The Latest Q and A Answers. Ever – Part 1

I have NO excuse for leaving this for so long, apart from that AS Levels are destroying me and I’m, erm, stressed? Yeah, that’s a TERRIBLE reason.

It was also that the questions you all gave me were amazing. So amazing, in fact, that my original plan of cutting them down to 20 failed miserably in a pile of its own ashes. I’ll be splitting this into 2 parts, with 15 questions to each one.

Before I jump in, if any of the new commenters that I’ve mentioned want to contact me for a guest post or if any new bloggers want to do the same, then visit this page or comment on this post.

Okay, here we go! Thanks to anyone and everyone who submitted questions; it was bloody hard picking the most interesting!

Lia: How do you feel about trees, considering you reference them in a lot of your blog?
I used to be indifferent to them – they were just bark, leaves and branches – but ever since I started calling myself Elm, they’ve meant more. I love them – all the different species, and how their leaves feel. Though I’m not exactly feeling like a ‘kindrid’ spirit with them, because of my tree name, I’m finding myself loving them because of the connotations to my blog. Is that weird?!

Finlay Worrallo who’s a new commenter: Which do you prefer — relationships where you’re certain they love you more than you love them, or the other way round?
Definitely the other way around. I never want to be in a situation where somebody else gets hurt because I don’t love them enough – I think for me, I find that I would rather I got hurt than the person who I was in a relationship with, which is warped thinking. Nobody deserves to have their heart shattered, but it’s better me because I loved someone than them because they loved me.

Untitled366: You are at the top of a flight of stairs. There’s a bag of £1,000,000 at the foot of the stairs but a cannibalistic half-human half-gremlin is standing next to it. Would you go down and get it?
HELL NO. That sounds so so terrifying, and I’m a notorious whimp. Then again, if I could, I’d throw something at the cannibal gremlin-human hybrid, run and get the money, and then throw the money at said hybrid. I mean, I’d never be able to do that, but I can dream. Psh, 1000000 pounds… To be honest I’d probably give a lot of it away.

Emily Clare Beauty: If you could own a chocolate factory with all the chocolate you could ever want or a luxurious desert island, which would you chose and why?
A chocolate factory, simply because a desert island sounds so dull. With a chocolate factory, I could literally make chocolate rooms or chocolate ANYTHING (which is basically my childhood dream). Plus, I despise sand and deserts typically have a fair bit of that.

Sav: If you could be stuck on a deserted island with any blogger who would it be?
This was a BRILLIANT question (I expected nothing less!) and hmm… I’m really not sure. I’d have to say either L because we’ve been friends for years and I KNOW he wouldn’t drive me too insane, or Fibit because I can tell that in a crisis, he’d keep a level head and wouldn’t run around screaming.

Just Average Teen Me: Have you (or any friends) ever had a crush on a teacher? If so, how far did you guys go with it?
I never have, but this girl who I’m (was?) friends with constantly had crushes on teachers. I don’t think or know if they were serious, but she didn’t have any boundaries when it came to telling anyone. Or them. Honestly, I gave up asking what was going on with that a long time ago.

Misstery: What is one of the most inspirational things somebody has ever said to you?
My friend Wren once said something like this to me, which has always stuck in my mind. “You’re not expected to be okay all the time. And one day, you will be, and you’ll look back on this and think – it hurt, and still does, but I’m okay. It’s a shit situation, but all you can do is get through it, and it’s NOT your fault for just doing that.” That’s why I love my friends so much, because they don’t sugarcoat anything. If you’re ever feeling miserable, then take her advice.

My Mind Speaks Aloud: If you were in a middle of a field and there was a giant unicorn chasing you with a baseball bat, would you: a) grab the random gun lying beside the flowers and shoot them b) climb up the nearest tree and jump on them or c) approach the unicorn carefully and pet them until you can safely take them home.
Option C, all the way! Who DOESN’t want a pet unicorn? I would just love it if that happened; plus, it seems like such a pictoresque scene to be petting a unicorn in a field full of flowers, like something out of a fairytale.

Rebecca Howlie– welcome to my blog by the way: If you had the ability to bring a fictional character to life, who would it be and why? And would you regret it?
Now THIS is a tricky question, because I’ve read so many books that I’ve lost track. There’s a character in my favourite series, the Worldwalker Trilogy, called Tristan who I absolutely LOVE (he’s amazing but also kind of messed up too sometimes but shhh). He just sounds like such a nice, loyal person. I WOULD regret it, probably, because I’d be taking him away from Lily and everyone else who loves him. Still, it’s a nice idea – this question was one of my favourites, by the way!

A coffee Stained thought: If you could create a perfume or some form of spray, what smell/flavour would it be and why?
I love the smell of rain upon the ground, that crisp smell that you smell when you step outside after the sun’s come out. I wish that it could be personified, so that it could actually capture that smell without it fading.

Say something: Would you rather spend a week on an island alone or with someone you can’t stand?
With somebody I can’t stand, because I hate feeling lonely. Also, in spending time with them, I’d hope that I could learn to like them and that they’d show me the personality that makes them a good person, because I think everyone has that in them. It’d draw us closer, anyhow, and the thought of being by myself on an island SCARES the hell out of me!

Aspen: Why in the world did you make your (ex) boyfriends fake name Aspen?
AAAAH OKAY, time to address this! Genuinely, I was NOT thinking when I made his name Aspen; when I started, I created some tree names and reserved Aspen for someone I thought I’d be serious about. It was only after I published the post that I realised, “HANG ON ELM YOU BASTARD, you have a FRIEND called Aspen! Y’know, a friend who’s lovely and who’s blog you adore? You idiot.” All in all, I’m a moron and the amount of times that people have mistook ex-boyfriend Aspen for you makes me laugh.

Aspen again: If we could meet- but you could only say one thing to me- what would it be?
“You are such an awesome person!” Simple as that. Then, I’d try (and fail) to mime what else I wanted to say, which would involve me shrieking because I got to meet you. That would be amazing!

Trisha: You’re in front of all your favourite bloggers, but you can only talk face to face with one, and have to text the rest. Who’s the blogger you’d talk to?
ARGH, you are so evil! WHY?! Why would you make me choose? Hmm… I’d say Leo because I’ve never spoken to them before, and they are the most awesome thing to exist. With the rest, I’d do a terrible attempt at illustrating my actions through interpretive dance. Again, I’d fail.

Sithara: Scenario: You’re in the middle of the lake and on one shore you see your best friends and on the other you see the love of your life. You can only swim to one shore of the lake and you can’t ever go back to the other. So which side would you chose?
The side with my friends. For me, I’ve always tried to make friends before love. They’re always here for you, helping you through whatever you’re struggling with, and they don’t break your heart so much. Love can change and I know that through whatever, friends wouldn’t give up on me for anything to do with love.

Thanks again, everyone! I’m so sorry for the insanely long post! Go and check out any bloggers you haven’t seen before because they’re all amazing!

From Elm 🙂

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