As Long as There Are People

I don’t want to write today. My heart’s heavy and I’m…

Angry. I’m furious. I’m heartbroken.

In case you didn’t know, in Nice, 84 people died yesterday whilst celebrating Bastille Day. That included children, and all kinds of people, none of whom deserved to die. A lorry crashed into the crowd, purposefully zigzagging to injure more people. As of now, we don’t know if the man was acting alone, or if he was acting with a terrorist organisation like ISIS.

I am disgusted. Over the last year, so many attacks have happened. Paris, Bagdad, Iraq, and so many more – everywhere it seems, and so many that people lose track. The death tolls just become numbers, but the horror still remains. 20 dead. 180 dead. 36 dead. Dead, dead, dead. People still care. Do they care? Dead.

It’s like a punch to the stomach, every time. Why would they do this? What have people done – nothing. They’ve done nothing to deserve to be caught in the crossfire of something that’s not their war, but that’s what war is now. Killing when you don’t expect it. Hiding behind guns, a wheel, a group that apparently fights for a religion when we know that terrorism has no religion.

Don’t blame Islam. I’ve already seen one person on my personal twitter write something so horrible, akin to “Islam isn’t a religion of peace”, “The left will try to defend Islam now” and my blood boiled. How dare you? How dare you say something like that, when it’s only a small percentage of Muslims who agree with this shit, and hardly any would agree to the innocent people being killed. In every religion, you get good and bad people so to say that many Muslims are in support of this makes me more disgusted than I can fathom. That just spreads the hate even more widely, and what the world and what the people who’s families have been torn apart need now is love.

Yes, I’m making little sense, but I don’t need to. It’s perfectly clear. Innocent lives were lost, and the blame should not be put on a religion. It should be put on the people who organised the killings.

I ask myself, will it ever stop? Because I’m scared. We have no idea of the thoughts and feelings of the people in Syria right now, who fear for their lives. We don’t know. They haven’t attacked the UK yet, and if they do, it’ll be when we least expect it. I wish it wasn’t so terrifying.

My head is clouded, and I can barely think. Attack after attack, bomb after bomb after gun after screams. It’s important to be real with you, not sugar-coat it, because to say it will all be fine is stupid. Listen, and take notice, because ignoring this is tantamount to pulling the wool over your eyes. There are families without a mother, daughter, son, father, granddaughter, sister, brother. That happens all the time, but when it’s closer to home, it hits you in the face. This is REAL.

As long as there are people on this Earth, this will always happen. People will always be killed, because of terrorism, murder, accidents, anything. People will always scream, “WHY?!” and no one can give an answer that’s right.

As long as people are here, though, someone will always fight it. Not me, maybe not you reading this, but someone. Through a haze of fear, that I’m trying to dissipate, we need to remember that not everything is hopeless. I haven’t been personally affected by a terrorist attack yet – no one I know has died – but there is always a possibility.

I may not be able to do anything. But I – we – can spread the word, that en ce moment nous sommes avec Nice, peut-être toujours.

We don’t have guns to fight with, we aren’t powerful and maybe no one will listen, but we still have our voices. Stand up against hate, intollerance, and maybe something will happen. It might not stop the attacks, but at least we can say that one less person’s heart is filled with loathing.

If you are personally affected by the tragedy, I am so sorry. Words are not enough, and I’m just one girl, but I want to reach out and help. Words can only do so much, but they’re all we have right now.

From Elm 🙂

70 thoughts on “As Long as There Are People

  1. I feel the same way especially towards the “Islamic terrorist” card. I’m not trying to sound like a butthurt Muslim, but there was an attack in Medina a holy place, days before Eid the holiest day, close to the place that’s considered God’s home. This literally proves that those terrorists do not support Islam appropriately. I live to spread love and happiness to myself and to others and these attacks are constant sucker punches because I feel as if I’m gonna be next and I wouldn’t have gotten my message across. As I’ve said thousands of times: SPREAD LOVE NOT WAR

    • PRECISELY! The fact that it was in the holy month of Ramadan just shows they don’t follow Islam, otherwise why would they do that? I heard about the attack near Medina (is that how you spell it, sorry!) and just felt sick. It’s disgusting. But we can spread the message of love.

      • I just feel like unbelievably powerless and as if all my kindness is being wasted

      • Thank you it means a lot to be assured that I’m actually making a difference and not wasting time

  2. Reblogged this on Fantasy Raconteur and commented:
    It’s heartbreaking. And it’s even scarier to think that there are the attacks that are broadcast worldwide, but really, violence is happening on a daily basis, everywhere, and people are constantly being killed.
    As long as there are people… please hope and fight for what is right.

  3. I’m really glad you understand about how much hatred Islam is getting , Muslims are bullied as terrorist because of the attack they are not even responsible for !! prayers matter .

  4. I completely agree, it’s so disappointing to see that in the world today, hate appears to be capable of overthrowing love. What a shame that humanity is a quality you cannot find in all humans.

  5. You know what I find really sad, this is headline news right now and I didn’t even know about it until you posted this. Stuff like this has become so ordinary that people here don’t even go crazy about it anymore.

  6. The only thing we can do is fight hate with love. My heart aches every time, I hear about innocents losing their lives. It’s like a reality check (in the worst way possible) to remind us that there are people so cruel. Wonderful post. I completely relate to this. :).

  7. Very, very well said. It is utterly heartbreaking. The way some people react as you said just adds to it. A percentage does not make a whole and it makes me sick to think there are people out there who think the best way to deal with this is spread more hate towards those who do not deserve it 😦

    • Yes, precisely. Fighting hate with hate soerbes no purpose but to make people hate even more. Your comment is just what I needed to hear, to show me that some people are fantastic

      • Thank you, it’s nice to have these respites in times like these 🙂

  8. My cousins live in Nice and you can’t imagine the terror I had when I found out what had happened, thankfully they are fine and they were watching the fireworks from a distance. It’s getting to much now . It needs to stop, it’s scaring me more and more. One day one of us could just be in the wrong place and bam,dead. Anyway I’m happy that you made a post about it. ❤

    • Bloody hell, that’s terrifying. I’m glad they’re okay 🙂 and yeah, you’re right. I just wanted to make the point clear

  9. ugh, ISIS, it disgusts me how people think they’re religious, when they literally kill people, lol.

  10. I truly feel like crying but war, killing, murder are going from ‘BREAKING’ news to an ordinary headline. It happens so much now and it’s never affected me but when will it? SOON. I hate this. I just want it to stop great post.

      • I know, soon we will be hearing gunshots outside our broken homesand act like it’s the norm. I know it seems scary, but it’s the harsh reality of it all. Unless we stop it, humanity will kill it self and we will be wiped out by our own kind.

  11. my god I hadn’t heard of this yet and I was having such a good day until I read this. attacks like this just break my heart, honestly, they’re never just attacks on those people, they’re attacks on humanity and I can’t stand it. I’m not Muslim, I’m a Christian, and my Christian school attacks the Islamic religion relentlessly every time something like this happens and I hate it. I hate the people who do it, I hate Trump for using these attacks to boost his campaign, I hate the people who blame their religion, I hate it. we live in a terrifying, hate filled, disgusting world and like you said, as long as there are still people, it will be this way. we have to fix it somehow… problem is, how?

    • I wish I had the answer, but I don’t. But you’re standing up against it, in the way of thinking about it. It’s awful how people blame religion for things, when it’s not religion: its people. I hate it all to, but we can try and do something at least. Thanks for the comment, I enjoyed reading your views about it

  12. This describes everything I, and I’m sure many people, are feeling right now. I don’t know what to think of the human race anymore, but I’m trying to stay hopeful that someday the good ones will be heard.

  13. Oh my god. This is actually terrible. I woke up this morning to check my email and when I read this, it was on my mind the whole day. How could people do this? You said it perfectly as usual, Elm.
    This was even worse considering the shootings that took place here in the US this week, and the Orlando shooting was still on my mind… and then I read this. The world is fucked up.

    • God, it actually is. People need to be aware of it, so that we can actually learn. It’s so terrible I know and it’s been on my mind ever since it happened

  14. Exactly !
    It seems as if such horrible incidents only add fuel to the fire of communal hatred instead of bringing us all close together…..
    So glad you brought this up and by realizing that majority of people across all religions and communities are still aware of who the real culprits are.

  15. I couldn’t agree more, none of this is down to religion, and no entire religion should have to suffer because of the acts of the few. I pray that all of this mindless killing ends soon. I am heartbroken that this has happened once again, and for a few hours yesterday, me and my family were terrified because my cousin is in Nice, and I could not have been more relieved when he replied to our messages.

  16. Things like this are a horrible part of life and more needs to be done to stop it from happening. Unfortunately, there may be much more of this over the next few years, the only real thing we can do is spread awareness, campaign and make our little puzzle piece of the world the best it can be for those around us.

  17. […] * Just Call Me Elm Or Something I’ve chosen all these people because I really like their blogs so please go and check them out and see their beautiful work. I must say also how awkward I feel about saying the things that I love about myself lol. I feel as though I’m bragging or being conceited but we’ll ignore that and I’ll try by all means to be positive and not mention any of the negative things. […]

  18. Soon the children that walk on this earth will not remember the forests and the jungles that were once here but are now gone. They will not remember or know the beautiful creatures that were here but now are becoming a memory or extinct.

  19. Thanks for writing this. I, as a Muslim, myself am tired of telling people that Islam is not about terror, these people are not one of us, they have killed our own in our own Islamic country and we ourselves our fighting against them. Its hard to convince people about how to differ the two terms: Muslims and terrorists. And it always breaks my heart.

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