When Your Year Comes Together in the Most Unexpected Way

I’ve never felt like my year in school is especially “together”, but that might be just me. There are so many of us that it feels difficult sometimes to get an attachment to all of us as a whole – not like we’re a unit, a cohesive system. But I suppose because I’ve knownmost of them for 5 years, there’s some sort of ‘yearship’, to use a disgusting word I just made up.

Today, a situation happened that brought some of us together, I suppose. Occasionally, our year is renowned – at least to us – for doing slightly hilarious things, which are remembered by either an exasperated smile or an ‘oh my god yeah, THAT!’ Some of those include a group of boys posting a meme in all the folders on our student file-sharing system; the uprising against work experience emails where a different group of about 5 sent protest emails to the entirety of years 11, 12 and 13 and now, this.

Because we’re in year 12, the head boy and girl are selected from our year. There were 6 candidates – 3 boys and 3 girls – and we found out today who were going to be our heads. All six were student representitives: a lovely girl in my french class applied, but didn’t get in which saddened me a lot because she deserved to.

Our headteacher’s new, and from what I can tell, she actually cares about getting involved in what goes on with students. Because of that, she selected the heads – all of which we knew before – except for this; she selected two head girls. One of them was a girl I didn’t know but who is apparently really lovely, and the other is Wren. For anyone that doesn’t know, Wren is one of the best friends I’ve ever had: she’s intelligent, responsible, wonderful and I’m so incredibly proud of her.

Except… A lot of the people were furious.

By a lot of the people, I mean the ones in my history class – history was the last lesson of the day, and we were up in the sixth form study area. So, I only got a limited view of what people thought, but that view included some of the main people in our year who everyone, well, knows.

We have certain “characters” in our year who everyone has heard of. Either because they’re popular, they’re “good banter” or they’ve done something notorious like set up a meme page for our sixth form, everyone knows their name and they start to reach almost mythical proportions. These people loudly proclaimed their “protest”, which included one of the most popular yet coolest – even to me – boys in our year who ran for Head Boy. Excuse me whilst I die of embarrassment for admitting that someone is “cool”.

• Half of them were angry because the head teacher had selected the heads and they wanted to select them instead
• The other half were furious because it was two girls selected – we hadn’t been told there was the possibility of one gender being chosen, and they felt cheated because they thought they were voting for Head Boy and Head Girl (even though when we could vote, we could vote for two girls, a boy and a girl OR two boys)
• The people that were saying this were all guys, but I know some girls thought it too – the loudest of the protestors were male, though that might have been because I was sitting near mostly boys, so I’m biased
• One of the guys took to Twitter, tweeting our school things like “Down with headteacher dictatorship!” and “#aboyforheadboy”
• About three people, in the sixth form study area, made a petition and went round our class asking people to sign it, eventually going downstairs to do the same to other people
• I did shit all work that lesson

Now, it’s sort of turned into a year meme. I don’t think this will change anything, because at the end of the day the head girls were the best people for the job in the headteacher’s eyes. I was just sitting there, attempting to write a timeline for my coursework and listening to this all unfold. Whilst doing so, I nearly choked on my laughter, turning and calling “Are you REALLY doing that?” and “What the FUCK?” to several people to my right, who were congregated around a computer.

I found it funny simply because they were taking it so seriously, when at the same time, taking the complete piss. “We shall correct this injustice!” someone shouted at one point, and also “Red, I just heard you say you endorsed this!” when he did no such thing. In fact, Red – who ran for Head Boy – was totally against the petition, the other head boy candidate “neither endorsing nor condemning it”, in his exact words.

I joined in with the conversation, when usually I’d stay silent. The people around me, like I said, were mostly guys and so for some reason I felt I could speak up more. When I repeatedly shouted, “Look, we all have double standards! Genuinely, I want to know – if two boys got elected, would you have had the same reaction? Would I have been more pissed off! YES, because I have double standards and so do you!” I started to have intelligent conversation with the boy next to me. It was totally surreal, because he’s someone I’m mildly nervous of – or I was. He laughed when I said that I was so done with this, and outwardly said “I don’t mind Wren being head girl – she’d be great for the job.” I could have hugged him.

Talking to Red, who sat behind me, was great too. We joked, me shrieking because I could do no work, and the guy next to me engaging in human-like talks with me. I just remembered – I think he was the one who helped me out that one time when I got lost on the way up to the sixth form study place! My respect has increased for him tenfold.

All in all, today was interesting. It’s not often that my year “unites” behind such a thing like this. I don’t think anyone’s going to take this seriously, and to be honest I don’t care.

I got a laugh out of it. Really, the people in my year aren’t bad. They do include me, and I’ve never felt so uniquely together yet separated from them.

From Elm 🙂

11 thoughts on “When Your Year Comes Together in the Most Unexpected Way

  1. my goodness that seems like a lot of drama for the situation! also, hey so i don’t think you read my most recent post but i’ve gone completely personal on all my social medias but you’re one of the bloggers i’d like to remain in touch with so you should follow me on twitter @abielse. i tried to dm you but it wouldn’t let me because you didn’t follow me so :/ but yeah!

  2. Never thought it would be that intense😂 Hope you are feeling better. I honestly wish my year group unite. 😒😂

  3. I’m so happy that you’re focusing on the good stuff at the moment 🙂 I feel like the gender doesn’t matter of the two head students; it’s about how well they would be for the job 🙂

    • Yes precisely! That stupid petition got over half the year’s signatures and I’ve never been so angry because the guys that made people sign basically told them different things it’s just so UUUGH!!

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