What’s Been Happening

I was tempted to use the word “Updatery”, but that’s coined by my lovely friend Luna and so whenever I hear it, I think of her. I can’t help it shhh!

So. I have a vague and indeterminate amount of Wifi on my computer, because now we’re staying in a hotel for a few nights. Because of that, I thought I’d take this chance to update you on the things happening in the world of Elm, because I’m lazy as shit and can’t be bothered to write a massively long post.

I like bullet points, so I’ll use them. Not that I ever have before, but I’m TRYING to be different.

• The posts I wanted to put up are no longer relevant, which is sad because I spent ages on them. Maybe I’ll put one of them up tomorrow?
• Ever since we got here and up to now, really, we’ve been staying in the village of my stepmother’s family. You know what, I think I WILL post that post about it later on, so that I don’t have to explain everything again.
• As I said in my voice recording yesterday, I have a cold. It’s actually got worse, and I’ve been coughing insanely. Yeah, not fun, and rather painful too: sometimes I feel so sick that I have no energy.
• I’ve done shit all homework and it’s upsetting me more than I thought. Mainly because of the lack of internet and time, but also no motivation. Hopefully, though, I should manage to do some tonight.
• I thought I broke my computer – don’t even ask – and when I found out it was working again, I started crying. Yep.
• As well as physically, I’ve not been feeling great mentally either. For the past two days, nothing’s been able to cheer me up, and I’ve been in a state where I just snap at everyone and feel shit.
• We’re going to a blind school tomorrow – it’s a boarding school, and though I went 5 years ago, now I think I can properly appreciate how different it is. I REALLY want to write about that.
• I’m exhausted. Thailand is great, but part of me just wants to go home where I feel like I’ve got my shit together. The plane journey back has caused me to worry so much, but I know in my heart we won’t crash.
• This afternoon, I got my legs waxed which didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. There’s still a bit of hair there, which bothers me a little, but at least that’s another experience.
• I miss my friends. A lot.

How have you been? I feel as if I have so much to do, and all of this “Relax! It’s okay!” talk from my family isn’t exactly doing much.

Sorry for the short post; I promise I’ll write more tomorrow.

Love from Elm 🙂

30 thoughts on “ What’s Been Happening

  1. Try to relax okaaaay? I know that’s such a dumb thing to say as I’m nearly certain you have been trying, but keep trying, okay? It’ll be alright. Take a hot bath (or shower), eat yummy food, read positive quotes (HAHAHA THE CLICHE OMG) and keep tryiiiiiiing! Miss ya, hope you get better soon xx

  2. I’m not going to tell you to relax, because it’s okay…. Because you’ve obviously already heard that. Instead, I’m simply going to say- I know you to be one of the most amazing, strong-willed people I’ve ever met, and no matter what’s bothering you, or however you’re feeling, you have all of our love and support, and you can be as happy as you want to be! Alright, that was not helpful at all. *HUGS*

  3. Your cold got worse? LOL I think I’m getting a cold too, hahaha it’s contagious!! I hope you get better soon, I think I’ve said it before but anyway!!!

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