That Moment When a Blogger Goes to your School

I’ve always said, “Haha, wouldn’t it be funny if a blogger went to my school? That’d be so weird and hilarious!”

Never did I imagine that this wild prediction – this thing that I’d jokingly talked about, laughed about even, would happen. It’s one thing to think about it – like an idle curiosity, something you think could happen but never would, right? It’s another thing for it to truly happen, not just in your overactive mind.

On this post, you can find a rather lengthy comment chain – one of the longest I’ve ever had – between me and Llowestcommonmultiple. It started off normally enough: she said that she also had a Charity Week this week and that it was called RAG week. I raised both eyebrows (I physically can’t raise one – it’s sad), at that because our charity week is also called RAG week. Hmm, I thought – it’s got to be a coincidence; there’s no bloody way it’s the same one because RAG week must be a thing in other schools.

I come home on the first day and reply to our comment chain, asking her how her first day was. She told me the theme – superheroes vs. supervillains – and spoke about a girl who had dressed up in a costume with soup labels attached to her and called herself “souperwoman.” At this, I freaked out and messaged a rather crazed reply with about 8 question marks and many capital letters because I realised: she went to my FUCKING SCHOOL.

Now see, the “souperwoman” girl used to be in my form for 5 years and was one of the first friends I ever made at my school. We’re not close at all now but I think she’s great, inventive and funny. It was only by chance that I’d been told about the costume by a staff member – and for that to be the costume that this blogger talked about was just such a coincidence that it shocked me. It was almost by chance that we found out and realised: I was still screaming and freaking out, shouting “OH MY GOD!” at various intervals whilst on Skype with Lu and just generally being unable to process what had happened.

I knew that she was going to be looking out for me – if you don’t know, I’m blind and so wouldn’t be able to see her or know who she was. On Tuesday, I asked my friend Pine if she knew her – I won’t say her name because of anonymity – and it turns out that yes, she did. Upon asking me why, I blurted out something awkward like “Ermmm, no reason! I’d just heard of her and… Yeah… I was curious?” I never said I was a smooth talker. I told Wren about it – the head girl who’s also basically my best friend – and screaming commenced out of excitement; I also told Swan and for the last two days as we’ve wandered around outside I’ve kept suddenly stopping and going “WHAT, I still can’t believe the blogger thing!” I don’t know why I get so excited over this…

Yesterday, I wore a Dryad costume because I wanted to emulate the tree spirit for the irony (nobody understood my weird smile when they asked what I was). As I was exiting the unit for VI (visually impaired) people to go to my lesson, I took a few steps and then heard a voice say, quietly, “Elm!”

Nobody ever, ever calls me that and so that’s why we had agreed for it to be the thing that identified her to me. Because I’m not used to hearing that name said aloud, especially by someone at school, it took me a second to react. My response? “OHH! Hey! Ahh I wasn’t expecting that to happen!” *laughs slightly manically)* See what I mean?

To have a blogger – especially one who found me by chance, who I’d spoken to before and who knows people that I know – going to my school is amazing. It’s incredible that out of all the schools in the country, she goes to mine – the very fact that someone who understands blogging like I do goes to the place I go to every school day – is mind-blowing. What are the odds? If I hadn’t been told about the costume, if I hadn’t replied to her comment in the way I did, if she just hadn’t found my blog – none of this would have happened. It freaks me out.

This opens up so many opportunities for me. Now I’m paranoid that there are more bloggers in my school, that someone I speak to knows my face (I kind of stick out because blind) and it’s just… Weird but also wonderful. This connects me both to blogging and real life – the thing I love connecting me to the real world in such a way makes things feel more exciting and tangible.

I still can’t believe this happened. For some strange reason, people know me in the blogging world and people also know me in real life; people see me around school and so anyone with a blog could walk by me and I wouldn’t know.

All I can say is that the greatest things come out of the chancest of encounters. After almost 2 years, it’s amazing for me to experience this: I never thought that the idea I once thought laughable and so far away is actually much more in reach than I knew.

Have you ever had this kind of experience?

Check out llowestcommonmultiple’s blog by the way; it’s great! I’ve spent a while reading over her posts and I love them.

From Elm πŸ™‚

36 thoughts on “That Moment When a Blogger Goes to your School

  1. Thats so crazy! I never thought about that but now I’m considering the possibility of other people at my school also having blogs.

    • Yeah exactly; it’s completely by chance and just to realise that if one tiny thing hadn’t been said, I wouldn’t have known astounds me!!

  2. WOW! That’s amazing, that’s so weird though :)) Although, this just shows how small the world is in some aspects. My blogging life and my everyday life is slowly becoming as one because of YouTube videos and two of my friends reading it, it’s really lovely πŸ™‚ but now, I’m terrified that there’s other people who read my blog that I know but it sounds pretty cool though xx

  3. WOAH! THAT’S CRAZY BUT SERIOUSLY AWESOME AT THE SAME TIME! I bet in a way it’s like a sigh of relief because now you have someone in your midst who understands what it is like to blog and not have to constantly hide it from people. Anyway, everything happens for a reason! πŸ™‚

  4. I have never had an experience but it is definitely crazy! Thanks for sharing the story. It reminds me really how small the blogging community is

  5. I’ve never had an experience like this but this sounds so cool! I surely do know a couple of people who have a public blog you could say, since everyone knows about it.

    • I don’t even know people with a public blog because no one really has one in our school – or I THOUGHT they didn’t!! πŸ˜€

  6. I’ve never met a person whom I knew because of their blog, but I do know a few people in school who have a blog. Two of them are my classmates, in fact! They started their respective blogs after I got to know them, so it’s not quite the same. I think it’d be really weird and wonderful at the same time to actually meet a fellow blogger in real life. Maybe I will, someday. *fingers crossed* πŸ˜€

    • It’s genuinely the most amazing feeling!! None of my friends or classmates have kept up with their blogs – I’m the only one who’s been doing it for ages and hasn’t given up yet πŸ˜€ Are the bloggers you know well-known in the community? Thank you for the comment by the way!!

      • You’re very welcome. Nope, not well-known, all three of us are new, I more than them, though. They haven’t posted in a while but we’re also in the middle of our final board exams, so I can’t fault them for that! I don’t know if they’ll keep up with their blogs but I plan to keep up with mine. I may take a tiny hiatus (exams, ahh) but probably not. Writing is my outlet, can’t give that up. Just the other day, I wrote this entire post on exams and schooling and the education system in my country. I’d love it if you’d check it out?
        No compulsion though! But yes, although I should be focused entirely on studying, I don’t see that happening, lol. Blogging while being in school is fun, I think. It’s an experience like no other. Have a wonderful day! xx

      • YES I totally agree! Ahh good luck with your boards πŸ™‚ I hope everything goes well! Just about to check out that post xx

  7. Omg, that’s so cool! The only bloggers I know at my school are my friends who I inspired to start blogging. XD That would be a totally amazing thing to find out if there were other bloggers at my school!

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