Triangle Time With Elm and L.

Because I’m a terrible person, I haven’t had time to write a post of my own about the beautiful, fabulous day I had with Lu and L yesterday. However, here’s a post – from Lu herself – explaining all of the Triangle Times (it was creepy because we were screech-singing), resurrecting phones and duck tiger screaming attrocious selfies.

I love these two so so much, and I’ll never forget this day. Lu forgot to mention that her glorious laugh in real life is going onto my top 10 favourite moments ever, and that I nearly injured her with my legendary painful hugs. Going to see her with L was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Oh, and if you want to keep your reputation, never ever sing in Poundland. Or have two hot chocolates in separate Costas. Or, well, accidentally trip up a woman and hit a poor child – or get punched in the face by L.

Love from Elm 🙂

it’s lu again

Okay, children, calm down, it’s story time. . .

On the fine day of Sunday 12th February, i.e, yesterday, I was an adventurous child and ventured into the wilderness to meet the wonderful Grandma Elm and the moronic-but-lovable, L. This was a pretty big day for me, because I’ve never met up with another blogger before, but also because they’re amazing, and let’s be honest, they still could have been 50-something-year-olds.

Due to it being a Sunday, and yeah, I arrived early, wandering about the town freezing to death, then found sanctuary in the 2nd-nearest Costa shop (the one L had COMMANDED me to go to, btw) and actually bumped into someone I know… AWKS! And to make it even more “AWKS!” her parents were there… and her mum said “you here all by yourself?” I must have seemed like a right looser.

Anyways, several minutes later, Black Americano cooling…

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5 thoughts on “Triangle Time With Elm and L.

  1. I don’t know were you got the word “glorious” from to describe my laugh, but that was NOT what it was like. I sounded like a choking whale that was dying so painfully.
    Honestly, yesterday was THE BEST DAY and I am so sad that it had to end because it was hilarious and we just went on like a lil adventure! It was so nice!
    And I will NEVER forgive you for hitting me in the leg—how dare you!!!
    But your hug wassss the bestttttttttttttt ❤
    LY XX
    P.s, You literally made it seem like we were in a cult, ngl. . . “singing”, “resurrecting” things, and just generally beating people.

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