I’ll Fail My Exams if I Don’t Do This

Until 26 May, I can’t:
• Post unless VERY necessary
• Reply to comments
• Read blogs much if at all
• Take part or organise any collabs
• Seriously. No “HAHAHAHA let’s take a hiatus and post a week later!” like last time

Why do I need to do this? Simple. My exams start on the 15th and I. Have. Done. Fuck. All. Revision. I mean that. I’m screwed.

You know when you make up excuses as to why you can’t work, then you get so stressed at how much you have to do, then you can’t do it? That is me. What is also me is convincing myself I’m totally fine and not feeling shitty constantly in order to actually get stuff done.

This is necessary. This is one of the most necessary things I’ve ever had to do. I watched this video earlier and got hit with the reality of everything. I’m not doing enough. If I continue like this, I. Will. Fail. No “But you’ll do great!” about it. No “But you ARE doing enough work!” I’m not and I know it.

If you need to contact me, I will be around – I’m not just utterly abandoning. My email is always open or you can message me on Twitter but I’ll be checking my emails more often. I actually can’t read comments or blogs because I’ll get pulled back in; that’s what happened last time.

Bye for now, everyone – see you on the “other side”, if you will. You know I love you and this blog means the world to me but I’m terrified right now and need to do intense amounts of work. I am very lazy and unmotivated; that must change. FUCK, I only have three weeks left.

Keep going and staying as you are. I hope that pushing down everything and replacing it with a good work ethic won’t damage me afterwards: I’ll be fine.

From Elm 🙂

115 thoughts on “I’ll Fail My Exams if I Don’t Do This

  1. I hope your exams go well and I’ll miss you! And in all honestly, I should probably start studying for NAPLAN… oh shit. I should probably get on that considering I have NAPLAN on top of my half yearlys.

  2. Focus on school. Always time to blog when you’re done. When I was younger (now I sound old), there weren’t blogs, so less distraction. So you do you…we will be here when you come back! 😘

  3. Best of luck with your exams!! It’s okay to take a break from blogging, we’ll all be here when you come back and ready to read your posts as always! 😊 I’m sure you’ll do well in your exams, you’re a hard worker. Remember all you can do is your best and you will do just that which is amazing. Pace yourself and imagine the wonderful sense of relief when they’re all over. If you need anything at all feel free to message me on twitter or send me an email! 😊

  4. literally all I’ve done so far is what we’ve had to do for homework. try making a revision timetable, it really made me feel less stressed bc I have 30+ hours of revision planned for each topic and I didn’t realise I had so much time

    • I… Tried. I hope. I only have one left!!! So technically I shouldn’t have come back until tomorrow but… Oh well

    • AHHHH OH MAN I’VE MISSED YOU so much I’m sort of back now!! Like I’m going to post tomorrow once my last exam is done but for now I’m just commenting and reading a few blogs ahhh IT IS SO GOOD TO BE PARTIALLY BACK!

  5. GOOD LUCK! I believe in you!!
    And this post has reminded me that I also really need to start revising (rip) and that I have like the rest of the day to finish 2 essays :((

  6. Focus on school and revision and horrible as it is, don’t worry, I had the exact same realisation today and had a small mental breakdown over my mock exams that I’ve got soon. See you soon!

    • HEY! How did mocks go? I hope you’re okay; exams are a real pain. I’m sort of back: I’ll be writing a post tomorrow but today is reserved for reading because after I redownloaded wordpress I can’t stop!!

      • Yay!! Mocks went okay actually – we only had a few through a couple of subjects but I scored pretty high and I’m quite happy with what I got. I also got my food technology GCSE results back and got a distinction which is the equivalent of an A* so I’m so happy!! I have loads of end of year exams soon too, so its revision for me a lot at the moment which is not fun, but I’m hoping to do well! Hope exams went all good for you!💓

      • EEEK I’m so very proud of you; that’s awesome!!! I can already tell you’re going to do well in the rest of your GCSEs after those results 🙂 Even for the revision, remember that you can relax and you deserve it! Exams went okay for me – not the best but I’m trying not to stress as much and just get back into my normal routine

      • Thank you so much!! Don’t bother stressing at all, sure they’re important but exams aren’t the be all and end all, and I think if people accept that they’re important but not exactly a matter of life or death then we’d probably all do better. I’m trying to work on that motto anyway! Positive mindset, take some time to chill and *hopefully* all will be fine😂! Currently doing biology revision and it’s the only science I understand, hence why I dare not even touch physics or chemistry! Xx

      • Ohhh I understand that; I was always better at biology haha! If you need any help, let me know though I may not be much help! 😀

    • Aww thanks, Sunny! I’ve missed you so incredibly much and I’ve also missed blogging too@ Has everything been okay with you?

      • well, so so. my family is moving across the country right now and I’ve been crazy busy. it’s a sad time for sure, but the clouds will pass 🙂 how about you?

      • Oh my gosh that must be so difficult! Where are you moving to? I’ve never actually moved house and so I can’t imagine how difficult it is. I’ve been okay: very stressed and trying to deal with everything but I’m managing I think? I’m glad things aren’t too bad for you though

      • Well I’m living in Nevada now, near Las Vegas…. It’s been rough to say the least, causing me a lot of anxiety and loneliness, which I’m sure you can understand. How are you doing now? I know it’s been a couple weeks and I hope you’re less stressed!! I miss you very much❤

      • Eh, it’s touch and go. Hopefully soon enough, once I get a job and have more going on. I won’t have so much time alone with my thoughts then XD xx

    • Aww thank you so much! I’ve done my best; I’m not sure if it’s enough but it’ll have to do. Also Jade is amazing! How have you been??

    • Ooooh good luck’ how are they going? 🙂 I’m having a mild crisis because I’ve missed blogging so much and I have no idea if my break payed off… Oh well!

      • Yeah, I understand you there. Is it kind of a good and a bad don’t know? That literally made no sense but I’m exhausted… And you can celebrate when they’re over!

    • I HOPE I did? I’m kind of back I think; I’m writing a post tomorrow and just reading and replying to comments today. How has everything been with you? 🙂

      • Yaayyy!! Elm is bacckk!! Things are better now after I let it out on a post. Actually I am a lot excited and I am going on a cruise this summer! And ofcourse you’re back and I am thrilled! Thankss for checking on me. I’m sure you would have done your exams way better than u think.
        Xoxo ❤❤

      • I’M SO HAPPY TO BE BACK I WILL KEEP ON SAYING THAT! And oooh yay for cruises! Where’re you going? And I’ll be sure to read that post tomorrow!

      • Haha I know! And yeaahh!! I’m going to Malaysia on a cruise and then to Langkawi on, I suppose, a ferry. I’m so bloody excited !! Yay!! Meanwhile, I shall be reading your blog too. Ee 😃😃

      • Yeahh I am in the seventh heaven!! Eeee! I just reached here and the hotel is brilliant. ❤ And ofcourse I will! I’m so excited to tell u everything!

      • OOH MY GODD, SKYPE YOU!! ABSOLUTELYY YESSS!! 😃Yayyy!! I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it here, because we return to our room very late. But I WILL DEFINITELY REACH YOU WHEN I CAN. Woaaah!

    • Yaaayyy thanks@ I’m sort of back I think? I’m planning on writing a post tomorrow but for now I’m replying to comments! How have you been?

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