Guest Post – TOP 5 Ways I Keep My Student + Blogging Life ORGANISED!

Hi, it’s me Train Of Thought from My Bookish Life. 

If you know anything about me, then you know that I love to be organised.

Apart from stuffing my face with chocolate, sticking my nose in a book or adoring cute stationery, I have to have everything neat, tidy and in place. It’s just the way I am. My bag for school is always packed the day before, my blog posts are nearly always scheduled and I have several apps and bullet journals to keep on top of all my work.

But, I know some people who do not organise.

And it’s mostly because:

a) there’s not enough time

b) there’s no point

c) it takes time, money and effort.

It may require a few of these things, but it’s totally worth it. It’s so satisfying ticking off tasks, knowing where everything is, looking at a tidy desk and actually being able to USE it. Yeah, not just use it as a storage space.

But, it doesn’t have to be over the top. You don’t have to colour-code, label and add a decorate  everything single object you own. It doesn’t require the best stationery or cute handwriting. Your organisation doesn’t have to look like Pinterest. Seriously.

But there are few tips and tricks on actually being organised. Being a student and blogger is kinda difficult. Homeworks, emails, comments, writing! I know a lot of bloggers like me and getting organised can be tough.  So, here is my list of ways to stay organised!


1. Planner/ To Do Lists


Planners aren’t KEY, but they are very useful. I use a bullet journal and it has made my life SO much easier. It doesn’t have to be an Erin Condren, it could be £2 from your local supermarket. Maybe, you like doing things online and want to use apps, like Evernote, Wunderlist, Trello, Asana or even ToDoist. It’s endless and it’s useful.  Plan out what you need to do. Keep your phone, diary or bullet journal with you. Write ideas, lists and brainstorms inside. It really helps with knowing what you need to do.


2. Sticky Notes


Some things are URGENT. Write it down on a sticky note. Put it somewhere you’ll remember. On the back of your phone, your mirror or even your toaster. Scribble everything down with pen and paper. Sticky Notes are a LIFESAVER! Oh, and have you heard of UpDesk/Write! Desks with surfaces that is a whiteboard!!!How cool is that? But if you’re on a budget, sticky notes are for you.  


3. Keep A Timetable


It could be a timetable of your school subjects or of your life. Create one. Add colours if you want or keep it black and white. Make sure it’s handy. Don’t put it in your wardrobe of clothes or in your cupboard. Keep it in your pocket, on your phone (take a snapshot) or maybe your handbag. Timetables make sure you know where and when you’re supposed to be and who you need to be with. If you like to be digital, try the online timetable with My Study Life. Get the app or go to the website now!


4. Schedule Your Posts


I nearly always do this. In fact, I have a post scheduled for Saturday (keep your eyes peeled 😛 ). Some people have blogging schedules like they post every Monday and Friday. I used to have one but ditched it because it was too much. I still schedule my posts, though. I like to space my posts out or work on them later, and even though drafts work, scheduling is more efficient. I get more time in the week to read over my work, tweak it etc… Instead of posting straight away, I have time to moderate it and let my previous post be read by my fellow readers.


5. Back-up Posts


I don’t know how I would live without them. Some Days you’re struggling for ideas and time, but you haven’t posted in a long time. SCREWED!


Well, if you’re like me, backup posts can rescue your blog break down. Whenever you have time, take a quick minute and write up a backup post. Save it as a draft and when the dreaded day comes, just hit ‘Publish’. It’s such a great idea so I have 5 backup posts currently which are pretty good!


These are just 5 ways I handle school and blogging but there are so many others like planning my posts out or writing ideas down in notebooks or doing your assignments as soon as possible. Maybe keep track of your goals for that week, month year. It’s always good to have resolutions!


So, How do YOU stay organised? What are YOUR organisation hacks? Do you find organisation stressful? Do you wish you were organised? What’s one thing that is keeping you back from organising your life? TELL ME! I’d love to know.


 Also, thanks Elm for letting me write on your AMAZING blog, it was a pleasure!  If you don’t know who I am (where have you been?), then pop on over to My Bookish Life, a blog for advice, books, chocolate-lovers and people looking for the best blogging tips. I can’t wait to see your lovely faces there! Again, thanks, Elm, I am so honoured and thank you to anyone who’s reading! Have a wonderful day and I hope these tips helped you loads! BYE!

23 thoughts on “Guest Post – TOP 5 Ways I Keep My Student + Blogging Life ORGANISED!

  1. Oh my gosh, yes, I am addicted to planners. I use mine like a Bible. And I don’t know where I’d be without my whiteboard.

  2. So many great tips! I’m definitely going to use some of these.
    About to sticky notes, if you have a Windows computer, you can probably create sticky notes on your desktop. I always use those to keep track of things I need to do! Just search sticky notes on your computer and it should pop up

    • Thank you, i hope they help you loads!
      Windows’ Sticky Notes but i usually use my laptop (Chromebook), which dosen’t have sticky notes but Google Keep which I enjoy a lot. I still like physical sticky notes though because I can stick them onto real things, like my desk or bedsidetable and remeber! 😀

  3. Reblogged this on My Bookish Life and commented:
    I’m over at Just Call Me Elm Or Something with the ultimate tips on STAYING ORGANISED! This includes blogging and studying (or working) and the best ways to keep on top of everything. So, go on, check it out!!

  4. Really great post! I love the idea of having backup posts and really need to work on doing that myself. And I’m trying to start my own bullet journal now actually. Still trying to decide how I want it set up, but even the few weeks I’ve done so far have made a huge difference in how organized I feel.

    • Back up posts are really great and especially when something unexpected pops up and you haven’t written a post in so long. Hitting ‘publish’ so quickly is so satifiying. I’m a bit annoyed with my Bullet Journal because i messed up the layout quite badly. While i actually use it, my layout is so awkward! I really regret doing that and will be writing a post shortly about the DO’s and Dont’s of bullet jorunals, so newbies don;t make the same mistake as me!!

  5. I love to plan (and I love everything that can be planned!) but usually, I do not plan my blog activities and I do not know why! But I’ve just started a new work and a new blog, so I really need to start and organize things and every tip is welcome! So thank you for your useful post! 🙂

    • I mostly use my bullet journal and sticky notes for things like guests posts, posts I need to write and other things like post ideas or reviewing books. Thanks for commenting and reading!

  6. Omg I love this!! XD I always suffer when dealing with school work and blogging!! I’m also one that schedules posts, it’s really a good idea!! XD I love this post!!!

  7. As usual I adore your posts! I am definitely going to start doing back up posts and scheduling mine because my posts have either been sporadic or a bunch in one day.

    Sticky notes have always been my lifesaver. Even though I have a bunch of perfectly good notebooks and planners to write things in I for some reason always default to using those sticky notes. Thank goodness for my aunt who bought me one of those sticky note dispensers and gave me several refills for once I run out.

    • Haha, thank you! Sticky notes are must haves for any blogger. I’ve been really in a blogging slump lately but I’m hoping to post today *fingers crossed*. Thank you so much for reading 😀

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