Lost Echoes

Do you ever feel trapped?
A floating whirlwind,
Spinning out of control;
The fires burn bright
As the spiral sinks, low.

Piano keys without fingers,
A sweeping crescendo in an empty room-
It calls, desperate, pleading
Hear me! Where are you?

Nobody hears. Ceilings buzz with
Voices, but the keys are alone.

Surrounded by people, the loneliness crowds
Inwards, suphocating with a sob.
A black void looms, so near,
Reaching tender fingers outwards.

Life is perfect, they say,
Not seeing broken glass in your heart,
Distractions disguising the emptiness.
Would they listen to an echo they can’t hear?

When only silence pervades your thoughts,
The shouts and smiles dissipated,
Your heart beats with fear, pounding:
Slamming a door on the terror.
You cannot feel it.

Be strong, be brave, be
Everything you have to be,
Even if your mind twists in rivulets
Of sadness, when it can

Every subtle whisper that you are wrong
Spikes a nail into your palms,
Nobody knowing how it hurts,
Not seeing your voice
Growing ever dimmer.

Tears never fall,
Never staining a window pane,
Feelings batter the battlements,
Until they crumble.

Become a wax sculture,
Face frozen in a joyful form,
Because if you fake the laughter enough,
Surely it will become the norm?

Metal bars, made by your eyes,
The clang of an iron chain
Around your torso. “Leave me,”
You say – “I’m okay.”

I hope you liked that poem. I needed to get my thoughts out somehow, and singing wasn’t working. The next thing was writing, so I gave it a go.

I won’t explain the motives behind this. You can interpret it how you like, to be about whoever you like, but I hope you’ll listen to the words.

Just to say: if you worry about me because of this poem, try not to. I’m having a not so great evening even though today was one of the best days ever, filled with laughter and friendship and I’ll shut up before I start shrieking.

From Elm πŸ™‚

43 thoughts on “Lost Echoes

  1. Elm, this is so beautiful, honestly so raw and just wow. My favourite line is piano keys without fingers. As the poet (you) says, be brave, be strong. Because I know you have it in you. Sending you sweet dreams x

    P.S my email is always here if you wanna vent

  2. That was amazing, I don’t think I have words to describe it. It’s just so beautiful!!! I love how you turn your thoughts into such beauty!! Dude seriously, I had so search about 10 words on google tranlate lol!! I wish I could write like that!
    And I hope you’re doing ok. If you want, you can always send me an email: diversion3000@outlook.com But I’m sure everything will be ok! πŸ™‚

    • Not only are you a really talented writer, you’re also a great friend. Thank you SO much (3 And well, it taught you new words which is a bonus! Thanks so much for your feedback: it makes me happy.
      I’m okay, or I will be. I’m just not feeling my best, but with people here to support me I should be alright.

      • Aww thank you, you made me blush! But not as talented as you are my dear friend!! And yeah, thank you for being my teacher in this post!! And no problem, yours also makes me happy!
        And yeah I get you, sometimes you’re just not sad but not in your best moment either, it happens to me as well. You’ll be alright!!

  3. This is truly beautiful Elm. You’re writing is ALWAYS beautiful. πŸ™‚ It’s ok to feel like this, even after having an amazing day with friends, I’ve been there before and you are most definitely not alone *hugs* stay strong β™₯

    • I’ll do my very best ❀ You make me smile, just because you UNDERSTAND how I feel. I'm more okay, but I still don't feel great; I feel like I'm on the edge of breaking down but the people here supporting me helps so much. I'm very glad you liked the poem!

      • I know you will and I believe in you! I’ve been there on and off all evening too tbh – I guess sometimes being with friends makes me forget everything, then when I’m by myself, it all comes back and hits me. But I’m glad all the support here is helping and I hope writing the poem helped too, it’s always good to challenge emotions into something creative and beautiful. πŸ™‚

      • Yeah exactly! πŸ™‚ I’m glad you understand. I think I’m not as okay as I was yesterday because of various things, but I’m going shopping today so that should help. Thanks again! I need to remember everyone’s here.

  4. OMG! This is such a beautiful poem. I can actually feel the emotion. Hats off. 😍😍😍
    Elm, great work. ❀️

    • The fact that you !ay that means SO much to me! πŸ™‚ I’m glad you could relate to this, and that I could help you do that with my writing.

  5. Heey, this was beautiful, I am sorry i have started reading your blog from the very first post to get hang of things well. And this just happens to be the first poem from you which I have read and I must say you should write poetry more often (please ignore the fact that u may have written it later, I’ll find out when i get up there) Awesome poetry!

    • You’re actually wonderful – you have no idea how much I appreciate your time and how much effort you’re putting into this! I’m going to repay you for this one day because nobody has ever really done such a dedicated thing for me. I’m honestly speechless – I said all of this in a comment I tried to leave on your about page but I think that my computer must have messed up and not sent it through 😦

      • Hey, it’s funny that you thank me when I am the one who should be doing this..your blog has made me realize so much and like I said before, it’s a blessing to have found it. So please don’t embarrass me by saying things like I’ll repay you and stop. Just stay happy and strong, you already are the latter but perhaps a little more won’t do any harm and for the former, all I can say is its okay to cry and be sad sometimes but please don’t let it consume you. I am here, all the other amazing people who read your blog are here, and trust me, I hate it when I read how much you have been crying or been upset. So just lighten it up a bit from time to time (not that you already do not do it) but just, hope u get the point.

        No, about the second part of your comment, I think I’ll just go and cry because I totally missed am amazing essay sorry comment from you and didn’t receive it at all. Great job fate, you never fail to surprise me (each time worse than before)

      • AWW NOO CRYING!! 😦 But honestly thank youuu; I’m so glad my blog’s has let you learn things! THAT, above all, makes me happy xx

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