My Not-So-Grand Return!


By the time this is posted, I’ll be travelling to school for my last and probably most difficult exam – Critical Thinking. You wouldn’t think it would be a hard exam to do but because I have about the logic of a table, it really is.

As you can read, I AM BACK and I have never been so excited! It’s kind of sad actually… If you don’t know me, hallo! I’m Elm, a 17-year-old blogger from England who, for once, kept to her hiatus and hasn’t posted in over a month. She genuinely got blogger withdrawal and is terrified for Results Day where her (not) hard work will or won’t pay off. In addition to that, she hates speaking in the third person and has missed her blog more than anything ever.

Once Shitical Thinking, as I like to call it, is over I’ll be crying from happiness, celebrating on my own and throwing myself a one-person party because nobody else appears to be done with their exams from my school. Finally, I’ll be able to relax and get down to blogging properly. I could have posted after my exams were done but would it be pathetic of me to say I couldn’t wait? I’m such a rebel, it’s astonishing.

I have so many plans for my blog and because I go back to school on 12 June, I can actually start to implement them! I’ve honestly thought about what posts to write and that was all I was doing in breaks between revision. I’ll list them for you so that you can see and also so I can remember as I’m a forgetful person.

• I want to get back to collaborating with people: I already have people in mind so if you emailed me before or during exams about collabs, I haven’t forgotten!
• I’ll do the classic exam recap in which I scream about my supposed failures
• There will be an update on my love life… Or lack of one in typical me style
• A few pretty horrible things have happened which I want and think I need to talk about
• I’m going to be reading a lot over the next few weeks so you might get my thoughts on that
• If I can, I’ll do some singing… Maybe
• A very, very exciting thing has happened which will cause my blog to emerge into the real world for me a little
• Lastly, and possibly most exciting, I want to maybe look at self-hosting my blog or maybe looking at WordPress Plans? I’ll post about that later on so I can det your thoughts on that as they are incredibly important to me.

There you go! If you have any suggestions let me know and do link me to any posts you’ve written recently because I can’t wait to read them!

Ohh, I’m so happy to be writing again. As I’ve not had an outlet, my emotions have been all over the place and soon, I can let them out.

From Elm 🙂
P.S: I haven’t written that phrase in so long and it feels wonderful to write it again.

70 thoughts on “My Not-So-Grand Return!

  1. Oh shut up, everyone knows you! LOL. Gosh, I am soo excited about this, too!!! This is going to be brilliant!!

  2. YOU’RE BACK IM SO HAPPY I MISSED YOU! Also, please post more singing! I sing too (eek) and I’d love tips from you lol
    I’m so excited for the mystery thing you have planned for your blog, ahhh you don’t understand my excitement I need to know asap!

      Okay I’m calm now
      Yes I will let you know! It’s possibly the most exciting thing of the last year!

        Ahhh okay I’m so excited can you email me and tell me lol I don’t think I can wait omg (ahhh I’m such a fangirl omg I’m never calm I swear)

    • I HAVE MISSED TALKING TO YOU AND SPEAKING LAST NIGHT WAS SO AWESOMEEEEE AHHHHHHH!! Sorry I got very happy there for a second hehe but I’m so, so glad to be writing again.

  3. Welcome back, Elm!! So glad I can finally say that, I’ve really missed reading your posts! All your post ideas sound great, and you’re such a great singer so I do hope you manage to squeeze in a little singing sometime!!! Best of luck with the critical thinking exam! We actually can’t study it in school, only in college!! Hope all goes well for you!

  4. Oh and looking forward to hearing about the exciting thing, whenever you post about it!! You have me all excited now haha!! So glad you’re back! 😊

  5. Elmmmmm! You are back! YAYYY! I’ve missed reading your posts. I’m so excited to know about the exciting thing, ahh! And yes, yes, yes to the singing! Can’t wait!

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