Getting into the Spirit of Things

In my school, there’s a thing that happens every year. The Sixth Formers run it – specifically, the year 12s – and I’ll just call it Charity Week because that’s essentially what it is.

What happens that week is we (or it will be us) dress up in costumes based on a theme – there’s one theme per day – run events and raise money for charity. It’s done through events, cake and sweet sales and donations; it’s a rather huge deal because loads of sixth formers and the younger years get involved. It’s a way to have fun, whilst also doing good.

This year, it’s our turn and two of my best friends are on the team that organise it. I would have run for that – Student Representative – but there’s no way I’m confident enough in my own abilities. This time, though, instead of sitting back and doing bugger all, I’m actually going to help.

Maybe I should concentrate on doing work but I want to prove to myself that I can stick with something and that I’m motivated. My energy levels have plummeted and I really want to change that which means that I’m going to have to get up the confidence to do something.

Did I mention, it’s next week? I also neglected to say that I’ve barely done anything to sort things out.

The first thing is costumes. I’m never usually one to dress up – I’m insecure because I can’t see my costumes, think I’m not trying hard enough or I tried too hard or simply that my costume is shit. After saying to my friends that “I have no one to help me because the family’s busy,” and they telling me, “You have us you moron!” I realised how stupid I was but I suppose I didn’t want to be a burden on them or make them go out of their way.

On some of the days I want to dress up as the White Witch from Narnia, a Dryad (I sobbed with laughter after I came up with that one; Dryads are tree spirits from mythology) and I was going to be a Victorian lady but getting the clothes would be too difficult as it’s too late, so I’m going to dress up as either a peasant girl or Joan of Arc. I also want to dress up as someone from Harry Potter but my mind’s gone blank – if you have any suggestions that aren’t Hermione (everyone will be going as her or multiple people) let me know!

I promised one of the Student Reps that I’d bring in stuff to sell. That includes sweets, biscuits and cakes; that will be my favourite one because how can you realistically go wrong with that? In addition, it’s fun; I love shopping for sweet things because you can get really creative. That will probably be my main focus because it’s what people want to buy.

Somehow, I’ve managed to spread the word about it. In the unit for blind people – VI unit – I was talking about it whilst waiting for a teacher to help me to the form room of the girl I peer mentor; I told the 5 or so people in there at the time that they should get donating as much as they could. I’m not the most charismatic person at all so I most likely came across as too enthusiastic – something they’re not used to because most of them know me as some kind of sarcastic know-it-all bitch – but I hope it got through to them. I even told them in the most chirpy voice ever, “Spread the word in your year if you can – it’s gonna be fab!” and I cringed so hard but for once, I was smiling.

For some reason, I have about 3 year 7 friends along with the girl I Peer Mentor and so when I was in her form, I was also talking about it. I got a few questions and answered them as best as I could – they know my face and so I didn’t have to do any awkward introductions. It was great because I felt like I truly was doing something.

Let’s hope that I can pull the costumes off! Do you have anything like this in your school?

From Elm πŸ™‚

66 thoughts on “Getting into the Spirit of Things

  1. That sounds like so much fun! Maybe you could be Luna Lovegood? We have spirit week at my school, where we all dress up with different themes for each day (Monday is always Pajama day) and collect clothes for a clothing drive. Good luck with all your planning!

    • OOOOH that sounds awesome; that’s kinda similar to what we have πŸ™‚ I’d love to be Luna but I’d have to find a blonde wig! AHHH it can be done. Thanks by the way!! πŸ™‚

      • We have things like Disney or superheroes or book characters or anything like that, I’m not in 6th form yet so I don’t get to dress up, but we have teacher take me out, cake stalls, teacher dance off and students Vs teachers matches in any team sport…. Things like that. It’s such good fun and one of my fave times of the school year! πŸ˜πŸ™‚

      • Ohhh wow we have pretty much the same! Who organises it in your school? πŸ˜ƒ oh and what’s the link to your blog? It doesn’t say it when I click on your name

      • It is run by the sixth formers every year, tbh it’s basically charity week. 😁
        I love your blog by the way, I’ve been reading it pretty much since starting mine and discovering the blogging world together. Thank you for a great site to read πŸ˜‡

      • Awww thank you!!! How long ago did you start your blog? I LOVE the layout! Gonna go read some posts πŸ™‚

      • I started my blog around this time last year, or maybe like may. My posts weren’t regular and i wasn’t completely happy, so I brought them over to a new page and started again after a very long gap of new blogging which lasted about 6 months or just over!!! I am more happy now although the front page isn’t completely finished and edited yet! Thank you very much though! Yes, go and have a read and please give me your feedback 😁 xxx

      • COURSE I will; I love it so much! Your posts have such variety; you don’t just limit yourself to one topic. I think that you do this so well; keep going! And oh WOW: happy nearly a year anniversary!

      • It was great thanks! The theme was villains and superheroes. There was this one girl with soup pictures attached to like a leotard with a red cape and she was called ‘souperwoman’. Get it?! πŸ˜‚ How was yours?

      • I’m sorry but this is FREAKING ME OUT because I’ve been here two years and NEVER had this! You do – was someone dressed as Voldemort and another as Donald Trump? I know the girl who was souperwoman – she used to be in my form

      • Also I’m sorry for the manic response to that – I’m just freaked out because you’d very easily be able to find out who I am

      • Yep haha! πŸ™‚ You’ll most likely see me around school cause I’m very very easy to spot (if we go to the same one that is)

      • YES!!! You’re like James Bond πŸ˜€ Look out for me – I’m the blind one πŸ™‚ I won’t know who you are of course so if you randomly say hi I’ll be like “AHHH!”

      • People literally JUMP out at me πŸ˜€ I HATE IT TOO! If you do go up to me, address me as Elm because nobody would ever do that because hardly anyone knows about me and those who do call me by my real name. So I know it’s you haha! OHH this is so weird

      • It is isn’t it! I’m really excited although I’m absolutely terrified too, because what if I just go up to a random person and call them Elm and their look at me and think I’m an absolute weirdo!! πŸ˜†πŸ˜…

      • AHHH IM SO EXCITED TOO! Like you I’m scared because this kind of thing has only happened to me once before and the girl doesn’t go to my school – only lives near where it is. Hang on – was there a bouncy castle thingy today? Because if so then you DEFINITELY go to my school but if not I’ve freaked out for nothing!

      • Very much so because you go to my school! πŸ™‚ BLOODY HELL I can’t get over this this is such a mincidence that you found my blog and commented and we go to the same school of ALL schools! Are you going to the teacher take me out tomorrow? I probs should because my best friend’s head girl… Ahh

      • Oh GOD THAT IS TERRIFYING! We’re both short as hell haha! I can’t BELIEVE you’ve actually seen me I’m sorry this is so surreal!

      • Then she’ll say “WHO ARE YOU?” but you’ll know it’s me: I’m rather short and have a cane (long white stick)

      • Yas awesome! Can’t get over this ahh πŸ˜ƒ Weirdest thing thathat’s ever happened to me – or one of them at least

      • Ahh! Do your friends know about your blog? I won’t ask what zear you are in on here because I know you want to keep your identity a secret πŸ™‚

      • One of my friends kind of inspired me to start mine, she is also at our school although I won’t say who (it’s still so weird to say that we go to the same school!)
        Yeah I do want to keep it a secret because i felt it was too public before, that’s why I changed it.
        If we meet at some point, though we can talk though! 😊😁

      • That would
        be amazing! Does your friend have a blog too? OMG this is so strange! How did you find mine? I always get surprised when people just randomly find me

      • Yours was a recommended site when I was literally just starting up! Yes she does have a blog I will tell you about it. I’ll see if I can ask the head girl, if she’s doing the cake stall again like today πŸ˜‚

      • That IS SO COOL AHH!! Does she know about mine?!! And yep; I heard her yelling earlier when I was with another friend and my other friend (he’s the hinger one on another cake stall) was also yelling πŸ˜‚

      • Can’t remember if I replied or not but awesome! Also I think a friend of mine knows you because I remembered you changed your display name from your real name to this right? But this friend doesn’t know i blog

      • That she does and she reads it! More people at school know than Cead like because I used to be more relaxed about sharing it – but that can’t be helped!

      • Yeah I used to share mine more too, and a lot of people know because I promote it on social media a bit too, but outside of that noone actually shares like an actual ​interest in it like I do, it seems 😁

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