The Identity Tag!

Oooh I haven’t done a tag in so long, and I wasn’t even nominated for this one but I’m doing it because I’m a rebel and nothing can stop me. (Never saying that again I’m just going to back away…)

I saw this over on Lizzie’s blog – a new blogger I found recently – and thought it was a fabulous idea! Also I haven’t done a tag in so long that I felt bad and I missed doing it.

What you have to do is simple: answer the questions below. I’ll be nominating 5 bloggers, which will be so hard because there are loads of you!

1. If they made a song about your life, what genre would it be?
Probably something quiet with pianos and maybe strings, crescendoing to include drums at some points, and then quietening down again. That’s not a genre but shhh I’m trying to be inventive!

2. What is your sole purpose in life?
Oh god here we go. I’m not even joking when I say that my sole purpose is to help people, thereby making them as happy as possible, which makes me happy. That’s three, but they all stem from each other so the root is just one: I want to help and be kind to people.

3. What do you regret doing?
I’ve always held the policy that you shouldn’t regret doing things, because the things you do always teach you about yourself and others. However, if I had to pick, it’d be that I took so long to get my act together in the summer and realise what I wanted. Interpret that how you wish.

4. What are your strengths?
Ohhh noo. My strengths? Argh! I’d say I’m creative, I’m a good friend, I know when to shut up, I can be kind to people even if I don’t like them… Oh and I try to reach out as much as I can.

5. What are your weaknesses?
I spread stuff around that I shouldn’t, I think too negatively of myself, I find it hard to think positively in relation to me, I can’t get over things very easily, I run away with my feelings too often and I sometimes don’t think about things before I do them. It’s actually how sad how I found that easier to do than strengths, but the phrase “You’re your own worst enemy” is true.

6. What’s one thing that not many people know about you?
When I get angry, I get really really angry, and only the people that have seen me like that will believe it. On a more positive note, a lot of people don’t know that I’m prone to creating stories and characters in my head, making entire worlds when I want to, and I’m not just talking about a vague outline.

7. What has been the best decision of your life?
Making this blog. Yes, there are other decisions like cutting out toxic people from my life, but this blog has brought me so much confidence and love. I genuinely don’t know where I’d be without it.

8. What are you afraid of and why?
I’m scared of bees and anything that buzzes, and also the fear of falling. The more pressing one is that I’m absolutely terrified of people leaving me, thinking I’m worth nothing, or ignoring me for no good reason. That’s because of all the shit that’s gone on recently, which has magnified that fear to unpresidented heights.

9. Where are you going in life?
I don’t know. Hopefully I’m going to get better with mental health, and be happy, and not be so miserable; only time will tell. And so, I’ll give it time, and smile along the way to the best of my ability.

AAAND I nominate:
1. Flawed Silence

2. Wishy Washy Teenager

3. My Life Online

4. Light Up the Shining Night Stars

5. Hollie

I hope you have fun with this!

From Elm πŸ™‚

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