This is an amazing post from one of my favourite people! Oh, and happy ARD; I’m going to celebrate it when I get home from school xx

A.K.A The Author

Hey y’all! How is everyone doing? I am currently sick so I decided to opt out of school today to rest. (Sidenote: I started writing this on Monday, it’s Wednesday now but I’m still home sick. Okay well I’m a failure so it’s now Thursday)  This week was absolutely crazy for me.  On Tuesday I took the ACT which actually wasn’t too bad, I think I did decent but not great. I guess we’ll see when I get my scores back.

On Wednesday I had interviews for this surgical technology program. Basically its really hard to get into and I get my letter saying if I got in or not at the end of March. In the beginning 80 people applied and we all took some tests, from that they took 40 for interviews. The interview itself lasted 4 hours, it was crazy. I ended up being in the last…

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