At Least I Didn’t Laugh On My Own

I have this habit of being in a revision session for something I NEED to revise for, taking the piss and sobbing with laughter, but somehow still managing to take the information in and learn things.

Take today, for example. Willow and Wren turned up to the Physics session today and we all sat together. It’s the only session where I’ve full on burst out laughing without being terrified that I’d get killed by the teacher or fail my exam. To be fair, the teacher that took the session was a total legend, so that was brilliant.

Willow, Wren and I have a history of laughing way too much when we’re in a group. In year 8 – when Wren and I really became proper friends – we did science practicals together, and had a thing where we’d shout “5! 4! 3! ELEPHANT! 1!” when we needed to check times on a stopwatch, and nobody understood the inside joke or why we’d start screaming with laughter.

It was just little things that set me off into giggles. Wren decided it was a great idea to take the lids off six of her pens and put them in my lap, to which I cackled for a solid 2 minutes. Willow has hayfever, and whenever she sniffed I imitated her which made it so that I couldn’t breathe at one point.

There was a break in between two sessions and Willow and I walked out of school like total rebels, went to Sainsbury’s and bought some cookies. Along the way, I recounted a story where Wren, Red and I were in town, a massive lorrey blared it’s horn and Wren literally screamed, and I couldn’t speak or walk because I had tears running down my face because I was laughing too hard. When we went back to school, we sat on a bench and I updated her on the “sitch” – a word I am NEVER using again because I’m not cool – that’s going on at the moment with my “love life” which is a fucking joke.

Finally, in the last few minutes of the last session, our teacher started talking about spinning a conker round your head to demonstrate centripetal force. Me being me, I started to sing the Conkers song – you know that one you sang in primary school?

See, I would be embarrassed, but I don’t even care. The things Wren muttered throughout the session, which I misheard and then exclaimed “What the HELL did you just say?!” made all three of us interrupt the session because we were laughing. Other people wouldn’t understand HOW or WHY it was so funny, because it was literally just us three nudging each other and whispering nonsensical things that we then didn’t understand.

Ahhh, I love my friends so much. I NEEDED a few hours where I just laughed for no good reason. It took me back to the so-called “old days”, because Willow, Wren and I were just talking and sitting together and it was great.

Do you have friends like that, where you can just start howling with laughter and only you understand why?

I hope you like this post, even though I doubt it’ll make much sense. All I can say is disturbing that physics innuendos and pick-up lines should not be said whilst a teacher is talking.

From Elm πŸ™‚

29 thoughts on “At Least I Didn’t Laugh On My Own

  1. My best friend and I are exactly the same. We’ve been friends for 13 years and laugh all the time together and just have to look at each other and we will laugh! Laughing so much with your friends until your belly hurts is honestly the best feeling πŸ˜€

  2. I have a friend that I do this with. We do this thing where we make up random songs or we make different versions of song based on whatever we’re doin in class. Like one time in science, we were learning about the heart and I just said to my friend ‘who let the blood out? Pump, pump, pump, pump, pump!’ To the tune of ‘who let the dogs out?’ And we just craked up laughing in the middle of class with tears running down our face and everyone was just staring at us so confused. It was so funny and random

  3. YESSS I get what you’re saying… my friend and I have this recurring inside joke (“I feel like an acorn!”) and we look so crazy and no one gets it but us :). And NO ONE can add on to the acorn joke. NO. ONE. But the best part about the acorn joke is that it’s what we say to each other when one of us is feeling down, and it cheers us up :).

    • That’s honestly so so cute and it’s made my day! πŸ˜€ Willow and I have this thing where we used to say “four” to each other and then burst out laughing – I don’t understand it either hehe

  4. This post was so hilarious and it’s really awesome to have friends and moments like this πŸ™‚
    I have a class like this as well which has more girls than guys in it. One of the girls start laughing and then we all just start laughing one by one because we just find each others’ laugh so funny! Then the guys are just staring at us like we’re weird but we don’t really care xD

    • Ahhh that’s literally awesome πŸ˜€ I get that with my group of friends too. And YAY, so glad you liked the post!

  5. Nice post =)
    I wish i had more friends like that, since the big drama of february 2016, I’ve not really been able to trust the people around me as much. Blogging is literally the only thing keeping me sane =)

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