Life After Death?

Hi World!

My names E, me and Elm had this super cool idea to do our opinions on life after death, ghosts and just give our opinions. There are so many possibilities and I think that’s what makes it  such an interesting topic! I have my own blog about anxiety, life in general and loads of advice for what we struggle with in our lives on Earth, so if you wanna check it out, I’ll leave the links at the bottom of this post, thank you!


Firstly, what do you think is real and what isn’t? Ghosts? The Paranormal? Aliens?

The strange thing is that, there is no real solid evidence for any of these things, it depends on people’s opinions, and how they interpret the possibilities. Personally, I’d like to think that there are events people just can’t explain, things which science cant solve, because it makes life interesting, it gets people thinking and forming their own opinions. I am a big fan of people sticking up for their views. But it’s also so cool to hear what other people think, and that’s why one of my favourite hobbies is looking at Conspiracy Theories! I mostly watch Shane Dawson’s videos because they are so interesting and it has enabled me to change my views and alternate between what I think and what is a possibility. I’ll leave a link to his playlist if you want to watch a few videos and have you entire mind blown!

Ghosts are something that present themselves in a variety of ways and countless types. Some ghosts are seen, some can be interacted with, some are simply sounds or actions to show they are here. I do believe in ghosts, although I have never witnessed them, I have family and friends who have and that makes you think, are they telling the truth? do I trust them enough to believe that they have experienced this? and mostly I do, my friends wouldn’t lie to me, but it depends on the friendship. There are many photos, videos and recordings of ghosts all across the global web, but many are fake, and that makes it hard to see the reality of some true experiences, I often watch shows such as Unsolved Mysteries or Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction where they explore a range of cases where some are solved, some are fake and some are real. Paranormal activity is common amongst these shows but I find shows that are based on looking for Ghosts can appear fake, and often they are simply created for entertainment purposes and not finding out the truth of the ghosts story. Looking at places like hospitals and asylums where there is the potential for so many spirits to remain. Although some are very emotional stories to look at, or even scary, it shows the memory of it and makes people aware.

Have you ever had any paranormal experiences that you can’t explain?

Another topic I love looking at is Area 51 and the possibility of Aliens and UFO’s, which have been taken to Area 51 in the possession of the US Government and Forces to keep away public interest and discoveries. I find this very interesting, however I think that even though the government want to keep everyone calm and happy, we should have a right to know what possible other life forms there are, some people would want to know and some wouldn’t. There is some information about Area 51 released from former employees but most things there are kept very secret and nobody can even go within a certain distance of the area, without being stopped by a white truck and army members questioning them, it could even cost a $750 fine for trespassing which has often been a mistake made by Tours companies and accidentally crossing the warning signs. I think they definitely have some Alien bodies or Alien UFO’s in there, but again it is something we have no proof of and something which will never be released.  I wish there was more information about this, maybe at some point I’ll do a post on It, but currently it’s so secret the internet only has facts and gossip which may not be true!

Have you ever visited Area 51 or heard any information about what may be stored there which makes it so secret? I’d love to know more!

Thank you so much for reading this post, I could go on for so long about every aspect of life after death and the things which governments keep from us, even the possibility of other life forms, but I won’t because we’d be here for days! Also, thank you Elm for letting me post on your blog, I am so excited to see your post and look at your thoughts on this!

Love E xoxo


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14 thoughts on “Life After Death?

  1. I think that it is so interesting to get other people’s opinions on this kind of thing… I’m not sure about life after death: I mean, I would like to think that there is something, but I don’t know… Area 51 scares and thrills me; what’s there? I would love to find out one day, but I’m fairly sure we never will…

  2. I loved your post! Especially because it felt so real and true. I’ve always been a geek for Conspiracy Theories especially matters concerning Area 51. And with the Netflix Original Series “Stranger Things” come out as a huge internet phenomenon which has talked both about spirits and other forms of life. There’s also this very interesting incident that happened called the Rosswell Incident, and from the little research that I did and the documentary that I watched, it talks about how a UFO looking object crashed in a farm and later the US military developed military technology from the so-called alien found in the UFO. It feels very superficial but as far as the evidences and the interviews go, it really seems authentic. You should definitely watch a documentary if your further interested. So good that a lot of people are interest in subjects relating to NASA and Area 51! I wish I could talk about how I feel about NASA hiding a TON of stuff from us, but anyways; great post!!!

    • Thank you so much for your comment! I totally agree, I wish we knew more but the documentary you mentioned and the tv shows sound to be the only info we will ever get, but as the future comes you never know! I will definitely watch that documentary and may do a future post on my blog about it! Thank you so much xx

      • No problem!!!! And yes, that is about the only authentic source of information we will ever get and I’ll wait for you post if you do decide to write one about the incident! Your welcome, 🙂 ❤

  3. Check out: “The Origins of Man on Earth ‘ The Real Truth” video by Littlebrotheriswatchingtoo. On YouTube. The guy talks a hundred miles an hour but shares a lot of info on aliens and other things.

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