Guest post – a pledge to positivity.

First of all, I am over the moon that Elm has agreed to let me write a post for this blog – thank you so much!

When deciding what to write I was lingering in this peculiar melancholy state. I felt somewhat oblivious from everything – I was far-flung, a thousand miles away. Thus I decided to dedicate this post as a pledge to positivity.

I’ve always tried to live my life as pragmatic as I could, especially going through school and other challenges your adolescent years have to offer. And just the same, I’ve tried to encourage those around me to always look on the bright side and always be the best version of them. But sometimes we can get lost, loose our buoyancy and the sudden plunge into a deep sea catches us off guard. And it can be hard to find a way to the surface once more.

However there are a few healthy habits and thoughts I’ve discovered to unfasten the desolation and to maintain a positive mindset.

Firstly, I feel as though it is cardinal to stress that positivity is not always adjacent to happiness. They aren’t particularly the same thing. Although obviously happiness can stem from being positive. However the two don’t exactly have to marry up. You may be feeling at your worst, but there’s always a lighter side to it – although this may not clear the air completely for you, it could lift some weight away which is better than before.

If you have studied philosophy you may be aware of the theory of light and darkness. Without getting too into it, this isn’t a philosophy lesson, it challenges the problem of evil by saying like darkness is just the absence of light, evil is the absence of good. And this correlates well with this idea of positivity. Sometimes there is an absence of good, which is always something which can be turned around – sometimes you just need to step out of the shade into the light.

This next habit/process is one I found hard, and I know people I have spoke to have found difficult, however is completely doable. And that is catching yourself in the moment. As humans we can happily go along in this conscious coma as I like to call it, unaware of ourselves. However by recognising these waves and then moving from them can truly build you as a person. I really don’t exaggerate when I say it is pivotal for me being more forward looking and sanguine! Nonetheless, it is something which is found tricky to get into. And unfortunately I am not psychiatrist and have no real methodology around it.

There are also some everyday things which let you engage with yourself as a person, ergo exemplifying this positive state. If you look online there are hundreds of thousands, but here are some of my favourites which I believe have actually helped me:

  • Drinking more water
  • Writing
  • Going on a walk
  • Meditation
  • Playing/listening to music
  • Reading
  • Socialising
  • Colouring

Although those are very general things, you’d be surprised at how they can really develop you!

There are also many mindfulness apps nowadays which I personally can do with or without (basically the voices annoy me…) but I know some friends of mine and a doctor really favour them!

This is becoming quite a hefty post so I shall leave it there. Big thank you again to Elm for this and I hope you’ve liked this little reflection post from me! I am also trying to get back into blogging more and engage with more people on the internet – make some internet friends aha!

Em x

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