Things You Should Remember

I always forget certain things that I really should remember. Maybe you’re like me and forget them too, so I want to remind you.

• It’s alright to cry

• Your pain will never get old, and people won’t get tired of you talking about it

• You should talk when you’re feeling awful, if you need to

• If somebody forgets about you, it’s not your fault

• You’re the one with power over your emotions

• If someone doesn’t think you’re beautiful, they don’t know you

• Don’t scream at yourself for making mistakes, because you’re human

• Your happiness is as important, if not more, than anyone else’s

• You can fall in love a hundred times and each time, no one can tell you that it meant nothing

• Don’t blame yourself for being paranoid, or if you treat someone more sharply if you’re upset

• Your friends care about you and if they’re true friends, they always will

• You’re not alone

• You are not, in fact, a terrible person

• A part of the world needs you, and that part can’t be measured

• You’re wonderful, and I know you won’t believe that all the time and that’s okay

• Your heart will break too many times to count, and though the pain doesn’t lessen, you can find ways to help yourself

• You can’t always do everything alone; you need others to help you sometimes

• Your pain is valid. Other people may be going through more “serious” things but to you, your hurt is serious and it’s worth talking about.

• Letting yourself break down is natural; you aren’t weak for it.

• You may not feel strong right now, but you can build yourself up.

• This isn’t the end.

You won’t be able to remember them all the time, even most of the time; I never do. I hope, though, that they cross your mind from time to time and when you remember these things, you feel stronger.

I deserve to hear them. You deserve to hear them. It’s up to us to tell each other, if nobody else will.

From Elm 🙂

52 thoughts on “Things You Should Remember

  1. Heyyyyy
    Every thing you said? So so true. The one that struck me most was this. “You’re the one with power over your emotions” Moat times, it’s easy to forget this. I forget this so much that when shit happens, I just want to brood and not show my face to anyone any longer but really, we have the power over our emotions, though it’s not easy all the time.
    Thanks for sharing this babe 💕💕

    • And thanks for your amazing comment! You’re right – WE have the power over what we feel, what we show; that’s okay. I’ll remember that, too.

  2. I REALLY needed this – it’s so easy to forget most of these despite the fact that their such simple statements. Thank you for reminding us 🙂

  3. Stay strong girl. Everything will be okay in time. Keep reminding yourself of these things because what you said is true, you deserve to hear them.❤️❤️

  4. Thank you Elm 💞 These are things that everyone forgets, but we all need to remember. I love this post, because I really forget these things, a lot of times. So thank you 💕 😊😘
    Good vibes 💖

  5. I really needed to read that, thank you. It’s so easy to get caught up in a cycle of self hate and blame etc… everything you’ve said in this post is so true and honestly you almost had me crying, sometimes it’s just so damn hard to remember that I’m worth something. Thank you for such a lovely post 💗

    • It’s what I’m here for, and I’ll remind you of that over and over. I know how you feel, how you feel worthless and sad and lonely – I feel like that, too. Like you said, it’s so hard to remember that we ARE worth more than something. I’m so glad that I could help you xx

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