Two Years of Being Elm

If you’d have told me two years ago, after I wrote potentially the worst first post ever (did I think I was being cool or something?) that I’d still be sticking with blogging two years later, I would have blinked in confusion and burst out laughing. Really, it astounds me how I’ve kept up with this whole thing: maybe some (failed) breaks and breakdowns but I’m still here.

So many things about my life have changed: I’ve come to conclusions about my personality that I don’t like; I’ve gone through four relationship-type things (bloody hell); I’ve cried more times than I can count; I’ve screwed up majorly but also been the happiest I’ve ever been. Through all this, I’ve had this blog: maybe I couldn’t talk about a few things but my blog’s been a stable thing in my life when everything was spinning around me. Constantly there, it and the people I’ve met have been the things that have kept me going.

To me, my blog’s a way to be myself. It’s not just a bunch of posts, comments or pages; it’s a way to hold myself together. When I think about it, it’s one of the only things that I’ve properly kept to: it symbolises my dedication or the threads of it. I can’t bloody believe that I’m still here after so many have left, that my blog hasn’t decreased in meaning for me (quite the opposite).

I know I say this a lot but I can’t thank you enough. Thanks for sticking it out through my posts: I know there are certain types of posts, like positive ones or situations that have happened to me that you guys like more, but I’ll still be posting how I usually do. The reason I love this place so much is because I don’t restrict myself or hide behind another thing’s shadow; I’m as genuine as I can be and I take pride in that.

I didn’t want to just be like “Sup bitches, been around for two years and LOOK AT ME NOW!” because honestly, this is nothing special. It’s just me, sentimenal as ever, marking the anniversary of something that pretty much means the world to me. Maybe it won’t to other people but I’ve remained true to my blog, to myself on here and even when I couldn’t say the full story, I could get my emotions out.

I’ve got this far. I’ve met so many amazing people, met bloggers, fallen in and out of love and held the hands of people that have hurt me. If I’ve already done so much, who’s to say I can’t keep going? Who’s to say that in a year I won’t have met more bloggers, gained feelings for someone which β€²I truly want – how do I know what’s going to happen?

I’m going to carry on because blogging’s now more important to me than anything I’ve ever done. Not much could get me to suddenly leave or say, “This was nice but bye!”

Thanks for 2 years; your support has shown me that people do care and that I’m not going to be dropped in the middle of an ocean on my own. Through my bad mental health and awful feelings, various people have been there that I needed; how the hell could I have got through everything without you?

I doo’t understand, still, why people follow me – I’ve almost got 2500 of them. How did that happen? I genuinely never set out to be some kind of ‘known’ person but for some reason, people know my name and people respect my words. Why? What is it about me that lets people read my stuff – in whatever capacity? I hope you know how much that means to me because it makes me feel so appreciated. Ugh, I sound so arrogant; I’m just surprised I guess.

I love you all. Here’s to more years to come of laughter, tears and too many strange situations to think about. Honestly, I can’t wait.

I’ve been Elm for 2 years but I sulpose the “Elm” part of my identity was always there. It just took this blog for it to surface, after the two other “blogs” I had. I grew into the Elm you have now because of this. I’d safely say: being Elm makes me so, so happy.

Love from Elm πŸ™‚

82 thoughts on “Two Years of Being Elm

  1. Happy anniversary! I love you and you are the sweetest. The blogging world definitely wouldn’t be the same without you! ❀️

  2. Ugh, it’s 10:44 pm in my clock and I should be sleeping to make up for all the times I slept late the past few days but here I am teary-eyed as I read the most beautiful blogiversary post I’ve ever read. :”)
    To think I was planning on making a kinda light/funny comment before opening your post…
    You ask why people respect your words and read your stuff? THIS. This utter genuineness is rare to find and I feel so happy that you first commented on a post of mine all those years ago when I was still a blogger/lurker. ❀
    Happy blog birthday Elm!

    • Ohh Kate you’ve made me so emotional! I remember way back when when I found your blog – you were Plethoric Thoughts then πŸ™‚ You’ve been here for so long and THAT means the world; I just can’t believe you’d still support me and that’s why I love you and your stuff. Your Tweets always make me smile and I admire you so much. Here’s to many more years and blogiversaries from both of us!! xx

  3. HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY DUDE! I can definitely feel you on the just…feeling super sentimental about blogging. Like, I haven’t done anything??? majorly impressive considering the time I’ve been blogging but it’s really nice to have a constant, and to be part of a community of people who are kind & cool. CONGRATS AGAIN and thanks for being really rad ❀

    • HAVEN’t DONE ANYTHING MAJORLY IMPRESSIVE ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? You’ve been amazing! You’ve been here forever and made so many friends and I love seeing you around Twitter because you’re so supportive! Keep smiling and just being happy and making others happy. Thanks for always being here!

  4. What a wonderful post. It’s amazing seeing how blogging has affected you this positively. So congratulations on your blogaversary!! 😊 I think that the reason that so many of us love you and your blog is that you’re so open and genuine about your feelings and experiences- it really shows us a piece of your mind. Not to mention your kindness on WordPress! You’ve made your own unique mark on the blogosphere:) I’m so happy for you. much love! XOXO c. ❀

    • Awww, you’re lovely! Thanks loads; I hope I can keep this up and keep being genuine! Going to email you back about the collab tonight πŸ™‚ Thanks for supporting me! xx


  5. YES ELM! I’M SO HAPPY THAT I’VE GOT TO MET YOU ON HERE AND THANK YOU FOR BLOGGING! It’s nearly two years since we first spoke to each other on here and that literally blows my mind that I’ve been speaking to someone on the internet for that long πŸ™‚

  6. This just makes me wish I joined two years ago so that I could see your development over the years. Oh well. Looks like I’ll just have to stalk the heck out of your page.

  7. Congrats, you are my inspiration. I love reading stuff like this. We have a lot in common , I feel and you should really keep blogging for as long as you can! xoxo

  8. Happy second, Elm. This is one of the most beautiful blogiversary posts I’ve ever read; and it is precisely the reason why we read your stuff. You’re true and genuine and raw. There’s no hiding; it’s all the real you. You’ve left your mark on this world, Elm. I hope you continue finding solace in the blogosphere. We’ll be here for you, always. Have a wonderful birthday! xx

    • Thank you so so much πŸ™‚ You’re amazing and your comments over the past weeks have made ste so so happy! My blogiversary was great; I’m so glad I could stick with this!!

      • I’m so glad too! I love reading your blog and having conversations with you!

      • And it’s awesome to have the same with you! Tomorrow, I’m going to properly read loads of your posts – I’ll make time for it! xx

      • Aww Elm. That’s quite possibly the sweetest thing someone’s ever said to me. :’) You taking the time out to read my blog would mean the world to me. Thank youu. xx

  9. I love how your blog has grown into this incredible thing over the past two years. Your consistence and your dedication has really been an inspiration. I stopped blogging for around a year at one point, and seeing your blog and your posts just at one point made me get back to blogging . I learnt from your blog a really important lesson about building a community and being a part of that community , and wordpress is speedy different from all social media like this, it’s so much more intimate and engaging despite the fact that half the people you meet on it are total strangers .

    • Today I’ve honestly felt so so bad about myself but your comment helped to lessen that a bit. You’re wonderful and I’m so so happy I inspired you because your words are beautiful πŸ™‚ That post you wrote for Making Time for Me was absolutely wonderful and so creative in how you began it, too, plus the list xx

  10. Dang, I missed your blog anniversary but still, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m never going to stop telling you that you’re one of the best bloggers that I’ve ever met! Never! Also, you’re absolutely amazing and wonderful! I’m just so proud of you!

    • Literally YOU are wonderful!!!! You’ve been here for ages and I’m so glad that you have been because you’re a great blogger and all around a great person! xx

      • Aw that’s just so sweet!! Thank you so much and of course, the same goes to you!

  11. Reading this actually got me emotional like oh my goodness Elm! I love both you and your blog. But you write your blog. So overall it’s two lots of love for you!

    • As I love YOU! You were my first ever EVER blogging friend, back when I was Gem πŸ˜€ Oh WOW I keep on getting emotional! Thanks for your support over the years ❀

  12. ah elm i’m so so proud of how far you’ve come. you achieved so much and impacted positively on many people’s lives and i’m super super thrilled for all your accomplishments blog wise and in real life wise. i can’t wait to watch you grow your elm tree in the coming years. much love xx

    • Ahhh you’re amazing!!! πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see YOUR blog’s growth, too, and of you as a person. Thanks for being here! xx

  13. Happy very late bloggiversary!! (sorry btw) XD XD I love your blog, you’re an amazing person, this community loves you! Please never stop blogging!!!

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