I’m Fabulous and Oh Yeah It’s Elm’s Special Day

Sup … ElmTrees?
I’ve never come up with a name for followers of the great Elm’s blog, but I think ElmTrees works, no?
So glad you agree…
Shall we start again?

sup ElmTrees — it’s L, from consider Yourself Warned…, and I am delighted to make your acquaintance. Now, follow me ‘cos I’m fab innit and everyone should love me … wait, this post is meant to be about Elm? Oh… OK, i’ll try again.

You may be aware that today, 31 December 2016, is Elm’s 18th 31 December on this Earth (when she was born, she was technically 0), which makes this her 17th birthday — happy birthday, my nature-obsessed friend!!! (It’s also my birthday but i’m not self-obsessed so I shall not beg you to wish me a happy birthday too but ffs you should do that OK?) I’ve know Elm for, like, 6 years; our friendship has flourished for 5 years to this very day. Elm has been there for me during everything: the good, the bad, and the blogging. I really couldn’t have asked for a more stable, kind-hearted and posh-tea-drinking comrade to accompany me on this little thing I call a life.

I think that it’s very easy to say that you will do something ‘next year’, when you’re ‘(age + 1)’ years old, because it seems so far away and that makes it seem less frightening. Well, Elmsta, ‘next year’ starts now, and you and me together are going to take it on. I think that the great tree herself will agree with me in saying that this year has seen her change and grow as a person in so many different ways — I mean, she’s finally got taller (sort of)! But honestly, she’s started doing so much more, being more independent, working on her writing and blogging and so much more, and that all opens up doorways and opportunities for the year ahead. You (Elm’s readers), elm, and I know that this year hasn’t been all fun and games for our tree; she’s had her fair share of shit and undeserved heartbreak, but even that is something to reflect on in the new year, and use to make her stronger. (Shhhh, clichés are my forte.)
Honestly though, I mean it.

For now, though, just have a fabulous day Elm: I think I speak for the whole Bloggosphere when I say that we wish you all the best for today, and all the best for year no. 17 (excluding your first year on Earth bc you were lil baby Elm nawwwwwwww).



52 thoughts on “I’m Fabulous and Oh Yeah It’s Elm’s Special Day

  1. 🎵🎵Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To you,
    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy birthday to you! 🎵🎵

  2. Awh I really enjoyed this post!! You guys make me laugh 😀 happy birthday to both of you, you deserve all the happiness today and in the year following!xx

  3. A very happy birthday to both of you, rockstars. And L, you hilarious little adorable thing (I am so mushy) this such a cute post. My heart just melted into a puddle due to all this cuteness. Have an amazing 2017 both of you. 😘🎉❤

  4. Happy Birthday Elm and L. It so cool to celebrate your birthdays on the last day of the year, isn’t it? All the best in 2017!!! Happy New Year too!🎉🎉🎉 Happy birthday again☺☺

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