Walking Down the Street With Internet Friends

I think that today was one of the best days of my life, simply for how happy I felt.

Because today, I went with L to meet Fibit for the second time, and Sav for the first time. The fact that this actually happened still astounds me.

After celebrating my GCSE results with a meal, I went to L’s house – being late, which stressed me out like hell, because of traffic. Bloody typical, right? We chatted as usual, calling Sav and laughing, listening to music as we always seem to do when we hang out. It was almost spontaneous: it was only properly agreed that I’d go there on Tuesday or Wednesday, I think, and there was a lot of uncertainty as to how we’d all meet up, but I decided to just not panic.

This morning was… Quite eventful. Without going into TOO much detail, Fibit’s phone was kind of fucked, as the ringer didn’t work on it, so we kept on calling him to find out where he was. In classic Elm fashion, I was scared something had happened to him, but both L and Sav assured me he was fine. L and I eventually got a taxi to the train station, where Sav and Fibit met us.

I mean, we nearly walked straight past them, but once we were all there, I felt the hugest sense of relief. I was so paranoid that it wouldn’t happen at the last minute, but we sorted it all out. After we met, we got on a train and I kind of had the thought that I was ACTUALLY there.

When Sav and Fibit met, Sav played the most hilarious prank on Fibit. I think he’ll write about it more in his post, but it had me laughing for a RATHER long time; as the train moved forward, I felt like I was free as hell. Weird? Yeah, slightly, but who cares. Not as weird as the fact that YET AGAIN, I did my creepy “I’m nervous so I’m going to rub my hands together like a creepy villain.”

The day was, to put it simply, amazing. We walked round two places – going to the shopping centre in each – and just talked, and talked, and talked.

Like last time, I’ll make a list of highlights:

• Laughing so hard that I started sobbing
• We went to a Mexican place and said so many crude things in public that the woman next to us left (well, she HAD finished her meal, but shhh)
• Under an underpass, Sav said something absolutely hilarious which made us laugh uncontrollably, and Fibit and L had no idea what we were on about (until we told them, at which point they didn’t quite see how funny it was)
• Sitting on a bench and talking about pretty much everything
• Walking around a shopping centre aimlessly, which just felt brilliant
• Talking with Sav about life as we went down the street (both Fibit and him know how to guide L and I, and I didn’t crash into anything much)
• Going into Lush, smelling all of the things and literally fangirling over the soaps… Oops
• The less said about what Fibit bought in Lush, the bettter
• Talking to a random salesperson in Lush which made my week

Throughout the day, it kept on hitting me that I was with bloggers, two of which I’d met from the INTERNET. That I was sitting next to them, talking to them and I had several crises (good ones) where I just stood there, contemplating my blog. Why does that always happen? Who knows.

When it was time to go, I felt so bloody emotional that it wasn’t even funny. We sat on another bench for the final time, whilst Fibit and Sav were raving about a show that they both used to watch. After muttering sadly to myself when we were walking to the place near the train station, we had a huge group hug.

In real life, I’m a very… Clingy person, almost. I like hugs, is the basic gist, so the group one was fabulous. I was the shortest person there by far, of course, so they all towered over me, but that was kind of good because I was getting even more emotional. I may have accidentally injured Fibit with the hug I gave him (sorry about that) and saying goodbye to both of them was much harder than I expected, as L and I got on the train back.

The thing is, I live at least an hour away from all three of them. I know that meeting bloggers is a huge thing, and that so many people can’t do that for various reasons, but now that I have it sort of breaks me that I can’t do that often. Saying that makes me feel a little ungrateful, but it’s just that the freedom and happiness I experienced was so great that I want to experience it again, with the same people. I have shit all independence, and so I couldn’t get a train up whenever I pleased, meaning that it would have to be really well organised beforehand.

Is it sad that I miss them all? Probably, though at this point, I don’t care. These emoos are natural, as I’ve had a beautiful day.

I’ve been looking forward to this all summer and it’s finally happened. It wasn’t what I expected, but that’s good; I didn’t have many expectations because I knew they’d all be wrong. Being with them, talking, laughing, and the crude innuendos just made it better.

I want to thank L for, well, basically making this possible. He’s always been a great friend to me and if it weren’t for him, I’d never have met either of the bloggers I now call good friends.

Shit, people from the Internet are amazing.

I Elm 🙂

106 thoughts on “Walking Down the Street With Internet Friends

  1. It’s not sad at all that you miss them… We build such strong connections with our blog friends. Sometimes they know ya better than our real friends, do when you get the course to meet, it’s awesome! I had test pleasure in June at the Annual Bloggers Bash! An awesome feeling!
    Glad you had a great day 😍

  2. Wow, Elm, this is amazing!! I have yet to meet a blogger in real life! 😦 It’s so wonderful that you were able to meet up with them and have such a good time. 🙂


  3. OMG the thing I said still has me in stitches 😂😂😂😂 thanks again for today for making it so fun and tolerating me

    • TOLLERATED?! I very much enjoyed your company! And on the train afterwards with L I was all sad because it might be ages until I see you and Fibit again and just AAAARGH!!!! 🙂 Best day ever

      • The not seeing you guys hasn’t hit me yet but when it does I’ll probably feel the same. However I agree it was one of the best individual days ever

  4. I’m over the prank thing (kinda). It’s funnier looking back on it, instead of reliving my actual thoughts.
    Still can’t believe what happened with that random woman at the road bit…

  5. Hugs though 😍
    It was a fabulous day – that sales assistant 😂😂
    You’re most welcome: I wouldn’t have either missed it myself nor allowed you to miss it for the world, and if an awkward train journey (with shitty breaks) is the price I have to pay, I consider that a pretty fair price.
    Glad you enjoyed the day 🙂 X

  6. That sounds so amazingly awesome! 🙂 I have to say I’m jealous 😉 I am glad you had an amazing day! ❤️

  7. Sounds like you had an amazingggg day, I’m glad you had fun! I also hope you have lots more days like this :)) 💜

  8. I’ve been away so long I forgot I missed this. Your ‘voice’ is comforting, it got me out of my head. Something I’ve really been needing the past couple weeks

  9. Oh my gosh Elm, that’s so amazing! It sounds like you had a wonderful time, and even though you can’t necessarily see them all the time, you can still hang out occasionally. And that is a wonderful thing. 🙂

  10. Sounds amazing xD
    I agree that internet friends are amazing…
    I have met up with some in the past and it was awesome and I’m probably going to be meeting up with one again soon who is also a blogger ^-^
    internet friends just get me so much better than the real world XD [though i do have a couple of rly cool real friends]
    Like, I didn’t know anyone understood my anxiety and fears until I met some of my internet friends aha

  11. Oh my god this sounds like so much fun! I’m low key jealous, I wish I had something like that 🙂 Gotta work on my own blog though.. Anyways, I’m glad you had a great time. Congrats on your results by the way, I know you’ve spent a good amount of time studying and you worked hard for this, so you most definitely deserve this 😀 okay sorry for being late bye xx

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