My “Fear” of Buzzing Insects

Here are a few facts that everyone knows:
• Bees will only sting you if provoked and they die from stinging, meaning they wouldn’t usually do it
• Wasps won’t sting you unless angry
• They’re more scared of you than you are of them
• They aren’t actually concentrated on you – either they’re finding a way out or just flying around
• English flies are harmless. They can’t hurt you. Seriously.

Now, I know all this: when I’m away from something that buzzes, I’m totally fine. I list all the reasons why I shouldn’t be scared. When I hear one? I completely, completely freak out.

I’m asked a lot why I have such an extreme reaction to anything – literally anything – that makes a buzzing sound. My token response – “I’m blind so can’t see where they are or what they are, meaning it could be a wasp and I wouldn’t realise – works in most cases. However, even when I know it’s a fly or a bee that wouldn’t harm me, I have the exact same reaction. I can’t ignore it; everything in me becomes focused on where it might be, listening out for it and avoiding it.

To illustrate this, a situation happened to me today which brought my fear into sharp focus. I was home alone – my sister and dad went to an art gallery which is pretty much useless to me. I had just finished my lunch when I heard the horribly familiar buzz of something – wasp, bee or fly I still don’t know.

After that, I had one of the worst freakouts I’ve had in a while. Some of it was documented on my Twitter but what happened was that for half an hour – perhaps more – I sat in the same seat, shaking so hard and frantically messaging anyone, just to try and keep my mind under control.

I kept on hearing it. It flew into the kitchen, flew around me once and went towards the window. It quietened for a bit – it just stopped – and every time that happened, I stayed stock still because I knew it was still there. After a few minutes it’d start up again, faintly in the living room but soon coming back into the room I was in. Every time I heard it, I would sob “No please!” and gasping – honestly crying out of terror and not even logical terror. At one point, I thought there were two of them; I was unable to do anything. I called my mum, telling her I was bored and wanted to go to hers, trying to minimise my shaking whilst on the phone.

Now I’m out of the situation, it seems strange to me how terrified I truly was. That is until I remember that all the windows were closed and all the doors to the rooms in my house were open. That meant that the insect couldn’t escape but it was able to fly anywhere; i would have no idea where it was. Because of that, I was so scared that I didn’t want to move and then couldn’t. I couldn’t bypass the fear – what if it appeared whilst I was walking? What if it was just inside the other room and I would be faced with it? What if it was right behind my head and when I moved, it’d continue buzzing?

I managed to run upstairs – I spoke to my dad, barely able to stop myself from shrieking when I heard the thing again. When I got into my room and was alone, having slammed the door, I sat there crying in shock for about 10 minutes because I hardly ever react that badly.

I suppose it was because I was alone. Whenever I’m around people, it’s not so bad; I can just talk to them loudly and try to ignore the buzzing. I don’t want to go out into the garden in the daytime just in case – especially if I wanted to do work out there. When I’m in the park, I’m never alone and the insects don’t bother me because if I hear them, I can run as grass and paths are stretched out before me. It’s avoidance tactics at its best.

Luckily, I know it can’t be a diagnosable phobia: I only display a small percentage of symptoms. One key thing is that when I’m away from them, I’m not terrified because if I hear a bee on TV and am assured it’s not in the house with me, I calm down completely and can carry on as usual. It doesn’t affect the entirety of my life or intrerupt everything I do. However, it’s horrible.

My main problem is that people don’t understand. I’m aware that my fear is illogical but if you put me in the same room as an insect which buzzes and leave me, I’ll scream up a storm and would probably resort to tearing at the walls if I felt like I couldn’t get out. People say that they’re harmless and I know that but that knowledge doesn’t transfer into the situation when I’m in it. There’s only one person I’ve found who fully understands this and that’s All the Jazz who has honestly been a lifesaver to me today. Just no know that there’s someone who gets it and doesn’t think I’m either being pathetic or stupid for crying my eyes out because of a fucking tiny thing with wings is such a comfort.

Apart from forcing myself to be around bees or anything that buzzes, there’s not much I can do about my… Rather extreme reaction. It never used to be like this when I was a child – or I don’t remember it being – but nothing traumatic happened involving insects for me so I have no idea why it’s such a huge thing. Maybe it was because I spent so long avoiding them because of the little fear that it’s now grown into something almost unmanageable.

You’re not an idiot for being scared of something. Only you can tell yourself that your fear is illogical or not because only you can describe and experience your personal “brand” of it. To other people, it might not make sense but to you, the heart-pounding, tear-inducing fright makes all the sense in the world.

From Elm 🙂

44 thoughts on “My “Fear” of Buzzing Insects

  1. I feel exactly the same way with spiders. I tell myself they’re never going to hurt me but as soon as I see one I just panic. To anyone who doesn’t feel it, it probably does seem really pathetic but it’s not something you can help. I really hope you’re okay!

  2. That’s right- nobody’s an idiot for being scared of anything. Even if something that someone’s scared or insecure about doesn’t make sense to others, people need to respect that. I hope that you feel better now! Xx, c

  3. tbh wasps are pretty rude sometimes but yeah i understand your fear. I don’t have any fear of bugs or anything but I do have fears so I know how terrifying it is to be around your fear!

  4. Fear is irrational. It is inexplicable, all consuming and more importantly relative – what you find scary might not seem scary to others. However, even though your fear may be unfounded, it is still legitimate and that means nobody has the right to mock you for it. Your panic is real and terrifying. I’m not that scared of buzzing insects, but I get it. I respect your fear and so should others, because at the end of the day, everybody is scared of something or the other and how would they feel if we laughed at theirs? I’m thinking it wouldn’t seem so funny to them anymore. But hey, you survived the mystery buzzer, yay! 🙂

  5. You’re awesome for writing this, and I’ll preach to the whole world everything you said, especially that last paragraph! And aw, you really didn’t have to mention me, I’m so glad I helped. You were a lifesaver to me too, by just finding out you have the same fear as me. Maybe someday we’ll be able to beat this extreme fear? *hug*

  6. This is me! To be honest, I’m scared of anything that moves or has an unnatural number of legs. The buzzing sounds really get to me, so I have to blast music to distract myself. I’m a little scared of birds as well, since the flapping sound really gets to me

  7. This is so relatable! I totally agree with you, you’re not an idiot cause you’re scared of something. We have have fears, right?
    I have a funny story:
    So the other day (actually night) I went to sleep and when I was in bed I heard a fly buzzing near me. It was crazy, it didn’t stop moving! I called my mom and when she came, I told her there was a fly in the room. She didn’t see nor heard anything, she told me to call her if it buzzes again. She went to the kitchen and I tried to sleep again. I didn’t hear the fly again but I heard a loud noise coming from the kitchen. I thought my mom had fallen or something. Before I went to the kitchen, she came and said the bug followed her to the kitchen and she tried to kill it. She didn’t kill it but she opened the window and set it free.
    My mom is a hero.
    Sorry for the long story, I had to vent.
    Again, awesome post!!!!!

  8. I have a fear of balloons. Sounds like the weirdest thing but it truly terrifies me when someone mentions the word and if it’s the same room, I’m out of there. It’s truly terrifying for me and it sounds so stupid but I can’t get my head around it. It’s awful, so I understand complete elm xx

  9. Why do I relate so much omg. I can know perfectly well that it’s a fly flying around me yet it still freaks me the hell out because ew buzzing thing flying round me ew. And then I start thinking the whole ‘What if it lands on me’, ‘what if it lands next to me’, what if it invites its whole family to join the buzzing celebration that is flying around my room and haunting me’ etc, you know, the normal and completely rational thoughts. But then I can’t kill it because firstly, dead flys are extremely gross and what am I meant to do with it and secondly, I’d feel bad killing it. Plus what if more come to, I don’t know, avenge the death of this fly?

    Spiders are even worse. No matter the size or where I am, if I spot one I will scream. Loud. I will proceed to then refuse to go into the room with said spider until the spider had been removed properly and the room and has been thoroughly searched for other spiders.

    Ridiculous? Probably haha

  10. This is literally the exact same thing for me but with one particular fly and that is the Midge. Tbh i never used to have a problem with them, i guess it was because i never realized they existed, until i saw that my sister was getting annoyed with one of them one day, so that made me notice Midges and start getting annoyed with them but each time i saw a midge i started to get even more scared as the days went a long of me hiding from them and trying to kill them somehow but today was probably my worst reaction of the midges or the past 3 hours for me crying, having a panic attack and screaming at them starting from1 to 3 in the morning. The first tuing they did was infest my room as my window was open, but i needed open otherwise i would be too hot so then the midges just kept on multiplying, thats when i started shaking like crazy and jumping whenever i heard the buzzing aound get closer to me or even behind me, after a while i started crying and fled into the lounge hoping there would be any in there….. i was wrong, when i saw that there where midges in there too i had a full on panic attack, nothing felt real, i was getting dizzy and my legs just felt like jelly and so obviously the last place i went to was my mums room which is where i am now. Honestly it was embarrasing telling her why i was crying, but anyways im glad theres no midges my mums room, im still shaking tho from that horrible experiance and it doesnt really help that i keep thinkin im hearing the buzzing sounds still but its jut my flipping ears playing tricks on me something, its like its echoing that annoying buzzing after 3 hours of hearing it. I had amediately searched up everything that was related to what i had experianced as i felt like i was going mad and tbh i still do but not as much now that i found something similer to what ive been through. Im glad im not alone.

    • Ahhh I understand this!!! They are terrifying 😦 I hope that you’re alright; I’m sorry for the late reply – I only just saw this comment! I’m SO glad you get it though xx

  11. I know this feeling all too well. For me it’s not just the fear of the buzzing actually happening, but a fear of the situations that cause the buzzing. I’ll see a bee collecting pollen outside my garage’s door; and i’ll just lock up and stay frozen until it flies away…
    Utterly terrifying, for me at least.

  12. I like bugs , whenever they don’t fly or hover in my direction. I’m okay around insects who don’t make that “ buzzing” sound. I feel uncomfortable and freak out whenever I hear insects start to buzz, especially cicadas. When I try to help them if they tip over, they start freaking out and buzzing which makes my heart race. It’s like “ I’m trying to help you, but you’re freaking me out dude, chill”.
    Also maybe wearing ear plugs or listening to music can help cope with the unwanted buzzing. I hope this helps.

    • This is amazing – thank you!! The buzzing terrifies me so blocking it out is the best solution. If I know an insect is there, I won’t be really scared if I can’t hear it. Ehh, finding ways to deal will take ages. Thank you for this – I’ve never heard a cicada but they do sound scary from what people have said 😦

  13. im a little late to the party, but i cant believe ive found someone with the same fear as me! whenever i hear an insect buzzing, i have a total freakout. its gotten to the point where i plug my ears when i see one approaching. anything to get away from the dreadful sound! nowadays i sleep with my bed covers well over my ears – sometimes even with earplugs – just because of one silly encounter with a mosquito in my bedroom. and everyone thinks im crazy! and i look pretty crazy too, i mean, just imagine someone plugging their ears around a housefly or bee! its the weirdest response but its what helps to calm me down. once again, im SO glad someone is on the same page as me about these dumb bugs!

    • Holy shit THANK YOU!!! I’ve stopped doing this now but there was this time around 9 years ago where a bee came into my room and I heard it as I woke up for about a year after, I would sleep literally under my covers and when I woke, would hold my fingers to my ears so I couldn’t hear. I’m so so glad I’m not the only one!

      Also, this post has been getting a lot of attention recently 😀 it’s just reminded me of how scared I am – this summer has been terrible because the UK heatwave means it’s insects galore :(( thank you for writing such a relatable comment!

  14. I have this same unexplainable fear as you do. I have no problem dealing with other bugs. But if they start buzzing I get so scared I sometimes even start hyperventilating. My family laugh at me sometimes, but I’m just glad I am not the only person like this.

    • Honestly, same. I’ve cried to the point of meltdown before, it’s awful. And people don’t take it seriously at all. I’m so glad I’m not alone, too. Thank you!

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