’s wicked at makeup ask them! If not plenty of beauty stores offer prom makeup services!

    And finally just have fun! You’re only going to have one year 11 prom! Make the most of it, and have fun! This is one time thing, so make sure you feel comfortable, and that you’re completely feeling everything you’re wearing and just go for it! Hope this helps!

    Lyd xo

    • Hey Lyd,
      Thank you! It’s so mice to know that you’ve experienced this too (especiy because you ALSO live in the UK) and so you know what’s expected. Your advice is seriously so helpful to me; I’m definitely going with heels.

  5. Firstly, chill! Secondly, everything will be fine, you’re supposed to enjoy prom!
    I’m 20, and I’ve had 2 proms, but I only actually ended up attending my sixth form prom due to being away for my year 11 prom!

    Shoes: heels all the way girl! Heels look a lot more elegant, and I find you just feel a lot more feminine in heels! However, saying this, you do need to feel comfortable! So if you can’t find heels you feel comfortable in, there are some amazing flats available in places like New Look, River Island and online at missguided.co.uk and publicdesire.com – incidentally they all do amazing heels also!

    Dress: firstly the dress is gorgeous! Secondly, if you are wanting to get heels, get heels that suit the length of the dress, i.e don’t leave the dress on the floor or above your ankles! If you have to have adjustments done, get a rough idea of how long it’ll sit on you after the adjustments and go from there, then at least you’re not waiting around for the adjustments to be done before you can buy shoes!

    Makeup: if you have any friends or family who are talented at makeup, ask them! If not, the majority of beauty stores such as MAC & Benefit do offer prom makeup services! I also think high-street makeup stores like Boots offer prom makeup services, but don’t quote me on that!

    Hair: I got my hair done professionally, not only because I’m terrible at hair, but also because hairdressers can tell you what will look good with your dress!

    Lastly, you’re allowed to feel beautiful, it’s your prom!! You’re allowed to want to feel beautiful all the time! I wanted people to look at me and think “wow” and that’s more than okay!

    Also, exams, don’t stress yourself out too much! And don’t get too stressed about prom either, it’s supposed to be a fun and exciting experience for you!

    I hope this helps you!

    Lyd xo

  6. I think you’ve got some great advice from other bloggers 😊 just wanted to add the colour of your dress is gorgeous and make sure your shoes are comfy – nothing worse than achy feet with all that dancing 😊 have a fabulous night x

  7. Your dress is really nice! For your shoes, I’d recommend anything comfortable. You don’t have to wear heels, in my opinion I’d rather wear flats. But if you’re only 5ft 1, I think you should probably wear some heels just in case if you don’t accidentally trip over your long dress. I’m not sure for your hair and makeup since I normally just ask my sister or my mom to do it, but maybe you can just go to a hair salon or watch a few tutorials on YouTube. It’s okay if something goes wrong, it’s only prom, not the end of the world. I hope you have fun!

  8. Okay this is going to be long. Just a warning. I’ve been through prom already, so I know exactly what you mean by everything.

    The dress is BEAUTIFUL. First I would say figure out what shoes you want. I’m also 5 foot 1 and I picked out a pair of strappy heels. The problem I ran into was that they were SO uncomfortable. I don’t know the rules there, but after the grand march (if you guys have one of those), all of us took our shoes off anyway. So it really didn’t matter too much what shoes we wore, just if we wanted them with pictures. But I had a short dress, too. So if your dress is long, nobody may not even pay attention to your shoes. But do figure out that before you get your dress altered.

    Now for the makeup, it’s hard to tell you to go for professional makeup. Chances are, you’ll sweat it off later or accidentally rub it and not realize. I would say, try to go ahead and let a good friend or family do it. I don’t think they would do it horrible, at least I would hope not!

    I did, however, get my hair professionally done. Hair doesn’t usually turn horrible throughout the night. But it depends on how you want your hair, too.

    It’s hard to decide on everything, I know. It’s a special night. I thought I’d hate it, but I ended up loving it. And I know you will. The biggest advice I have? Take your time and talk to one of your friends in real life to help you as much as they can. I know they will make you look wonderful. πŸ™‚

    • Oh Arielle, you are so helpful seriously πŸ™‚ Yeah, I’m struggling over whether to get the makeup. professionally done… Ahh, I’ll figure it out! πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for everything; you’re just so GOOD at this!
      OHMYGOD YES I’ve found someone my height!

  9. My advice as a lowly two time ball/prom goer: Definitely wear heels! (unless you have murderous thoughts when you put them on), you can always get those little squishy inserts if you are worried about the pain. The dress is stunning! I also agree with getting it taken up when you have the heels.. As for hair and makeup, I would get it professionally done (unless you trust your friends explicitly). I feel like getting your hair and makeup done just really makes the night special, especially if you haven’t ever gotten it done before. For accessories in your hair, they arent really necessary as your dress is so pretty but if you want them then go for it. And lets face it, Proms are all about feeling pretty, and if you feel pretty you automatically look stunning.

    • That last sentence is the one I’m going to hold on to because it MAKES me feel beautiful πŸ™‚ Thank you so much. Yeah, I’m really leaning towards professionally done hair/makeup now. And heels.

  10. Ok, so the dress is beautiful! Yes to professional hair and make up…and don’t worry so much about the shoes…so long as the dress covers them πŸ˜‰ Just remember to have fun!

  11. Elm!! I am so excited for you!!! Prom is an exciting night! πŸ˜€ I never went to mine. I hope you have the best time with your friends! Your dress is very beautiful! I bet you will be one of the prettiest girls there!! πŸ˜€ Love the color – a deep burgundy, and some lace…very classy, Elm! Shoes – I would suggest going with something that you are comfortable with. You are going to be on your feet all night, dancing. Do you usually wear heels? If not, then I would probably opt for flats. You can always get a cute pair that are a little more dressy. A man will think you are gorgeous even if you do not wear heels. Makeup – I know many girls get their makeup done professionally, but you are in high school…you are STILL a kid. You want people to still recognize Elm, right? I would entrust a family member or friend to do your makeup…they always have the best advice, and I know they wouldn’t let you leave the house looking like a clown! Do some trials beforehand and then make your decision. I did my sisters makeup and then did makeup for events such as prom throughout college. Remember – less is more!! Makeup is to be used to highlight your natural beauty! A man will also think you are beautiful if he can’t even tell you wearing any makeup! As for the hair – I think I would go to the hair salon. Definitely experiment with up and down hairstyles. Again, you want to be comfortable, not touching your hair the entire evening. Personally, I think half up half down is always nice. It is also important to think about your hair type too…is it short, long, straight, curly, etc. oh, and a man probably won’t care too much about your hair – the real ones care more about what is in your head than what is on it.

    Sorry for the long comment, Elm. You asked for advice though, and I figured since I lived through prom already and helped a number of people prepare for the big night – I figured I’d offer some assistance. πŸ˜€ You are going to be beautiful, I know!! Be confident – you are a lovely person, with such a big ❀️!! 😊 I hope this helped you! Can’t wait to hear about how prom goes!!

    -thebrunetteinthepinkscarf πŸ’•

    • It REALLY did help me! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for all this advice; I NEEDED it! AHHH, there are so many choices; I’ll just have to sort through them all.

      • I am so glad it helped, Elm! Good luck with your decision! πŸ˜€ can’t wait to see the outcome!! You are so very welcome! Hope you enjoy the weekend! 😊

  12. I’ve never been in a prom and I don’t know freaking fashion stuffs but here’s an advice: About the hair, maybe get it professionally done, the make-up I think should compliment the color of the dress, the shoes should be comfortable but maybe heels is good. That’s all! GOOD LUCK ON THE PROM ELM!

  13. You are so adorable, don’t stress too much. I just had my senior prom last Friday. I live in the US so I’m gonna give you some advice I’m not sure applies to you, but hey, I’m trying. So for your hair and makeup, GO AND GET IT DONE go to the mall and get an appointment. It might be a lil pricy (especially the make up…). But trust me it is so worth it!!

  14. First off, I’m super excited for you!

    As for shoes, if you’re comfortable walking in heels, I’d say to where them. Get the dress adjusted ASAP.
    If you can afford to get your hair and makeup professionally done, why not? It’s prom and you should take time to make yourself feel good. It’s great that you want to look good for your prom and you should do all you can to feel amazing.
    Hope all goes well!
    -Dani πŸ™‚ ❀

  15. My fashion advice probably sucks haha, but oh well.
    SO, I would say, wear black heels. I’m tall so I’ve barely worn heels and if I wear even the slightest bit of a heel, I tower over all the kids AND IT’S NOT FUN, OKAY?
    But yeah, if you’re not very comfortable in the heels, i would suggest carrying an extra pair of flats so that if your feet start hurting, you can make a change πŸ™‚
    and as far as makeup goes, I would say, keep it simple. Dressy, but simple. I can totally get what you mean by not trusting your face to your family members XD so, why not get your makeup and hair done professionally? It’s only one day, it’s no big deal. And it’s a special day, so go ahead and have fun with it!
    PS: Your dress is amazingggg

    • YESSSS SELFIEEEE thank you!!! πŸ™‚ You absolute genius, you! πŸ™‚ Yeah, other people have said black heels are good πŸ™‚

  16. Well I suck at dressing fancy and I don’t wear makeup so I have no advice here, sorry Elm. But your dress is absolutely beautiful and I’m sure you will be too πŸ™‚

  17. I would say, shoewise, wear high heels but maybe you could take some flats with you, because I swear this happened to me every time I had this kind of event, your feet will start killing you after like 1 hour. You can get shoes at Forever21 or H&M! I love your dress by the way! And for makeup and hair, maybe you could ask someone to do it? Like a friend, or a friend’s sister or something like that? (:

  18. I love that dress! Well I can’t suggest anything as I don’t live in the UK but lemme say, cool down. You’ll find good shoes and adjust your dress in time. Hope you have an amazing prom! xx

  19. Ahh your dress is beautiful! Shoes, clutch (if you’re having one) and accessories-wise, I’d go for rose gold/gold/bronze, because that would give a really pretty contrast with the burgundy-red, and would also bring out any goldy tones in your hair. Heels or not are a matter of personal choice, because my dress looks really weird without them, so I’m wearing them even though I’m likely to trip… Have a look at Debenhams, Office and TK Maxx for shoes and accessories – that’s where I looked, and the prices are decent (Office can get expensive though). I hope you have a fabulous time at prom! x

  20. Prom! That’s so exciting! I can’t suggest where to get things as I don’t live in the UK but I think you should go for a pair of black wedge heels! Wedges are extremely comfortable in my opinion. πŸ™‚ Have fun!

  21. Firstly your dress is absolutely beautiful. As for finding somewhere to get it tailored, try and find a small haberdashery shop, the people who usually work there are very skilled and can do it quickly, if not dry cleaners or elderly relatives? As for shoes, go with flats! At my prom anyone in heels had taken them off by the end of the night. You can get some lovely flats from New Look, TK Maxx or House of Fraser. With your hair, I would recommend getting it done professionally, might as well go all out for one of the best nights of your life. Try and book two appointments, one a few days before to remove split ends and try out different styles until you find the right one, so you don’t have to worry on the day of your prom. Depending on what style you chose you may not need a hair accessory, but I personally think something simple and silver would look lovely such as a little silver floral headpiece with fake gems on it. Its probably best to leave your makeup up to the females in your family as they will have a better understanding of what suits you, and you can redo it as many times as you want to get right. Also you could ask your mum to get a nail polish that matches the colour of your dress to really complete the whole look. You are going to look so beautiful at prom Elm! Everyone is going to go with you. Have a great time and don’t stress out so much, just enjoy it!

    • Thank you so so much, Ocean! πŸ™‚ There are just so many choices!
      I think I might buy BOTH heels and flats. Hair is DEFINITELY getting professionally done, still wondering about makeup though argh (don’t know if I trust the family enough you know?)

  22. *Takes you by the shoulders and shakes you* The dress is hot, okay you’ll be fine, if you don’t trust your family, great, get someone professional in, okay, they will do a good job, don’t worry! Your hair too, get a friend you trust to go shopping with you for accessories and shoes, even if it’s all a shambles, the most important thing is to have fun, you’re beautiful anyways ❀

  23. Elm- the dress is so beautiful! Due to its wine/burgundy colour, you can either go with silver or gold accessories! When you’ve decided which one you want, then you can get the shoes of the same colour! Personally, due to being so tall I don’t think I will wear heels to prom, but wear what YOU feel comfortable and good in! I love to get shoes from Primark and New Look as there is such a large selection and they are relatively cheap too. With your hair, you could have some pins of the same colour as your shoes and accessories. You could even buy some hair pieces as you can get little leaves pins or butterflies- IMAGINE IF YOU HAD ELM LEAVES HAHA! Paint your nails either the same colour as your dress or the same colour as your accessories. I do recommend getting your hair done professionally as I feel as though it makes it more special and prom is a worthy occasion! I know you are going to look stunning Elm! Just make sure you have fun! x

      • Ah thank you Elm- I’m sure they will suit you amazingly! I hope you have a fantastic night at prom- I hope you let us all know how it goes! πŸ™‚

  24. Ok. I had an event the other day ( not as big as prom) and I see exactly where you are coming from. It wasn’t like I wanted to look amazing, I did. But I felt like I needed to look amazing. And that stressed me out. The truth is, when wanting to feel beautiful you have to first of all realise you already are. Your dress is gorgeous, like amazing. But you have to do what is going to make you feel comfortable and happy. Because you want to feel as beautiful as you are. If getting hair and makeup fine makes you feel happy, do it. Do what makes you feel confident. Because its your prom. As with shoes, once again go with what makes you feel confident. Maybe go with wedges. So then you are taller but they are not as scary as other heels. Whatever you wear and decide I am sure you will look fantastic. Remember to have fun and not stress. You are already gorgeous, and you shouldn’t have to prove that to anybody. Including yourself. Have fun, that is what makes the night worth it ❀❀❀❀

  25. I`m having my graduation this year, so I`m doing almost all of the same things. I need to buy shoes, get my hair beautifully and perhaps wear some lipstick. I think some high sandals are the best as heels usually make you tired unless you can buy some really good heels over there. I`d also advice you to get your hair done by someone professional. It`ll make you feel like a little princess, which you deserve to feel like on your prom! You could also get your make-up done by someone at the same place or at a studio. It depends on you. Have fuuuuuun and rock the prom! πŸ˜€

  26. πŸ˜‘ I typed out a long comment with advice for everything and then my wifi went off. The main points were something like this – heels, as long as they’re comfortable (although you might need to practise walking in them beforehand), gold/silver for shoes and accessories, I also need to sort out my hair and makeup, your dress is beautiful and you’ll look amazing, and most importantly, just have fun. What you’re wearing seems important but it’s what you do and experience that you’ll remember. I hope you have fun and everything goes well!

  27. I personally think there’s no problem of wanting to feel beautiful from time to time! We all need to pamper up at some point and it’s totally okay! Even if it’s not usually you. The dress is gorgeous you don’t even have to worry about it! About your hair, I’d advice to let it down and curl it at the ends, if you don’t trust your friends or family much with doing you hair, you can go at a hair salon to do it for you! Anyways, that’s if you want to do that, after all it’s your prom and your choice! You’re going to rock it anyways πŸ™‚ xx – P.S I’m a new blogger so I just started reading your blog! πŸ™‚

  28. OMG YOU ARE SHORT TOO!! I’m 156 cm (about 5 foot 1) and I know how it feels to be the tiny one, trust me! ELM YOUR DRESS LOOKS BEAUTIFUL. I’d definitely go for black shoes and if you do choose to wear heals, wear ones that are not too high cause otherwise you’ll be walking without your shoes pretty soon (I know that from experienceπŸ˜‚). Other than that I think it might be a good idea to have your make up done professionally, just because not many people know well how to apply make up (skin type, etc, etc. is something many people ignore while doing their make up and pro’s know how to do that ish). Anyways, I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time at your prom and you’ll look as beautiful as ever!!

  29. The dress is gorgeous! Red with black heels, as someone suggested is a wonderful choice. You can never go wrong with red and black. πŸ™‚ And nope. India doesn’t have proms. But we have these farewell thingies which we throw for our seniors, and then the juniors do it for us – guess it could be similar? As for hair and makeup, professional is always the best. I do it, too! But the most important things is to let go, have fun and smile a lot. Love ya. Have a great time! ❀️❀️

  30. OMG! WHat are you worrying about?? You tell others to believe in themselves and btw it consists of your beauty too!! That dress is just FINE! Okay! My friend! I’ve worn the most hideous dresses you must have ever seen and yet somehow I managed to look fine! And you?? You have such a beautiful dress and you’re doubting it! Shame on you 8*sticks her tongue out* It doesn’t matter if you’re 5’1 or 6’1 okay! Just believe in ur self and everything will be just fine! I wanna look at you in that HAWT dress ^_^ *wink* πŸ™‚

  31. I don’t get a ball until Year 13 so I’m stumped but I am an advocate for heels so…! That being said always carry flats. I do that. When I wear heeled boots to school (no more uniform for me now that I’m on study leave) I always keep flats in my bag to make running for the bus a bit easier. πŸ™‚
    The colour of the dress is divine. I adore dark shades.

  32. WHOA. Beautiful dress!!! And size three? Wow! Also… I got out of school on May 19th? So that’s totally crazy? But anyhoo, I know that the most important thing to looking beautiful is to feel beautiful. When I think I look terrible and am mad at myself, I probably do look terrible. But when I’m okay with myself just the way I am, I am free of my own judgement, and that is a huge weight off my shoulders. I may have no idea what you look like (at all), but I know that your heart is beautiful, and so if you believe it, you will be beautiful too.

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