Video Game

I was playing Left 4 Dead 2 with my friends today, and honestly? We sucked. Majorly sucked. Deaths left right and center, molotovs flying off the map, more zombies getting headshots than we were.

And it was fun.

We were laughing and laughing and shouting and laughing more, and it reminded me of when I fight people.

Nothing’s serious. I get punched in the face, kicked to the ground, and grudges don’t exist. I’m happy, the happiest ever. And I thought, why do I treat life-or-death situations so casually but I treat myself like hell when it comes to school? Because at the end of the day there’s more risk when you get punched hard than when you get a slightly bad mark.

So hey, I guess I’m going to try and treat life like a game, see if it’s more fun then.


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