Book Club!! :)

Hi there everyone on Elm’s blog its me Tasia again.  A girl reached out to me, her name is Emma, and she just started her blog because I inspired her to begin.

She didn’t ask me to promote her or anything of the sort but I feel a little obligated to say something because I have NEVER inspired someone the way that I inspired her and that to me, is wonderful!

Anyways, she made her first REAL post on her blog just a little while ago and she wants to start a mini book club.  I won’t go into too much detail (because you can go read it here) and it will be community based and she is wanting to read Gone Girl.

I would love it if you all came and joined me in welcoming her into the blogosphere because, well, everyone deserves all the support in the world to express and create whatever their hearts desire.

Also, to throw me into the picture, I just posted a collab type post on my blog so you all should go check it out and comment to be featured in the post itself! (if you have questions please let me know)

Thanks so much for all of your support 🙂 especially you Elm. xx

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